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Looking to buy previously owned (and cared for) Black AE Park Avenues or Walnut AE Strands...both in 12B. I realize it's a longshot to find a better value than the nordstrom sale ($220 each - brand new), but I figured it's worth a shot. Missed a pair of Park Aves on ebay for $25 that i'm kicking myself for. Let me know what you've god, condition, pictures, etc. Hopefully I can find one or both. I can get away with buying one of them new - but if I buy both I might be...
your email must be getting caught in their spam filter or something - i've been emailing back and forth with them for the past few days.
I'll have to take a look, but I am pretty against fashion watches in general. I did notice quite a lot of non shoe items in their 6th ave store, but not enough to be distracting. There were actually a couple ties that I was really interested in. Anyone know who makes their ties??-Jedit: looked at the watches - it isn't as bad as i thought. they're not "Allen Edmonds" branded watches. Perhaps they own Luminox? Maybe they have some kind of deal making their leather...
I'll see you guys in 15 hours!
. . .and I just have to add that I emailed the shoe bank tonight and got a response 21 minutes later. How's that for service!!?? -James
I've been buying 11D for most of my life (had no complaints). Even have a pair of Cliftons in 11D that fit fairly well. (might be a tad loose) Stopped in the 6th ave store in Manhattan friday and was measured at a 12B! MIND BLOWN. She actually had me first at a 13B - Said my arch measured 13 and my toe length was 12. . .or vice versa. Either way, I trust her but in the back of my mind i'm skeptical. I'm not a big guy - 5'8", 160lbs. Size 12 sounds like a HUGE shoe...
The strip of fabric is so you can remove the buttons and use studs instead. These have come with my tuxedo shirts - not sure when you'd wear studs on a yellow shirt. . . .-James
Fantastic! I have a little over one of those large boxes full, myself. Most of them have stories as well. About half of them I inherited from my father, a pair from my grandfather, presents, glass from Murano, etc. I certainly understand the feeling that each one has its own story! Again, fantastic collection! -James
You have the greatest cufflinks - and the ones i'm most drawn to are invariably the ones from the Met Museum! Who knew that was the place to buy cufflinks??-James
I won't go into detail that others already had. I'll +1 on the mention of quality (you can get a better prime -that means non zoom- lens often cheaper than an inferior zoom as there are fewer moving parts), faster (allowing more light in), etc and add the following:You're just going to take more meaningful pictures. I shot most of my film stuff with 50mm 1.4 and 1.7 lenses. Using that lens, you get to know how much of what you see is going to be captured in the frame. ...
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