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I am pretty sure that Wojt self-identifies as a gay man who has sex with women, so he can use that term.
Is there an origin story that explains how someone would find her attractive and she can fly?
Of course people will remember. It will be remembered as exactly what it was. A record breaking regular season that ended in disappointment. But the regular season is still a record-breaking achievement and as long as that record stands, it will be a meaningful achievement. After the record is broken, they will be the answer to the sports trivia question: What was the best NBA team to not win the championship that season?"
Preacher looks to be off to a good start. There are some definite shifts from the comic book story setup but the feel is pretty good.
^ I started to take that one a week or so ago or whenever it was last posted and ran out of time after about 20 minutes. You are supposed to take 40 minutes and I didn't realize that you couldn't stop in the middle and pause it. I think I had done about 25 questions, but the test is progressive so they were getting harder. I thought it was a good test, and it would have been fun to finish it but I am not going to start over.
OK. Because of all of you . . . I am going to finally see Days of Future Past. Maybe tonight. I hope you are satisfied. Also, I have been starting to look into Preacher again, given the new AMC series. There was a cool promotion for it in Times Square the other day, not that that means anything. That was really a great series and The Saint of Killers is one of the best characters. I haven't seen him in any of the trailers, but i can't imagine them doing the series...
Irvine Jewish woman
Meaning she's really pretty shit but doesn't crave attention?
The volume is part of it, but it is more that the franchise so far hasn't grabbed me. Of the three main still-alive carriers, none of them are really that compelling. Daisy is the best, but I am not a twelve year old girl so less enthused about the ongoing adventures of daisy than some of you might be. Finn is bumbling and Kylo is more slappable than scary. That doesn't mean I hate it. Just that I don't care all that much. It is much different than the first movie...
New Posts  All Forums: