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I've only dealt with Danny or James (Jimmy?). Never Kirsten. I don't know if there's a different commission or pay structure at these outlet stores, but there's always a much more relaxed vibe than the regular retail stores. I've never felt the pressure to walk out of the store with something like I do at the retail stores. When I said "Thanks - I'll think about it!" I get "OK, Great! Anything else I can help you with?" instead of trying to convince me to walk out of...
What did the insoles set you back? I've got a pair of firenzes that were never the right size and I always wear them with a Dr. Shoals insole. . .would love to try something more contoured.-James
Figures! I would have stuck around a few minutes, but my son was about 30 seconds from a freakout. Well. . .did you get them??-James
When I stopped in the Paramus, NJ store to exchange my Neumoks tonight I ran into someone trying on a pair of Shaker Heights. . .MAN they're great looking in person!
Check the regular site as well. . .they seem to have firsts at $147 and, for $20 more. . .may as well go for firsts, right?
I've got two pair of blue Neumoks, same size, from the shoe bank. I bought the second pair because I was not happy with the stitching on the first pair. After lacing up the second pair, it was noticeably tighter. . .much tighter even than my Strands and Park Aves. So much so that it kind of hurt the top of my left foot. I assumed they would be looser without any lining! I realized partway through the day that I had bar lacing on the new (tighter) pair and criss cross...
True! If they were mine, I probably would have taken a bunch of pics just to have a good testimonial to post up here. But my buddy just wanted to get his shoes recrafted so he could wear them again. If the damage isn't saddening enough, he's not nearly as filthy a barn weasel as I am and this is one of only two pairs (the other is black park aves) that he can wear to work. So he's been relying on the black park aves while these were being recrafted and he can't even...
My buddy got his pair of Bourbon Strands recrafted recently and they came back with pock-marks - holes that don't go all the way through - on one of the shoes that look like they were really poorly fixed. I realize you can't expect brand new shoes after recrafting, but you shouldn't be expected to accept extra damage, right? He's on the phone with AE as we speak and, as it turns out, the neither the before/after shots show the area of the shoe that contains the damage! ...
I'm in a similar boat, but I just pulled the trigger anyway because I just wanted them! I imagine they'll work well with jeans, but i'm open to other matches as well. I just ordered a second pair from the shoebank as i'm not 100% on the condition of my first pair (and I haven't worn them), so i'll choose the best pair and return the other. They look amazing, though!-James
That sounds like me on some days. But then I get a craving and have to go out of the house and end up dressing nice just to wear some nice shoes! 9 hours, though, that would be almost 3x my longest!
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