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Of course they are, depending on the scale and the cloth. Herringbone tweed is a classic.
That's great. If you change your mind, send it to me.
The cummerbund should overlap the trouser waist. If it doesn't come all the way up to the bib, that is life. Your jacket should be closed when standing so the shirt button isn't going to show and when seated it will be below table line. In other words, don't worry so much.If you care to fix things for next time, get trousers with a higher rise - this will also solve your rolling cummerbund problem.
You are right, a double faced cloth is not intended for use as a suit - it is either sport coat or overcoat. And while I think the pattern is a bad choice for a sport coat, the manufacturer had people like you, and there are many, in mind. Manufacturers make stuff because they think people will buy them - tastes differ. In fact, trends are on your side and there is a kind of timidity creeping into sport coats. So you have that in your favor.At this point, people have...
If your personal style is to wear suitings as sport coats, run with it. You have a nice headstart.
That sport coat really does look like suiting, but if it makes you happy to wear it that way, then you have found happiness. I don't much care for the styling, particularly the lapel shape and over-high notch but there are other elements of the cut that I do like. The tailoring itself looks very good (no-collar).
I hope the bespoke operation stays. They really do produce great stuff. I placed my last order elsewhere for reasons having nothing to do with Huntsman but I hope to keep using them. But you are right that it is important for the group to stay together. Not just Peter and Patrick, but also the coat makers and trimmers that contribute so much to the overall high quality. I am certainly concerned and have heard rumors from more than one source.Yes. Post 70.
Thanks. The pocket is a bellows pocket (tacked at the top). It goes with the inside poacher's pocket, ticket pocket and zipped-in breast pockets for a sport coat intended to hold lots of stuff. The particular shape of the bellows pocket is one I had seen on another Huntsman coat. The scoop makes it less likely to droop or gap. I have another bellows pocket that is really cool - it is craved, and so are the bellows, which is a neat trick if you think about it. There are...
I think those cloths are suit cloths because of the patterns. Flannel can be used for sport coats - solids actually look good in flannel - not just blue.BTW, I noticed that you are re-upping at Huntsman. I have a similar one from a few years ago:How are things going there?
How can you tell?
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