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I've had that fight in my head. . .but I think i'm a balancing act with that now. I used to always be quantity over quality and then recently moved to quality first. I'd like to say i'd prefer to have 5 really nice pair than 50 nice pair, but the fact of the matter is that I like variety. There are so many different styles that attract me that I wouldn't be able to afford $500+ versions of them all. I like quality, I like a deal and I like variety.-James
I get a lot of wear from my Stockbridges. They were the first pair of AE that I got as "beaters." I think I paid about $40 for them (second hand, of course). They're my go to shoes for wet weather, but I find myself wearing them a lot more than that. They're VERY comfortable! The only thing that irks me about them is the sole edges...The faded black rubber stacked with the leather just looks weird while i'm putting edge dressing on. Once it's time to resole, any...
The back of the white sole on my suede Strandmok 2.0s gets all mucked up (from driving). I'm going to have to try the magic eraser!
It's safer for me that I have no idea how many pair I have! (but congratulations!)
The toe box on one of mine looked like the side on yours. You can find pics a few months back in this thread. I looked quick, but couldn't find them. Ultimately, they're seconds and returnable. You can't really expect more that a refund (assuming you haven't worn them) in most cases. I was just really on the fence about them as they were VERY comfortable and were kind of OK as rough looking shoes. . .but that's not what I bought them for. I asked if there was any...
I love my Clark Streets but my normal size, 12b, was a weird fit. They were comfortable, but felt a little long and got bowing around the ankle while just standing around. I actually sized down to am 11d and they fit me perfectly.
Nice laces! I also did a Freiburg Friday for the rain. The creasing on mine is crazy enough that I got a credit towards my next pair to keep them. So they're my beater boots that sneak into my normal work days on occasion because, lets face it, even with all the awful creasing, they're cool looking. Ever thinking about darkening them a bit? I'm considering darkening mine to hide a bit of the wrinkle.-James
I bought the opposite (257) and carry the same load (MBP and maybe 1 book) and IMMEDIATELY exchanged it for the 256. 256 just seemed too big for my needs. Sometimes I wish I had the 257 --when I'm going on trips, but the 256 is perfect for every day. I've even fit 2 laptops with chargers AND a book in it.-James
I have taps on my park Aves, actually. Where do you buy yours? Been meaning to buy more, but I'm always unsure of the sizing.
They also seem to sell thin sheets (less than half the thickness) which might be perfect for brown and natural edges (since it won't show). I've been putting off having mine done for several reasons. I want to have them done because i wear out at the toe FAST, but I haven't done them yet because some of my toes are already pretty worn! Catch 22!
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