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Take a look at somewhere like Joseph A Bank. I got a very traditional peak lapeled, 1 button tuxedo there for under $200 when they were having one of their sales. It's not the best tuxedo (or even THEIR best tuxedo), but it's 100% wool and 600,000 times better than a rental. Say what you will about JAB (I wouldn't buy a regular suit from there), but I don't think you can argue against them vs a polyester rental! In fact, this was the very advice that the writer of...
thanks, guys! i'll check them out! -James
Does anyone know of a brick and mortar establishment in Manhattan at which I can buy Saphir products? Hoping to pick up some renovateur while I'm in manhattan at my tailor's tomorrow. Would be nice to have it for the weekend rather than ordering it online. I'll be between Penn Station and 50th street (taking the train into penn and the tailor is over on 5th ave near 50th), but am not afraid to hoof it a little! -James
I met him around 1995 or so when I was in high school. I had just bought american flag red white and blue converse allstars. figured "what's more american than bb king?" asked him to sign my sneaker! wasn't happy, but he did it. I still have those shoes!-J
That is correct. Shanghai if I recall, but I could be mistaken.-James
I have a Navy suit from them and am extremely happy. I know it's useless without pictures, but I can't find any at the moment. I don't have any experience with other Made to Measure tailors, so I can't really compare. I actually found them "out in the wild" when I saw one of the co-founders, Warren, at my regular tailor. He was there with a customer, and I was pretty impressed with the suit. So I made a note of the name on the garment bag (different name at the time)...
Obviously I'm not the authority, but I'm willing to bet poor fit causes this. My heels are pretty narrow and there was some room in the Park Aves I tried on in the AE store. There's also some room in my Cliftons and, wouldn't you know, i've got a bit of this creasing. Good to know i'm not the only one and that this isn't a danger sign! Uppers look OK, though? Soles looked pretty good to my eyes and i'm hoping to get many miles out of these and then be able to recraft...
Here are a pair of used Park Aves that i'm looking to purchase. Can you guys tell me if this looks like normal wear/creasing? I don't need them to be perfect (i'm sure i'll break them in a ton myself!), just making sure there's nothing troubling about them. I'm especially concerned about the creasing near the heel - because I actually have that on my cliftons! what's that from? Thanks! -James edit: here's one of both heels - I plan on taking the heel taps off. I...
Closest AE store is a 45 minute train ride away and, according to the website, none of the Nordstroms nearby carry that size/width combo. grrrrrr
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