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Why the ?!?!?!? That she threw it out or that she lied about it? Neither surprised me. Have you seen the photoshoot from my Invertere museum? The collection was created as revenge when I found out she gave my stormcoat to Goodwill after she told me it must be at the drycleaner.Nope. The guy who gave it to us was at diner. We were talking about our old apartment and when I mentioned something about some work on the enclosed terrace, he said "oh. You mean the room...
Sayeth the Kurgan: I. Am. Grodd. Fear me.
Slightly on topic -- I found out Friday night that my wife threw out our Barcelona day bed. She had claimed the guy who gave it to us wanted it back. At dinner he let slip that she tossed it.
There is a jewelry shop on the NW corner. They do teeth.
Or Delancey street around Norfolk.
There is an interesting parallel with pipes. Today, all briar pipes, whether shaped by hand or on a lathe are finished with buffing and sandpaper. But in the early days, the top craftsman shaved the bowls with knives and the surfaces were smooth as glass.
Disagree. I like the stiffness of kid bruce. He seems sufficiently weird and awkward as a kid to imagine him turning into batman. Kid Selena is just uninteresting.
NYPD is trying to prevent the gridlock and disruption from protesters converging on Union Square so has asked everyone to avoid heading downtown and instead break stuff and loot in their own neighborhood.
Everyone is different, but I have my share of foot problems and still found the Alden loafers very comfortable for walking (albeit I modify them with heaped orthotics). I have the unlined Brooks version and the regular lined Alden models.
Sitting on them is as comfortable as sitting on a hard plastic cube can be. They are also perfect for standing on when I have taller guests.We only have two, so don't stack them, but it is a cool photo.
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