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I bought the opposite (257) and carry the same load (MBP and maybe 1 book) and IMMEDIATELY exchanged it for the 256. 256 just seemed too big for my needs. Sometimes I wish I had the 257 --when I'm going on trips, but the 256 is perfect for every day. I've even fit 2 laptops with chargers AND a book in it.-James
I have taps on my park Aves, actually. Where do you buy yours? Been meaning to buy more, but I'm always unsure of the sizing.
They also seem to sell thin sheets (less than half the thickness) which might be perfect for brown and natural edges (since it won't show). I've been putting off having mine done for several reasons. I want to have them done because i wear out at the toe FAST, but I haven't done them yet because some of my toes are already pretty worn! Catch 22!
I didn't mean $3.33 wasn't a big deal. On the contrary. If they're the same thing, and you have to buy several, it adds up. I'm all for spending more for quality, but the Cedar Elements ones are pretty damn close. I'm looking at them both right now and they're not exactly the same. They have a slightly different shape to them. But the length and girth are the same. The Cedar elements ones just aren't as "finished" (the woodlore has rounded edges on some of the parts...
These are the ones I ordered:Cedar Elements Twin Tube 2 PackSee above - Those are the ones I got. $40 seems $5 more than the $35 Massdrop is getting, but with the free shipping you save a couple bucks.Those are what I used to get. Buy 1, get 3 free. You're right, though, I haven't seen those deals in years. There is a difference between the "epic" style trees and the regular trees. Two, actually. The first one, having the knob on the top, is a big deal for easily...
I was going to say the same thing. I was pissed I forgot about the last massdrop on these trees and have purchased two sets of two of the Cedar Elements trees since. I've got the Woodlore ones as well and they seem about the same quality (and the same fit). Woodlore is the manufacturer, so they may make the cedar elements ones, but I have no idea. Both sets I ordered, though, were $40 (free shipping). If you found them for $30 (shipped), pass on the link! I love mine...
I'm in the same boat. I didn't think I wanted the brown until I got the black!
I've heard time and again that the Cavanaugh is a tough fit for most people. I ordered navy suede cavanaughs and they were way too wide. My feet justl slipped out of them. i ordered a pair of Concord Ave seconds (same last, same size) for $47 because, at $47 --why not??, and they fit me perfectly. So I'm guessing the suede cavanaughs have much more room over the vamp than even other shoes on the same last - not sure why!-J
I usually do, although I don't if I just run out real quick in them. If I wear them all day, though, I just feel like I should. Having had cheaper boat shoes in the past, I just want to make sure that the insides don't turn out like that --Even though I wear loafer socks these days.We should have a NJ area AE gathering. Plenty of bars to grab a few beers and talk about shoes!
This is disheartening - I've always used Saphir Renevateur on all my shoes (including walnut strands) and never had an issue. I assumed this was pretty close to the AE stuff. Is the new walnut (my strands are maybe 2 or 3 years old?) different? It's never changed colors on me!-James
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