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I own a Peacoat and Winter Varsity, and I have a black lamb DR (newest model) in the queue.
Decided on my final piece to purchase before the cutoff. Deciding between the Collared Moto and the A-2. Either way I will most likely go with lamb, brown for the A2 or Toffee Tan for the CM. Could anyone share their opinions?
Looking to buy the General Quarters X Rogue Territory Moto Vest in either a Medium or Large. Please PM me with price if interested.
I really like the newest version of the Double Rider, but is the MDR more versatile? Or is it just a matter of personal preference?
I had my measurements done at Studio Kim near King and Bathurst, but I didn't find the measurements she gave me very helpful. I ended up just measuring my self and using a jacket I liked the fit of as a reference piece.
Do you guys carry vans vault shoes? I heard you carried the Pendleton X Taka Hayashi collabs so I'm curious to see if you will carry the Derby and Spectator models. Oh and the Woessner white hemps from Vans OTW.
I'm in Canada and was hoping someone could help me out with picking up the Red and Blue J.Crew Chambray shirts in a size medium. PM if you are interested in working something out with me.
I'm looking for a fairly priced over coat for the winter. I'm looking to spend no more than $400 and I'm looking for a peacoat in black or grey. Any help would be appreciated.
Ran 4 miles this morning.
http://thebkcircus.com/bkc/ I'm brand new here so I apologize if this blog does not quite fit in but I haven't seen anyone else post this up and they are mentioned on The Street Etiquette every so often. They update almost daily as well.
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