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If the train has a bathroom, you can post from there.
I recall reading one of Raphael's wife. Maybe more than one. I can't remember where or how to find it. I do remember she used to work t Barney's.
OK. How about this, then? https://www.facebook.com/hatedanay
Names, Named. http://nypost.com/2014/11/10/subway-brawl-breaks-out-after-man-slaps-woman/
Tie is navy. It has neither red or yellow in it as far as I can tell - it is a pretty flat blue.
Does Orlando have a team this year? I am supposed to go to their game against. the Knicks but I can't tell if they're fielding a squad,
lol re bathroom photos. I think I understand the local Rubinacci hate - jealousy is a pretty old, time honored emotion and their success is highly visible. That aside, Luca has been a bit of a lightening rod and I think the silliness probably undercuts his genuine ability and concern for turning out a quality product.. From what I can tell, Luca is less superficial than he appears but not everyone will look past the attention whoring. L'Roubi is doing something similar...
I am sorry I missed that ^, whatever it was.
That the man makes the tie.In all seriousness, what I was trying to do was get a feel for how that tie worked with more and less formal clothing. It isn't a question of what it looks best with. Rather, I was trying to understand what impact it has, in combination with other things, on a gray flannel suit, or a tweedy sport coat. It is a versatile tie, but also one that reflects back whatever it is worn with. That makes it fun to wear,
Why do you say that?
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