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I've been on a bit of a buying spree lately so I can't even brag to my wife how cool the find is! Now what are the shell rules? Saphir Renovateur yay or nay? If yay, i'll want to use it to clean the hell out of them once I get them! Then I need to decide if the heels need to be replaced!-J
No other pics that would clear that up. Picked them up for $23. Soles are more worn than I care for, but they're not misshapen. I figure maybe I can get them recrafted in the future - meaning they would be $150 total for a pair of vintage shells. As is, though, they seem to have tons of character and are probably totally wearable for now.-J
I've never dealt with catside personally, but he seems like a standup guy. If you're referring to him selling his boots on ebay, I don't see a problem with it. If they don't fit, why not sell them? If he was trying to profiteer, why didn't he buy 5 pair to sell?PLUS - The Dude is his avatar!-J
Vintage AE Polo. . .any chance these are shell??
I can't help but order 4 shoe trees every time they have a 70% off sale. I also get the cedar shoe racks. The only problem with the racks is that there's barely enough space once you stack them. I fixed that by finding dowels that fit in the peg holes and cutting them about 3x the length of the pegs. This gives me enough space to safely put shoes in and out! -James
I think the quality definitely matters in cheaper pairs. Not sure if EXPENSIVE pairs offer an advantage. I have two pairs of Uniqlo corduroy trousers and, while they're OK, I always feel like i'm wearing something delicate. They pull easily and the wales "dent" (make impressions - like when i cross my legs, etc) in a way that doesn't seem to come out until they're washed. I recently got pairs of both Banana Republic and J Crew corduroy trousers (both from their...
Patriot update: Anyone who is concerned about the tightness of the strap - DON'T BE! 4th wear and, sometime in the middle of the day I felt like I was wearing different shoes! The strap absolutely loosens to conform to your foot. . .you just have to give it time! -James
I can't help you all the way through fit, but I can say that you need to put your toe length to the back of your mind. In the pictures you've been pointing to where your toe hits. Where does the ball of your foot reach when you're not forcing yourself forward? THAT is what matters for length. I find my strands and park aves (both 5 last) to be long. I've got about an inch or so between my toe and the end. The ball of my foot, though, reaches the widest curve in the...
Nice guess! Although I haven't listened to as much Rush for YEARS. . .probably since high school. . .Just a username that's stuck!
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