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Do they do that? reduce pricing? At a reduced price, it would really be a no brainer. . .and I have a really good relationship with the person I usually deal with. The right book looks great. . .the left one is just weird and I don't know how it's going to develop.
So I rolled the dice on a pair of Freiburg seconds. . .knowing that their were quality control issues with them anyway. They were about $100 and it's obvious (in so many ways) why they were seconds. Excess WEIRD creasing on one of the toe boxes (excess on both, but only weird on one), wrinkles, really worn looking backs. I'm about 50/50 on whether or not I should keep them. The fit is damn near perfect. SO comfortable. I've been thinking about keeping them for that...
I wish there were still cruises like this. I went on a cruise with some friends last year and brought several suits and a dinner jacket. We "suited up" ever night for dinner (I was the only one with a dinner jacket, so I ended up not wearing it) and we were completely out of place with the other passengers. Most of the men were dressed like they were ready for golf at a fancy country club.
This happened to me a few years ago. Invitation said "Black Tie." Not "black tie optional." I went out and bought a new rig. Nothing fancy, but it was correct. Peak lapels, vintage stud set, etc. I could count on my hand the number of people wearing real bowties - and this was a HUGE wedding. The wedding party were wearing lounge suit-looking "tuxedos" with CLIP ON suspenders and straight black ties. They looked more like the blues brothers (whom I love, by the...
Only when they have their 60%-70% or buy one, get two free sales. . .which is pretty much every other week!
Judging by context, I think you might mean "nubuck" and not Neumok. Neumok is the name of a shoe AE makes. It's possible that i'm mistaken and it also describes a type of shoe.Anyway, Patriots are a great shoe. Hard to go wrong with them as long as they fit you well. For a suede shoe, the Neumok (the AE) in brown would be awesome. I've also seen the Strand and the Player's in dark brown suede if that's the look you're going for. The only gaps I see (if I were in your...
meant the straight bar lacing is the only way comfortable! the cross lacing is too bumpy on the top of my foot, but easy to lace up to check the fit!
Agreed. I think you were referring to Sprint76, but mine were only cross-laced to try them on. It's actually the only comfortable way I can wear that last!-J
I concur - especially the part in bold - it's just the stitching i'm worried about. If you click on the closeup, you can see that the stitching is pulling out. They ARE stunning, though!!-James
Got in on the $50/$100 off sale and picked up the Eastport (Tan) and the McTavish (natural). Not sure i'm sold on the Eastport, but i've got time to think about it. The McTavish, though. . .WOW. I knew I wanted a pair, but these things are even more stunning in person! Problem is that there's an issue with mine that I'm not sure I can look past. . .even though they're seconds: As you can see, the stitching is coming loose on the top of one of the heels. I know...
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