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Farscape was fantastic and shockingly overlooked. Maybe somewhat ahead of its time. I loved the new BG but thought it was a weak finisher. Seasons 1-3 were absolutely fantastic, though. Firefly is different - nothing epic about it, although the River character hinted that there could be something lurking in the background. But it is great ensemble acting with good writing and characters. There is a lot in common with Farscape in that sense. You will enjoy watching...
Something similar, but not:
I see an opportunity for Trump University, Europe.
I have no idea what Cruz meant but a reasonable discussion would be on whether NY's mayor DiBlasio's reversal of the NYCPD anti-terrorism task force's policy of surveillance of Muslim communities was a good or bad thing. It may take some google-fu to find it, but basically CAIR or someone similar sued the NYPD a few years ago and upon taking office DiBlasio determined to capitulate rather than fight (presumably as a policy choice, not because of his view of likelihood of...
lol. The likelihood that you read that website on your own is pretty near zero.
I just tried to look that up and it seems like he is not speaking yet for another hour. Where did you find that?
I am also three episodes in. So far, this tops season 1.
^I think he is just noting how long it was from when the trial shoe was delivered to him to when he next saw them.
Bump - because I found this looking for something else and it is kind of fun. Also nice to see and think about what has transpired since.
Thank you. I have had bespoke shoes made with both metal and rubber toes plates (from the start). So far, neither has shown any particular problems (although neither version has been worn to the point of needing a resole). On the other hand, the shoes I had made with no toe plates have shown serious wear at the toe (running through the stitching) since I didn't always have plastic toe taps on them. That is just my anecdotal experience and doesn't prove anything, but I...
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