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If the cork bed is a bit worn , can you replace the corkbed?
I like the Valextra. I can't live with it since I need my hands free for fumbling for a phone / work pass / umbrella, but I like.... http://images.businessweek.com/slideshows/2013-03-28/eight-briefcases-for-the-stylish-worker
What's the anticipated weight for the custom piece? Simon Barker (SF handle casemaker)
Ok. On a strange turn, I'm going to go Euro for my future shoes Worn 2x. $125 shipped lower 48 USA Uploaded with ImageShack.us all remaining pics here http://img846.imageshack.us/g/allene...clifton10.jpg/
Forget ebay 90 shipped and I'm starting to get in trouble with Spring cleaning
110 and soon to ebay
Bump. $130 shipped
As another poster had said before: Finally decided that longwings V cleats and all aren't ever going to be my thing. A few scuffs but nothing major, plenty of life in them. hope this works for photos $150 shipped all photos here http://s322.photobucket.com/albums/n...laume36/Shoes/
Well I'm in Chicago and the first snow has started during the Monday morning commute. Any suggestions for where I can buy some Swims in the city? <-- Note that I originally typed City but didn't want to offend those from London I'm willing to try the Swims. I don't like the Tingleys. Thoughts on these Neo Villagers? http://www.overshoesneos.com/ thanks!
yes...the text is on the lower left... good? bad? gaudy? sexy?
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