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My experience with them for this was not so good.
[Deleted for insensitivity - Mod.]
This is a very empowering statement and I want to let you know how appreciated it is. I used to participate in this thread but no longer felt safe. I hope to be able to return especially if your efforts lead the way.
look at the gorge (where the lapel notch is). You will see the seam where the collar joins the lapel. It is precisely parallel to the angle of your collar. At least it looks like that to me. Could just be a an artifact of the photo angle.
The consistently with the lapel/coat collar seam is pretty amazing (lines look to be perfectly parallel). Is that an accident?
Kevin Seah now has a young tailor working for him who apprenticed at Sedwell, one of the best on Savile Row. Sedwell is known for both its meticulous finishing and the emphasis its proprietor places on teaching. So that may make Seah worth a look. It is also a bit of a novelty in that the young tailor is a Lubavitch Rabbi. he used to blog or instagram at "Rabbi Tailor" so you might want to have a look at that, first.
I saw the Wool retrospective at the Guggenheim. I liked it, and can also see how it is attractive to collectors. If Apocalypse Now is your thing, you might also like Mel Bochner. Similar work.
If you can get a popular size, like 11s, three or four pairs. Maybe five. The current What the Lebrons? haven't done as well as prior versions since Nike released the run size this time. In the past, two pairs would have done it.
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