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I am not sure why you are calling me a liar and saying that I do have trouble with Charvet bow ties. I don't and there is no reason why I would make that up. After all, I don't sell Charvet ties so I have no reason to praise them. And I assume that you are not lying when you claim that the clasp on Charvet bow ties truly gives you all sorts of trouble. Obviously, they bother you. Perhaps that is why you must sell a competitive product. To be free of the troublesome French...
The Alan Smithee concept is one of the few cool things about Hollywood. Style forum needs it's own Alan Smithee. It is a useful thing.
Here's mine. Bought new in 1985. If I took. Picture of it in the dark, it would be black as the lume doesn't work.
Try also Sam Hober. They will make to your specs, though that is more work on your end than you may think.
Most. The hook that allows it to come apart is not that common. Charvet was the only one I knew of offhand. Jpress was a good source but I now mostly buy from a local shop. Btw, the hook shouldn't bother you. If well constructed, you won't notice it one way or the other. I can't comment on drakes as I haven't any, but the charvet hook doesn't make a difference to how I knot the tie.
Some manufacturers have a hook that allows a tied to be removed without untying it. Charvet does that. The Hermes in the eBay link is a standard butterfly. The drakes are pointed end batwings. While batwings are as standard as butterflies, the pointed end is less so (and can also be on a butterfly shape). But pointed ends are just less common but not especially rare. These things are matters of preference and not terribly significant. My preference is for a slightly shaped...
seriously? Alan Smithee doesn't ring a bell? He's a famous movie producer.
I won't speak for others, but I don't wear a hat indoors.
I never leave the house without a hat.
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