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Do you know that if you were to randomly select any NBA team to play against the Lakers, there is a 16% chance that the selected opponent will have a worse record? So that makes tonight matchup against the Knicks kind of historic. In honor of the occasion and to help with scoring, they are going to use special 20" diameter rims.
I have a great pair of dupioni silk pents from Salvatore. They look awesome. I have never worn them.
Surrendering to business casual?
Someone good enough to start on teams weak at his position but you can still be a decent team if you have real talent elsewhere. In other words a legit NBA player who is decent but not all-star. You have superstars. All-stars. And guys below that. Lin is a guy below that. Belongs in the NBA but no one is dying to get him (aside from his marketing benefits). But he can still help you. And, of course, worth a max-contract.
I win a dollar.
Also, the nib and the feed affects the writing experience more than the ink in my experience. So if you like the way Duponts write you should buy the DuPont. Also, while I can't speak to DuPont and Cartier specifically, most plastic ink cartridges are interchangeable. The main differences to watch for is the length and whether there is room for a spare in the barrel.
West coasters should still be troubled. While Peter Harvey may be getting in on years, Alan Bennett doesn't need to be slowing down. So unless Bennett wants to lighten his load, Davies didn't really need Patrick Murphy. Customers should be wondering why talented people are heading for the exits.
Both Alan Bennett and Patrick Murphy trained under Michael Skinner, who I think was one of the best on the Row. So this is a kind of consolidation around a look that I like. In any event, I have done well with Davies so I have no complaints. I wonder what role Patrick will have traveling to the US.
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