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This is a better idea and I nominate Dino or Mimmo, or both, as each has an important but very different perspective.
Try these guys: http://www.drummondframing.com One of the best.
You have no idea how cool those things were:This car was awesome: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00005BT0F/?shop28-20It was basically a transformer that switched from a regular car to a long limo with a hot tub.Even better was the Plane.But best were the really complicated sets that had all sorts of moving parts and conversion features.
No. And it is not really subject to reason. It is how her mother did it and therefore not a topic for discussion. The first, only and last time I asked, the answer was "because that is how it is supposed to be".
I will not lie - I loved assembling the playsets. The stuff with moving parts was really cool. My favorite was a water park with water slides and fountains and the fashion show where the doll went in an elevator that put the clothes on as she climbed floors. But we had bags and bags of the tiny little pieces.
Do you have any pictures of the different versions with baby proofing installed?
That sounds great, though I don't get this "Some of the edges will be charred/blackened." Why do that?I asked about the tablecloth only because my wife insists on them for Sabbath and Holiday meals. I don't especially like them and I like our table better without. I do, like, however, that she has specific ones for specific holidays and seasons. It is odd, but things like that really matter to kids. It helps establish their sense of occasion and time.
Separately, any of you guys have thoughts on MBLY? It seems to be a market leader and well positioned in the industry but, like any tech company whose worth is its promise of future sales, I have no idea how to value it. And I don't really know where it sits. IPO was a couple of years ago, maybe less.
My daughters had no interest in barbies and ignored them. But boy did they love Polly Pockets. And yes, it was important that all the clothes be interchangeable.
New Posts  All Forums: