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How do you think I felt when a "regular" person was cast for Gimili?
Has no one ever heard or seen WIlt? Seriously. Edit: Here's a start: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/130817-greatness-revisited-why-wilt-chamberlain-is-the-greatest-nba-player-ever
There are really two approaches that make sense: The first is the Harry Potter approach, where you have one person in charge of the entire story, and she has a vision for the broad plot outlines and how everything fits together. The final story may not be identical to the original plan, and the universe and characters may evolve over time in a way that takes them from where they were when the story started being told, but everything hangs together because there is a...
It really is served frequently in Venice.
That was a compliment - the scenes were so tense that it was hard or draining to watch. AKA Sin Bin (Ep. 9), for example.
I thought it was really good, but there are not a lot of choreographed ninja-style fight scenes, so if that is what you want, you will not be impressed. Rarely does JJ's super strngth get used or matter. There are a couple of good scenes with Luke Cage, though. Mostly, the fighting is against regular Joes. It relies more on being a thriller/suspense series than action.I was hooked earlier than four episodes in, so if you didn't like it by then, maybe you never will.
I think achieving the regular season all-time record is a greater accomplishment than winning a championship as it requires consistent high level output over a very long, grinding period. Going 73-9 is a very, very, big deal. Championships are won, by someone, every year. All time records are not. And winning a series, even a best-of-seven like the NBA is susceptible to flukes like an opponent's injuries or weird matchups in a way that a regular season record is...
Finished Jessica Jones.I really liked it. In fact, I think I liked it better than DD.S2 Definitely better than DD.S1.
I've got a really good seat on the Knicks bandwagon.
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