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That would be the purpose. And also the neighborhood.
I suffered two attempted muggings in NY (and a successful one, too).One of the attempts was a gang initiation, I was told (by the cops, when going through mug shots). I assume he didn't get in.
Dirt Candy. Any good?
According to the Star Wars wiki, the Death Star's shielding was code-named "Smaug"
^ If a nerd put a blaster to my head, and I didn't have a light saber to block it, and he wasn't a storm-trooper nerd that was bound to miss, that is what I would go with, too.
R2 is a classification (astromech droids), not part of a unique identifier, e.g., "that R2 unit doesn't seem to be functioning properly now that the guy inside is dead."
I thought Disney's re-interpretation of "A New Hope" was pretty good.
Please to explain
Still haven't watched S01Ep03 of Stranger Things yet, so I remain not that excited about the series. I do hope it gets better and will give it a try but, unlike say, Jessica Jones or even Daredevil or GoT, it has not pulled me in or compelled me to watch - right now, my interest is based entirely on trust in the acclaim.
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