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I'm actually getting a pair done that were WELL beyond the point of being able to do the taps (i wear havy on the toes). He's building up the leather first and then adding the taps. It costs extra to build up the leather, but you can bring the toes back from the point of no return!
Excellent work! Just like mine, they're almost too pretty to walk on! It was said to see those beautiful JR soles get scratched up on concrete, but that's what they're there for!-James
WANT! Unfortunately the rack never has any narrow widths. . .at least the one by me. Usually all D widths with the occasional wide. . .
Bottom line is that you won't know what work will be done on YOUR shoe until you open up a dialogue with Nick. I would encourage you to do so. He's very upfront about what he'll do and won't do and very fair about his work. If he SAYS he's going to replace the cork in YOUR shoes, then it will be replaced. THAT's the bottom line. Once you have agreed upon work, and he has the shoes in hand, he'll be able to tell you better what's necessary, etc. This is a small shop...
[[SPOILER]] UPDATE on these shoes. . .I'm wearing them for the first time today so I figured i'd shoot an update. I only wore these to check the fit before I had them resoled. Now, though, they may actually be my most comfortable pair of shoes! Since I hadn't worn them before, I don't know how much, if any, of that is owed to the resole. I wore a cruddy pair of shoes to work just in case and brought these in my bag - so they haven't been outside yet. Perhaps at lunch....
I'll try to get a pic tonight, but the only coin links I have are old NYC subway toekens. . .the ones that are about the size of a dime and have the "Y" in NYC cut out. They're toggle back links, obviously not super high quality, but the token is pretty cool.-James
Agreed! And while I love the vintage watches (those are my favorites), it's refreshing to see someone wearing those classic SIZES.
LOVE this jacket!
These are great! I've been second guessing my Stockbridge lately as the "seams" are exposed leather. These would be a great alternative!
Exactly... I think he was asking, though, if it was apparent that the cork had been replaced. Checking today, there is a little bit of molding (as would be expected) on the insole, but I'm fairly confident the bottom is flatter.
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