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I have them on my patriots and they're great. I actually have a big problem with toe wear - as in (if i don't have a toe tap installed) i can wear it down by half in 10 wears. With the v-tread i've noticed no issues so far. I'm sure it's wearing, but MUCH slower than the leather! If it's an option, i'm considering getting it on the possibly-shell polos I just bought.-James
Thinking of picking up a pair of white AE golf shoes. Any insight into how well you can get grass stains off or cover them up with white polish? -J
Good to know and sorry this happened! I was considering using Ren on a light, walnut-ish Polo Ralph Lauren belt I have. the part the buckle rests on has a mark where it's lightened up from wear.-J
Will do when they arrive!
Catside said that this should be a brag - well IF they are shell. Paging capnwes! Hoping these are shell! For $23, if they're shell, I'll send them on to AE for recrafting to have a gem of a shoe! If they're calf, i'll have them resoled by a local guy and have some cool looking knockarounds with some character! -James -James
Well, the good news is that I'll have my new phone (better camera to take pics at work) before the shoes arrive - meaning I can post better pics. If they're NOT shell, I may just have them resoled at a local cobbler if the uppers are in the condition they appear to be in the pics. Being that they should be resoled NOW or at least SOON, recrafting would only be an option for me if they are shell. If not, they're not shoes i'd pay $150 total (with the recrafting) for. If...
Looks like 59439 in the picture. . .and then something underneath it. . .so I guess maybe they're not shell?-J
I've been on a bit of a buying spree lately so I can't even brag to my wife how cool the find is! Now what are the shell rules? Saphir Renovateur yay or nay? If yay, i'll want to use it to clean the hell out of them once I get them! Then I need to decide if the heels need to be replaced!-J
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