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I don't understand. Why isn't the chronograph running? The entire point of a tool watch is that you can use it to time mission critical events -- like how long it takes for your wife to arrive.
The WSJ loved it. I think it even referred to recapturing the magic. I will see it anyway.
Looks to be "inspired by"
This coalition would fight the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Loch Ness Monster to a draw.
No it isn't. It will not do anything, although a few people will cash Saudi checks and eat in fancy conference rooms until the Saudis get tired of it.
Is this thread now about welfare recipients? Or is it about college students?
http://www.jta.org/2015/12/13/news-opinion/united-states/more-men-making-monthly-mikvah-dunks-as-menstrual-riteSome selective quotes for you.. . .
No. that would be nothing new.
Hillary's election will be a slide towards Italian style corruption. That is something the United States has not seen in the White House before (at least in the modern era) and is very significant. You can walk back stupid policy. It is very hard to recover from a degraded political culture. To the contrary, after Hilary's election, any politician who is not deeply corrupt would be, by definition, a fool.
On behalf of my people, I am sorry for this sadness.
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