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http://www.harryrosen.com/You mentioned not being near a Harry Rosen (i've never heard of them) so I looked them up. Although they don't have AE conditioner on their site, they DO have mail order. I would give one of their stores a call and see if they can ship it to you. If it's a domestic shipment, I'm guessing they can ship it for MUCH less than $30.-James
someone wanted to see my "modified" Jos A Bank shoe racks (same as the AE ones). Sorry for the small pics, but I'm just uploading to photobucket from my Android. Not worried about the quality! LOL. . . Anyway, i went to the hardware store and bought dowels about the same thickness as the connecting dowels. With a coping saw I cut them about 1.5" longer than the originals. This left me with just about an inch of space in between each rack. If I had to do it over...
I have 5 of them and bought dowels to replace the 1.5" dowels that connect them. I found them to be way too close together and this gave them a couple extra inches. I'll see if I can get a pic tomorrow!
Chrome - Worked for me. Added 4 shirts (only ones marked 4/$199) and then it popped up asking me to add another shirt. Added another shirt and all shirts dropped to $20.85. Went to checkout and it said i was entitled to a free item. Showed me 6 ties, picked one, price didn't change. Done and done!I have that shirt and actually just ordered 2 more. It's a great basic white shirt. I get a lot of use out of it!-James
Great shirt fabric!
I won't address your other points as $3k suits are just out of my league right now. I can appreciate the cost, though. $200 for a tshirt, though? I'm really not sure how much good craftsmanship you can get out of a tshirt. That just strikes me as WEIRD!Original poster:I look at it this way. With ALL of those items, like everyone has said, fit is KING. A $200 mens warehouse suit that fits like a glove will look a lot better than a $3k suit that fits you poorly. On...
My first action would be to bring it back to the dry cleaners. Sure, you're only out what you paid, but they still should know how to handle the garment. I would explain what happened and ask how they cleaned it. Having a leather jacket "shrink" after cleaning is very suspicious. As disappointing as it is to be out the jacket, you're not going to get them to replace the jacket. I would be up front with them, though, and at least get the $$ you paid for the cleaning...
I'm with you! I'm an atheist as well, but my wife and her family are Methodist. Every so often I've got to go to a function at her mom's church and I never go in less than a jacket. A suit if I want to. I use it as an excuse to dress up and wonder why more people haven't!-J
Richmond44, what are you expecting to pay for tuxedo rentals? I know you didn't come here looking for style advice or a history lesson, but i'll give you a little. Looking back on my wedding, I wish someone had given me some at the time. First of all, those who said Joseph A Bank and Mens' Wearhouse are spot on. Both are national chains and do rentals. You should also know that, even if you rent locally, your groomsmen should be able to get their measurements taken...
Unless you consider yourself overweight, or have quite a bit of a belly, the slim fit shirts will probably fit you OK. You'd have to try them on to really know. Most "full cut" shirts are cut for the largest possible man that might have that neck size. Most brands' "slim fit" versions are closer to a NORMAL fit. What brands are you looking at?
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