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I bought this briefcase a while ago but only used it once or twice. I prefer the size and weight of my Tumi messenger bag, so this just sat in my closet. It's in great condition and no stains, rips, or tears. It comes from a non-smoking no pet house. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I will ship USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. Payment is via paypal. I am asking $150 or best offer. Feel free to submit a reasonable offer. I have sold before...
bump for price drops!
All Sold!
Quote: Originally Posted by ispace Can you check APC NS waist? Size 28 should be 30" brand new?? Whoops, I don't know how I got the waist measurement wrong. It's 15.25" and almost 15.5" if you stretch the waist band a little bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by TrailofTears Probably so the buyer could get the new one instead of the used one. Yes, that is correct. The straps are the same color and length. I swapped them so that the buyer would get a brand new strap. [I'm not sure if replying with the answer is allowed under the bump rules. It seemed appropriate to answer the question via a post instead of by private message or by editing the original post.]
Prices include USPS priority shipping with delivery confirmation. There is a $15 discount if you purchase both items. Payment is via paypal. 1. APC New Standard jeans, Size 28 - SOLD! 2. Filson 257 Large Briefcase/Computer Bag Brown - SOLD!!
Money sent for the #2 China Shorts size 30. Thanks!
Could someone post a picture of the briefcase in brown? I'm trying to decide between tan and brown as well, and I'm only seeing pictures of the tan bag on SF. Thanks!
I don't mean to resurrect an old thread, but I wanted to show some updated photos. The sleeves of the blazer were shortened and also made smaller/thinner. I also had a dark navy blue suit made. The results are below. Any suggestions?
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