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Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese ervell sweater (sup jet) you buy that red fw07 alpaca toggleneck?
Synth, why don't you put these on ebay and, you know, actually reach a female audience?
Whoever purchased this, get in touch if it doesn't work out.
i like floral shirts, i own a couple (both vintage dries), but those are way too overt and tableclothy for me. flowers jumping brightly out of a solid, contrasting background is a bit much, I need something a bit more murky and grungy. heres a better pic of the one from my fit a few days ago
Quote: Originally Posted by 300zx1985 Really like the fit on those jeans Binker Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese looks good as usual, bink. thanks fellas. jeans are 19cms btw.
albam sold. drops on everything left.
sugar canes and rrl sold, drops on everything.
doing a bit of closet cleaning... all prices include shipping and are firm, as I think theyre very fair. I ship USPS Priority with tracking. dont worry about sending as a gift, regular payment is fine. and dont hesitate to pm with any questions first up, engineered garments fishing shirt/jacket size medium from I think fw08? maybe someone whose followed the brand a bit longer can comment. this is a great piece, lots of nice detailing. its in excellent condition, easily...
doesn't he just misappropriate discretionary funds
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