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meh. After a year, all I've got is 13%. Buffet is all washed up.
In the case of race, that is mostly true, although I don't think Sheriff Root calling people Martian Niggers or any of his other musings on race would be ok today no matter who was saying it. The same with the illustration of the black neighborhood where Jesse drops off one of the Klansmen. The buggery jokes and even the entire concept of Bob Glover and Freddy Allen the sexual detectives (one who anally assaults suspects and the other won a fellatio trophy and gives blow...
Treatment of race and "buggery" would not be publishable today.
Have people been watching AMC's Preacher? I have been re-reading the books. Those are great with a hearty dose of 90s outrageousness. What is interesting is that some of the outrageousness would simply be off-limits and not publishable today, while other parts are ho-hum and have lost their shock value.
Something similar.
It generated a lot of controversy at the time. Especially with regard to Barbara Gordon. Both paralyzing her and using the abuse of her to torture her father. There was nothing like that in comics then and certainly not from a major house. Much has happened since. Were you even alive when it came out?
I reread The Killing Joke about a month ago. The story is much less shocking now then when it first came out. The art is way better than I remember it. Re the ^ post, the SJWs were very upset about the original's "misogyny" and the additions for the film were made to, in part, placate them. That didn't go so well, apparently.
There is already a lot of backlash to WW because of the body shaming issues. Also, the Fibromylagia people are pissed off.
If I can analogize from other fields, I think the closer, in your example, finds his engagement not only in doing the best work he can, but in his relationship with the firm for which he is working and in particular the person who oversees the process. That person is even more expert and discerning than any customer could be, and pleasing him, and working with him to do better and better work, try out new ideas, and perfect difficult techniques is from where the...
It makes sense in the context of the show. Barry Allen's adopted family, the Wests, are black (although I can't recall that ever being said; you have to, like, look at them and draw inferences and make certain assumptions from their skin color, hair and facial features).
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