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I trust him/her (I think i've gotten messages from multiple people - perhaps it's a married couple?) completely. I've bought several pair from him and sent one pair back. It was a pair of Strands about 2 or 3 years ago before he seemed to get so many "thirds," etc. They were used and it seemed as if the original owner wore them daily and didn't use shoe trees. (so the soles were curled). I had no trouble returning them. Going forward, I always ask him for more...
Any suggestions for repairing small gouges in a pair of pebble grain Sanibels? I put them up on a shelf so the cats wouldn't run over them and the damn cat tried (and failed) to jump up leaving 3 little needle gouges in my brand new shoes. If they were just marks, i'd just try to polish and call it a day, but they're tiny little flaps that, if you brush them one way, they close up and are invisible but if you brush against them, they open up and you can see the inside of...
I concur. I'm normally a 12B but I got my Verona IIs in 11D. It's the only size i've tried on (so I don't know, maybe 12B would be amazing), but they fit like slippers. Regular socks or loafer socks (sockless), they're just comfortable. I didn't want a pair in brown previously (as I was drawn to the black), but now I definitely do!-J
I got my pair on Saturday and just had my first full day out with them today. I'm a 12B in most shoes but sometimes find an 11.5C or 11D that fit me well. I saw a pair for sale by dabondo1 on that looked barely worn in 11D. I happened to be stopping by one of the manhattan stores so I tried on a pair of 11D. With my loafer socks, they fit perfect, so I said what the hell and ordered them. Came saturday and I can't be happier. I might even be happier than if they were...
Interesting!..... So applying that to his 8.5D fit, you'd go with a 9E? (Assuming the orthotic was necessary, of course.)
As I mentioned the other day, I went shopping with my father in law for shoes for my sister in law's wedding. Long story short, he fell for the Strand (who wouldn't) and ordered two pairs of seconds as he's not sure of the size. See, he wears orthotics (spelling?) And while he was perfectly comfortable in an 8.5D without it, with it he needs an 8.5E or 9D. Even then, the fit is not as comfortable. Turns out there was a stock error on the 8.5D Merlot Strand so he's only...
As would I!
Nicely done! The suit AND the Macallan! I got a bottle of Macallan 18 for my 30th birthday several years ago. Beautiful whisky. The 12 year old i'm not as fond of anymore. I used to enjoy it a lot in the late '90s/early 2000s, but it's not what it used to be. The 18 (at least the one I got several years ago) and several 15 and 17 year old independent bottlings I have are superb!-James
Kicking myself for not ordering these like last week! I've bought so many shoes in the past 40 days that I had to "think about it." Whelp, now they're out of my size!
Was recently in the Cole Haan store on 5th ave looking for a pair of burgundy/oxblood shoes for my father in law. The nice young man there told me that they only carry classic styles and that if we wanted something outside of the norm, we should check a department store. Didn't even know what to say about that, so we left. Actually, nobody had much in the way of that color other than AE. Since when is that not a standard color??
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