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I'll try to get a pic tonight, but the only coin links I have are old NYC subway toekens. . .the ones that are about the size of a dime and have the "Y" in NYC cut out. They're toggle back links, obviously not super high quality, but the token is pretty cool.-James
Agreed! And while I love the vintage watches (those are my favorites), it's refreshing to see someone wearing those classic SIZES.
LOVE this jacket!
These are great! I've been second guessing my Stockbridge lately as the "seams" are exposed leather. These would be a great alternative!
Exactly... I think he was asking, though, if it was apparent that the cork had been replaced. Checking today, there is a little bit of molding (as would be expected) on the insole, but I'm fairly confident the bottom is flatter.
Just got my AE Polos back from B.Nelson and couldn't be happier. See my post in the AE Appreciation thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/141581/allen-edmonds-appreciation-thread/14610#post_6063051 Nick's a great guy to deal with and took a good amount of time talking with me and answering questions I had about these and other shoes. -James
The taps are recessed so they're flush with the leather. I'm actually getting it done to a pair of bostonians that the toes are worn down almost to the welt. He has to add more leather there first, so it'll cost more than usual (usually $35 for toe taps, I think). They're older, late 1990s Bostonians that I got new, so they're not AWFUL shoes. . .but they're certainly not shoes I want to pay a premium to have the soles replaced. Getting those taps on there will make...
I've convinced myself this post has been much anticipated. . .so just go with it! Got my shell Polos back from Nick at B. Nelson and couldn't be happier! Photos are weird. They were pretty scratched up and cruddy when I got them, but the uppers don't look so bad in the photos. I got them back WORLDS better, but the photos just don't do them justice! The back story (so you don't have to look for my previous post) is that I grabbed these burgundy shell AE Polos on ebay...
Of course! I did my best to take some before pictures as well. . .so i'll try to get them in the same poses to really get the before/after vibe. Here's food for thought:AE offers has "refinishing of the uppers" as part of their complete package. I asked Nick if this was possible on my shoes and he said that it wasn't possible on the shell. He would polish them up real nicely, but they wouldn't be refinished. As soon as he said this, it made perfect sense and I don't...
I don't know about the costs, so I can't really argue that point. If you're right about that, then it's totally true. My understanding is that their recrafting department is separate, though, from the assembly portion of their operation. This means different machines, different employees, more space, etc. Not sure what impact this has on any of it. - just commenting. Either way, it's definitely a selling point for me.In related news, I'm heading to see Nick at B....
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