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This is my thinking so far - on both counts. As for the fit, i'm just winging it. As I said before, I'm new to well fitting shoes. As for the stitching, I can live with that if it's considered acceptable for seconds. For me, $199 is a lot for shoes. I don't expect them to be perfect, but I just want to make sure I don't regret it later. -James
I feel like Steve Martin in "The Jerk" when he's screaming "The new phonebook is here! The new phonebook is here!!" Well. . . My new Strands are here!!! My new Strands are here!!! Anyway, I want to get some fit and quality advice before I wear them off my carpet. First off, the fit. They feel snug - more snug than my other 12B AEs, but definitely not uncomfortable. I suspect they fit like they are supposed to - I'm just not used to well-fitting shoes yet! No pain,...
I'm not sure who they're marked by, but I don't think they'd be have a "warranty" by Allen Edmonds. They'll stand by any new shoes you buy from them (New, seconds from the outlet, etc) but they won't warranty factory seconds sold on ebay by a third party (someone correct me if i'm wrong). If they're not an authorized seller of AE shoes, consider them "used" shoes.What Allen Edmonds WILL do is recraft them when the time comes - for a fee. They'll do that as long as...
While I agree that most of the posters in this thread have a low post count (myself included), I don't believe that they're shills for the company. I'm certainly not. In fact, i've tried not to respond to much of the posts in the thread because a) i'm not as experienced as some here in mensware and b) because I believe i'm biased towards this company. As I mentioned on the first page in this thread, I met Warren (one of the founders) before the site was launched when he...
Too bad they usually only have regular width or a COUPLE "wide" sizes at NR (at least where I am)! That said, if you happen across a 12B. . . . And at that price ($99??), i'd be open to an 11D. I'm wearing my 11D cliftons today. . .they're not bad at all with an insert! -James
Just ordered a pair of Walnut Strands seconds from the shoebank. $199 as suggested a page or three back. They didn't have my size, so they'll be getting it from another store. She implied that holiday shipping is crazy, so I won't likely see them until next week. When I inquired a week ago, they only had two in my size so I figured i'd sacrifice the $18 (if I ordered them between 3 and 6am on friday from the store mentioned on the last page I could have gotten them for...
Well that's pretty clear! No strands on that list, though. Who was it that posted that? Where did the info come from? -James
Me neither - and haven't gotten a response from the shoebank when i've inquired. (which isn't the norm) Do we know definitively if this is on firsts or seconds? If it's firsts through the regular store, i'll call my regular store in the city and have them hold a pair for me. If it's for seconds only, i want to get my order in before my size runs out!-J
I used to be heavy into this. We used to call her Walterwendy as her original name was Walter. Actually, my original Switched on Bach record SAYS Walter Carlos. A little bit of a tangent, but for anyone into Bach (not just Walterwendy), check out the video "The Joy of Bach." Super great video but crazy 70s fashion!That "Switched on Brandenburg" isn't available, is it? -J
Off topic, but those are some amazingly awesome pants!!-J
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