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All this talk of shoe trees.. . .perfect timing! I just got two woodlore epic trees (at full price) for my two pair of shells and noticed that they don't fit as snug as my regular JAB/AE trees (which I assume are the same as the woodlore full toe trees) in the same size. Anyone else notice that? I realize i'm at a weird size (12b usually gets large), right at the end of the size range, but still. Anyone else notice this? I was finding lots of copycat "kind of like a...
It's awesome. I really want another nice bit loafer. I have the Firenze, but it's not really a good size for me. It stretched a bit since I bought it and now i keep an insert AND tongue pads in it. I'd love to find something on the shoebank in either the Firenze or the Verona, but they don't seem to commonly show up. My other option is a gently used pair. I've had mixed results with those. . .-James
Does anyone know what last the original Verona bit loafers are built on? I've been trying to figure it out but AE doesn't even list a last (that I could find) on the Verona II page.
Story of my life. . .more like "cheap PANTS, expensive shoes for me."
Is Vincenzo still around? I dealt with him a lot a few years ago. Haven't heard from him lately!
Got my new Leeds (new to me) yesterday and decided to do a group shot with my other shells (Polo). Decided to go with some contrast laces on the Leeds, which really brings out the color in them. With the original laces, they almost look black! At $95, i'm really please with these Leeds in shell! Anyone know how to figure out how old the Polos (left) are? I bought them on ebay a couple years ago all beat up, resoled really sloppy and not listed as shell for about $20...
So they gave me a $30 credit towards my next pair, which is really all I wanted. That (virtually) drops these down to $77. . .which is close enough to $75. There wasn't any haggling either. I just asked and he accommodated. I've yet to have a bad experience with these guys. Bad shoes? Once or twice. But every person I've dealt with has been great. My only bad experiences have been when trying on (and not buying) shoes in the regular retail locations. I understand...
It's not a defeat. I've used them to get rid of heel slip on otherwise perfect fitting shoes. I've got narrow heels, so it's tough to get the perfect fit!
I shot an email to the guy I normally deal with. Hopefully he'll be able to do something for me. I was very honest with him and wasn't looking for a handout. I'll certainly apply whatever deal he can make me towards another pair of shoes. If I can get them reduced to even $75, i'd keep them for foul weather. Maybe they'll age well. If he can't do anything, i'll just exchange them for another pair anyway. I was in the outlet store near me trying on some Maritimes...
Do they do that? reduce pricing? At a reduced price, it would really be a no brainer. . .and I have a really good relationship with the person I usually deal with. The right book looks great. . .the left one is just weird and I don't know how it's going to develop.
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