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I feel that way about Panerai. Except that if I got one as a gift, I might wear it for a week to see if that changed my mind (unless that would hurt the resale value).
Are you wearing an overcoat in NY today because it is cold, snob? I'm not! That's what 21oz tweed sportcoats are for. So . . .
What is this? I never heard of them? Do I need to look it up?
Is there a SF discount code?
lol. In truth, I am about nothing if not forgiveness (and that bass).After all, it has led to this, which I have visited on every trip to Rome.
This is excellent timing my friend. I have recently placed a commission for twenty quality bespoke suits from my first-class tailor. He has agreed to refund to me the cost of ten of those suits and make them free for the owner of a quality menswear site who will help provide same with publicity. At the moment, I am waiting for a wire transfer to me of the cost of those refunded suits, but, because of certain political machinations the funds are landlocked. If you are...
That is true, which is why most credible bloggers require tailors to invest in 10 or 11 free suits. That ensures the blogger really understands the relationship and can write good, insightful posts.
Well you are already working at capacity, but if you weren't, a few free suits to some important bloggers would make a huge difference. Imagine if Tweed in the City did an article, complete with red lines, showing how you have solved the divot issue. It would have all the drama and impact of Saul's conversion on the road to Damascus. On a separate issue, do you know if other tailors (not you) allow you (not me) to stack coupons on top of the blogger discount?
Offer to do a review on SF for a good price on the suit. With all that's been written here, it would be valuable to him to set the record straight.
Is the dial stamped to create the different layers or was it machined? The latter would be most impressive in the old days, but is maybe easy enough to do now. And a high school student could do that with a 3d printer today (albeit in cheap plastic).
New Posts  All Forums: