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A toilet with a wifi router and selfie stick on the tank. That's what we need.
Now that's what I am talking about. Also portion sizes have changed teh way we view tables.
The truly great designer will be the one whose designs account for the radical shifts in the human bottom over the last fifty years. That's why we need new stuff.
Picking cool chair designs is fun. Picking someone else's counter tops. No.
Literally. I remember when CBS remodeled their BlackRock offices and tossed a gazillion Saarinen Executive Side Chairs in dumpsters. Not repros. Not licensed production. The actual chairs Saarinen designed for the building.
My guess is that they are minting money there.
Depending on the location, and they are rare, showcase shops don't have to generate cash returns on a SF basis sufficient to cover the rent. HQ just has judge them to be of sufficient branding value to the enterprise that they can run at a local operating loss. I know that is the case on some sections of Madison Avenue (60s-75th or so). (I was going to make the preceding sentences even more gibbering and jargony but made myself ill.) But that has nothing to do with...
I am ok with the continued success of old designs. At least until I have used them all up or am sick of them. I certainly don't care whether or not every graduate of chair design school has a job and don't feel compelled to buy something new to support new work.
Bottom. Design conceit of top model is irritating.
Given the intense interest this has generated, I decided to check my chair. It has zippers on each leg and the underside is marked, in big letters, Cassina. I assume that makes it a genuine Cab or a fake Coco (which, being a fake, fake Cab is a genuine Cab anyway).
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