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This is interesting and something I never noticed one way or the other.I wonder if this effect is true for everyone and we all experience it the same way. We all see perceive colors slightly differently and perhaps we generalize from small fields to large fields differently also.
Here's some advice. Don't get into Heroes. Or drop it after the first season. Definitely drop it after the second. Do not start to watch the third under any circumstances.
This may be how they look at things, though if it is, they are mistaken. It is hard to imagine how Reid & Taylor's distributor or rep did anything to contribute to this sale, and 100m represents about 30 individual orders from tailors. that is not insignificant. The distributors are still useful, but if this is how customers wish to buy cloth, this is how mills should sell it. It is foolish to ignore changing demand patterns.
I went to the PN/P site to get a better look at the MA+ jacket when D first posted this review. You can do that if you are interested. The photos are pretty good quality and there are plenty of other items on the site if you want to get an idea of what the shop carries.I actually visited the store myself, but I was wearing ninja-wear so they didn't see me, even when I asked for help. They are dead now.
See. That's why we need the intellectual firepower. I always thought goths were trying to look scary rather than like the heroines in a romantic horror story. Now I understand why they look so funny crossed with Japanese stealth assassins.
Alaric-kage not so scary, but apparently very koppable
Since there is a lot of intellectual firepower cannonading in this thread, perhaps someone can explain something to me. Both visigoths and ninjas are somewhat scary figures. So how come when you put them together to get a goth ninja, you end up with a comical figure?
I am not sure what you are asking. I contacted the person you told me to and still haven't heard back. Obviously, I now understand why.I have wondered how much the mills' reluctance to deal with individuals is because it is too much trouble, they don't need the extra sales, they have lockups with distributes, or whatever. It seems foolish and a remnant of a prior era where the end-users had no idea who they were or any interest in buying cloth direct. there is clearly...
I have a Dege special order from the older Hunters, but it is like the 604 (slight color shift of the ground) and something like your middle one. I think that is from P&H..The one with the electric blue pane is a 3pc suit and I don't wear the jacket on it's own. The Hunters is a true sport coat.
Impossible to tell how it will look on you from a picture of a suit on a hangar, laying on a bed, but Polo from that era used good cloth and was very well made.
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