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dries, you are my hero
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 These creepers everyone keeps salivating over appear to smash 3 different conflicting aesthetics together: dressy dandy, yacht club preppy, and sporty sneakers. Since most here normally despise outfits and pieces designed in this manner, I can only conclude these are a trendy fad as opposed to good design. Seeing Jude Law wearing them would seem to confirm this as he is (like most Hollywood types) a trend whore. When...
tanks are fine, i might own that exact one in fact, but the way it fits him is a bit .... its pretty much at the bottom of his chest and hes coming out the sides of it as well. need a little more coverage
you shouldve known he was an idiot when he asked to share the fucking bar... this aint the lat pull down machine brah, no you cant "work in."
great fit SVB, keep going in that direction. layered, relaxed clothing is such an appealing look for extremely thin guys, no crazy, drapey, oversized proportion play, just everything with a bit of room to it.
this place baffles me. this dude gets called try hard for the bandana pocket square, which looks fucking good and natural and completely works with the vibe of the fit, while lane fits are now pretty much met with universal approval
yeah i own those black frees been pretty sparse on the copping front lately, just impulse bought some margiela trousers though. guys selling some nice things at not unreasonable prices
thanks jet and synth. margiela is definitely the jumping off point this summer... scoop neck tanks, brass necklace, with nice trousers, colored jeans, worn sneaks or sleek boots. nearly bought a dries waistcoat to wear by itself or maybe with a vneck until i realized how embarrassed id be the first time someone pointed out i was wearing a fucking waistcoat liking all three synth fits too. those gray pants in the second fit are dope. like sweats that fit like jeans. what...
pre-tag removal
awesome kelv click for blurry full shot dirk bikkembergs tech blazer aa mmm cp
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