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K, awesome guys. Thanks for the reality check. So Dell seems to be the place to go? I've heard that IBMs are extremely well built and last a long time? Are there any other particularly good brands / models worth taking a look at? Thanks. Derek
I'm currently looking at buying a laptop for when I go away for college. I really like the design (and price) of the ibook 12". But I have a few concerns: 1. Do you really need a laptop? I could always just bring my desktop or buy a cheap desktop. (Wireless internet does sound very intriguing). What do the rest of the students use / bring? 2. Its a Mac. I've never used a mac before, and I'm concerned about the core programs (word, outlook, powerpoint). I don't...
Quote:   Also, women will most definately find a guy more attractive who is a risk taker or someone who pursues their dreams and finds meaning in thier work. This is why rockstars and artists get laid more than Bill Gates. I would consider Bill Gates a risk taker (well at least at the beginning). Sure he did pick up DOS as a way to make a cheap buck, but in the end he managed to turn his start-up into a huge mulit-national corporation that basically...
Wow, we have some extremely well educated people on this board. For someone applying to university next year, this is all very interesting.
Wow, we have some extremely well educated people on this board. For someone applying to university next year, this is all very interesting.
Quote: The height of the vents should correspond to the bottom of the flap on one's jacket pocket. This means a slit of between seven to nine inches on a size 40 regular. If higher, the vents will simply call attention to themselves. From Clothes and the Man by Alan Flusser @Fashionmall.com Excellent read. Check it out: Clothes and the Man
Wow. Okay, Philly cheesesteaks are a must. Few more questions: 1. For getting around, I'm asumming that there is like a subway or metro line? 2. How would you get from Philly to NY? By train? 3. Anything in particular that I must see / try / visit / buy in NY? Thanks.
Hey, I am spending most of my summer (Month of July and first few weeks of August) taking courses at the University of Pennsylvania. Anyone have any suggestions for must see stores, restaurants, or any other sights in Philadelphia? Does anyone think that a weekend trip up to New York or Washington, DC is worth it? How easy is transportation within / to these cities? Any particular districts that are a must see? Thanks in advance.
I've found two links which are what I'm referring to. http://www.mileskimball.com/jump.js....ID=6153 http://www.wwmerc.com/cgi-bin....e=store So basically. No need / no purpose? Any ideas as to where you can still find some?
In a lot of older movies (especially referring to the mob), You men wearing sleeve garters underneath their suits. I think that this originated because you couldn't buy your exact sleeve size, so you needed the garter to shorter the sleeve. If anyone has recently seen the Matrix, you can see Morpheus is wearing sleeve garters after he takes off his jacket to fight on top of the transport truck in the highway. In my opionon, I thought it actually looked pretty good and...
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