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very likely no big deal in the end. But right now, a PITA. Shredded skin is easily infected.
I know. I am worried. But following advice.But that is why no sutures - fear of sealing something bad in.
Suit jacket will be fine once the blood is cleaned off. The dog was on a lease and went straight for me. I can only speculate that the dog attacked because when it emerged onto street from side door, I was standing right there. But I don't speak dog so I can't really know. Family was pretty freaked put though - dog came from my right; they were on my left..
No. She did send me her name.
That's awful. How is your son around dogs now? My family was pretty freaked out and I am not sure they are going to settle down so soon. Today they kept crossing the street when they saw big dogs. I hope he gets/got over it. And to add to the fun, I get to go on a bandage run now as I have been through tons of supplies changing the dressings twice a day since this happened Saturday afternoon.
They may not be athletic but they can get themselves in the air and this one launched and hung from my arm. Suit jacket has a scuff and shirt was not even torn (both were bloody, though) but I have one deep puncture and another puncture surrounded by shredded skin. The damage is all from the strength of the grip not the sharpness of the teeth. Will be on antibiotics for a while.
I would say getting attacked by a bulldog sucks.
Isn't bear liver really good for you? Or maybe poisonous. I can't remember. I wish there were a way to look stuff like that up before posting.
I knew Mark Pincus pre-Farmville. Not the Birch's, though.
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