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Buried in this is sort of a point.The difference in athleticism does have some relevance.I follow squash which has been moving pretty aggressively to gender equity in prize money. So far that has worked out o.k. because as small-time as the money is in the game, it mostly comes from sponsors and not ticket sales. For the moment, that is working out great as gender equity is new and fashionable and sponsors are happy to bask in the glow. But ticket sales for women's...
So I have been catching up on the various CBMs I never got around to watching. I know I am late to the party but Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises were both very good. Much better than Batman Begins. I was expecting Dark Knight to be very good because of all the Heath Ledger love. But Dark Knight Rises was surprisingly good as well. Next up - Man of Steel.
There is some design sense to making an ultrathin movement smaller - the wider diameter the movement, the more of a problem there is with flex for the ultrathin bridges. Making the movement smaller makes for more relative rigidity.
Very interested in the responses
It would be useful if people were more careful about whether they are talking about free speech or the right to free speech as protected by the Constitution. The former is a concept that exists outside of the First Amendment (and the law, in general).
By the way, I figured out who is Gary Johnson (well, really - I looked it up): Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party candidate.
I know I am old, but I really loved the Rick Jones/Mar-Vell Captain Marvel. Yay Nega-Bands. Too bad about the big C, though.
One of the nice things about this election is that whoever wins, we can look forward to increased popularity and influence in the U.N.
This is like the 10th time I have seen someone mention Gary Johnson in his thread. Who is that?
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