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Mine were obvious super customer service returns as they seemed to be barely worn (no imprint or wear on the inside) but they had a topy (actually thicker than a topy) on the sole. Someone probably thought they could make them fit, immediately had a cobbler do the toppy and then they just didn't fit right.I think this is perfect for this shoe as it thickens the sole a little bit while keeping it thin in the middle. I'd recommend it to anyone thinking of getting a...
That's how I feel about all of my loafers. I can wear them with damn near anything. Now if I could only find a pair of brown bit loafers that fits right and is affordable enough!!
Awesome. Everyone thinks it's strange when i'm picking out shoes to run out real quick (in jeans and a tshirt).
Thanks for posting! I ordered my HMs the other day in brown and have been getting jealous of all the naturals I've seen on here. Natural CXL is just a great color on these boots! Your browns, though, make me feel much happier about my purchase - although that's all they had in my size at the shoebank!
I feel the same on both.
I just recommended this to my buddy for his Bourbon Strands. 18 months old and they already had a hole forming right in the middle of the sole. He obviously has a heavier walk than most (the heel and toe were barely worn), so I told him to go for the v-tread. $10 upcharge, but I think it will be worth it. I have v-tread on my Patriots and I wish I had it on more shoes!
Yikes! I suddenly got the urge to go pick up my shoes off the floor. Fortunately, my two cats don't attack my shoes like that, but they often run across them or (in the case of my brand new Sanibels) put two holes in them jumping up on the end table. (where I had put the sanibels so the cat wouldn't get them) If I were in your position, i'd be shocked, horrified, mad at the cat, etc. At the end of the day (after I was done near breaking my fist banging on the front...
Anyone get the Brown Higgens Mil as seconds? Being that this is a more casual boot and CXL in general is what it is (blemishes, etc), i'm thinking it's the perfect candidate for a second anyway. But for this current sale, the 1sts are only $50 more ($199 vs $250). Usually i'd just say the hell with it and kick in the $50 for firsts. . .but for something this casual. . .i'm wondering if i'm not throwing my cash away? Worth the gamble? -James
Slow clap. . .those are beautiful! They have a pair of the burgundy shell Bradleys in my size right now. I realize $399 is a bargain, but i'm still not yet in the headspace to spend $400 on a pair of shoes. I'm sure i'll be kicking myself when shell prices jump from $650 to $750 and everyone thinks $500 for shell seconds is a steal. . .grumble grumble. . .
I trust him/her (I think i've gotten messages from multiple people - perhaps it's a married couple?) completely. I've bought several pair from him and sent one pair back. It was a pair of Strands about 2 or 3 years ago before he seemed to get so many "thirds," etc. They were used and it seemed as if the original owner wore them daily and didn't use shoe trees. (so the soles were curled). I had no trouble returning them. Going forward, I always ask him for more...
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