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Agreed. I think you were referring to Sprint76, but mine were only cross-laced to try them on. It's actually the only comfortable way I can wear that last!-J
I concur - especially the part in bold - it's just the stitching i'm worried about. If you click on the closeup, you can see that the stitching is pulling out. They ARE stunning, though!!-James
Got in on the $50/$100 off sale and picked up the Eastport (Tan) and the McTavish (natural). Not sure i'm sold on the Eastport, but i've got time to think about it. The McTavish, though. . .WOW. I knew I wanted a pair, but these things are even more stunning in person! Problem is that there's an issue with mine that I'm not sure I can look past. . .even though they're seconds: As you can see, the stitching is coming loose on the top of one of the heels. I know...
Not sure if you're trolling here, but I love putting on my Allen Edmonds in the morning. Not only are they timeless (like someone above just said), but they can be very modern as well. I can think of very few occasions where it would be inappropriate to wear a pair of my AE shoes. It sounds like you may trend towards today's "fashion" rather than style. . .Style can be timeless while Fashion comes and goes. I'd love to see the shoes you wear to see what you consider to...
http://www.harryrosen.com/You mentioned not being near a Harry Rosen (i've never heard of them) so I looked them up. Although they don't have AE conditioner on their site, they DO have mail order. I would give one of their stores a call and see if they can ship it to you. If it's a domestic shipment, I'm guessing they can ship it for MUCH less than $30.-James
someone wanted to see my "modified" Jos A Bank shoe racks (same as the AE ones). Sorry for the small pics, but I'm just uploading to photobucket from my Android. Not worried about the quality! LOL. . . Anyway, i went to the hardware store and bought dowels about the same thickness as the connecting dowels. With a coping saw I cut them about 1.5" longer than the originals. This left me with just about an inch of space in between each rack. If I had to do it over...
I have 5 of them and bought dowels to replace the 1.5" dowels that connect them. I found them to be way too close together and this gave them a couple extra inches. I'll see if I can get a pic tomorrow!
Chrome - Worked for me. Added 4 shirts (only ones marked 4/$199) and then it popped up asking me to add another shirt. Added another shirt and all shirts dropped to $20.85. Went to checkout and it said i was entitled to a free item. Showed me 6 ties, picked one, price didn't change. Done and done!I have that shirt and actually just ordered 2 more. It's a great basic white shirt. I get a lot of use out of it!-James
Great shirt fabric!
I won't address your other points as $3k suits are just out of my league right now. I can appreciate the cost, though. $200 for a tshirt, though? I'm really not sure how much good craftsmanship you can get out of a tshirt. That just strikes me as WEIRD!Original poster:I look at it this way. With ALL of those items, like everyone has said, fit is KING. A $200 mens warehouse suit that fits like a glove will look a lot better than a $3k suit that fits you poorly. On...
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