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uh oh. I see the Cab has zippers on the legs. Maybe that's what I have. Now I have to hope it is a real Cab rather than a fake Coco.
Maybe that's why my friend gave it to me. He was ashamed. I think I will feel better if it is a fake Coco, now.
All I recall about it is that it seems to have zips of some kind running up the inside corners of the legs which didn't make any sense to me. I guess I can look for a manufacturer's name but I think I have had it for ten years or so, so don't really care.
I have the side chair version of this that I use as a desk chair at home. I can't be sure as someone gave it to me and I didn't ask for the name- I just said, "sure, thanks."
The bird chair looks a little like the Paulin ameoba chair. We have one of those and it is very comfortable though it is the last chair used in the room. I think that is only because the height makes it look less inviting (a problem the bird chair doesn't have).
Better hope you don't have girls or they will be sealed shut.
I love that Ellipse
I feel abandoned.
PK24 is not a good name for a chaise lounge.
Mr. Sam. He is missed. I hope he is ok.
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