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If the cork bed is a bit worn , can you replace the corkbed?
I like the Valextra. I can't live with it since I need my hands free for fumbling for a phone / work pass / umbrella, but I like....
What's the anticipated weight for the custom piece? Simon Barker (SF handle casemaker)
Ok. On a strange turn, I'm going to go Euro for my future shoes Worn 2x. $125 shipped lower 48 USA Uploaded with all remaining pics here
Forget ebay 90 shipped and I'm starting to get in trouble with Spring cleaning
110 and soon to ebay
Bump. $130 shipped
As another poster had said before: Finally decided that longwings V cleats and all aren't ever going to be my thing. A few scuffs but nothing major, plenty of life in them. hope this works for photos $150 shipped all photos here
Well I'm in Chicago and the first snow has started during the Monday morning commute. Any suggestions for where I can buy some Swims in the city? <-- Note that I originally typed City but didn't want to offend those from London I'm willing to try the Swims. I don't like the Tingleys. Thoughts on these Neo Villagers? thanks!
yes...the text is on the lower left... good? bad? gaudy? sexy?
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