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I am pretty sure I am better. I am certainly much more handsome.
No one responded, but I managed to find a place that quoted me less than 1/6th (not a typo) of the first quote. Watch is with them, now.
There is a good chance that that is a redial. Lots of dials from that era were not that great quality, and between their flaking and the damage from leaky seals, it would be routine to repaint them when they got serviced. That also might explain the crosshairs, which look odd to me, but were popular. But I am not saying that is what happened here. Just that it is a possibility. If you have some known original dials from that period, you could compare the fonts very,...
And some more info on the Railmaster: http://www.rochpro.com/watchgallery/albumrailm.html It's hardly a new model and the design of the current model is little more than modernizing the original design. While it has no day counter, which I like, it also uses an older movement. The new Omega movement is really first rate. The older one used in the Railmaster is, I think, a modified ETA with the co-axial escapement and some other changes.
I can't stand the date function on this watch (or any other non-perpetual or annual calendars). If this didn't have one, it would probably be my first choice sport watch (well, the smaller models would be). It is an excellent design and movement. If the date function doesn't bother you, you will probably be very happy with it.
If you have had any experience with servicing a basic movement, time only watch, I would like to know the cost. I have been quoted something that seems pretty high, but I have no idea. It is not from an AD service center - just a reasonably reputable watch repair place.
Gray, which means silver in dupioni. They are really nice, but I am not living the Silk Pents Life.
The pents weren't forgotten. They remind me of my folly all the time. The shirts were a batch of re-collared shirts that I put aside and forgot about. I am not sure if that counts.
Do you know that if you were to randomly select any NBA team to play against the Lakers, there is a 16% chance that the selected opponent will have a worse record? So that makes tonight matchup against the Knicks kind of historic. In honor of the occasion and to help with scoring, they are going to use special 20" diameter rims.
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