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But same width?
Consensus is that the McTavish fits looser than the dressier 5 last shoes, correct? My Strands are super like a glove (but not too tight) snug. Just wondering how much looser the McTavish would be. I'd probably be wearing it with thicker socks and DEFINITELY more casual. -J
must. . .resist. . . .group buy. . . .my new(old) Polos. . .are. . ..enough. . .ahhhhhhh! Got those Polos yesterday but haven't had a chance to take some pics. I was expecting to have to send them right to recrafting, but they're pretty wearable as-is. Other than needing new heel lifts (that's what the rubber on the heel is called, right?) the soles are in pretty decent shape. I'll try to get pics tomorrow! -James
I haven't been to the others, but I like the staff in the Rockefeller Center store.-J
I found my Strands to be the tightest shoes I own. I'm a 12B in most AE shoes, 11.5C in the park ave (although i also fit in the 12B). Tight might not be the right word (for me at least), though. There is no pain, no pressure, etc. It's the kind of fit that you put them on and are like "i wonder if my foot will fall asleep" - it never does. It's pretty much the way I imagine all shoes should fit. Kind of like tightening a stretch cotton surcingle belt one extra hole...
Could be. . .is there a phone number you can call? If not, maybe include your number in your next email? Swamped is swamped. . .and if they're really busy, it still may take some time to get back to you. But if it's really a 5 minute conversation, perhaps it's best to have on the phone?
I must have been sick the day you guys set up this secret santa thing! Such generosity! Too bad I don't thrift enough to find worthwhile pickups and get in on the action! Enjoy guys! From the sheer volume of posts in this thread, you all deserve some holiday scores! -J
Not sure about what you could get for "rare sizes". . .but anything in 12B? -J
Fedora Lounge! Not the first place i'd expect to see a post on recrafting! Forgive my ignorance - are the JR soles shell? Is that why they're preferable? I was actually considering doing the combination soles. Loving them so far on my patriots!-James
I will - which also begs the question: AE for recrafting or somewhere like B. Nelson? Prices are around the same. I would think the advantage of B. Nelson would be greater attention to detail. If you look in the comments section of the recrafting section on the AE site, there are a number of negative reviews - even recent ones. I would say that this isn't the norm, but all of the negatives seem to be from things overlooked - coming back with the uppers untouched,...
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