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fucking great buy. and the fit is spot on, it doesn't need to be tailored at all
sup boyos
shirt is dries, tried to stand sideways and capture the detailing but it didn't work out better pic of shirt
well played sir.
I agree, if they're selling it on now, might as well dump the whole under the radar thing altogether. And maybe they were considering doing just that and actually did tell the TBS people they would be able to sell online (as the blog post claims), before eventually changing their minds. Maybe the rationale is now to avoid online competition. Why am I talking about this? I don't care.
Nope, no idea. see: "marginal fan of the label at best." I've just never seen a stockist with an online presence traditionally photograph/systematize their RRL buys as TBS clearly expected they would be permitted to do, always just like a blog post or something instructing customers to call or email to purchase/check inventory (context, blackbird, endclothing just a few months ago). And that's been going on for well over a year or so. Obviously they haven't loosened up...
RRL initially promised TBS they could sell the brand online? VERY difficult to believe, I'm a marginal fan of the label at best and even I'm aware that the limited distribution, no explicit advertising, no online sales thing is central to the brand identity.
wish i had an aerial of those two walking down the street, the steady migration to the other side would be quite a sight to behold
hmmm, a flannel looks out of place with a white tank and blue jeans? what, you think it clashes with the fashiony boots or something? hope not because western shirts (either open over tank ala fit or tucked with one of three dope belts currently on their way ), subtle jewelry, 19cms, and slim ankle boots are about to become the uniform
been awhile beard mmm necklace wwm hanes 19cms mmm
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