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^ That sounds excellent. How much of the cost is covered by insurance?
I have one for you. Certified by my "Italian" friend. Sorry I will miss you this weekend.
I have experimented with soft tailoring and some of my clothes, especially summer suits, fit that model. But the mainstays of my wardrobe are from what would be thought of as based on structured English cuts - originally Dege and now Huntsman and Davies. But it took me a while to be sure of what I really prefer.
This one is 21oz https://twitter.com/dwarfclub/status/527597424454672384
One of the reputed strengths of London House (I have no first hand experience) is the technical skill of the tailors and finishers. I have heard they make a point of having the best pay scale in Naples. Will Genarro have access to the same quality of workers? Is it like Savile Row in that their is an ecosystem of outworkers/subcontractors that the cutters can send work to or will Genarro have his own staff?
Not just a display back. You need ti disassemble it once in a while to see how the dial side is finished and also open it up to get a peek at the interior wheels. That's what I do.
Lebron say what?
Beware, there is a Foo on the prowl and you will likely get a lecture not just on the technical aspects of aesthetic and functional finishing, but also on the superiority of objective aesthetics in comparing movements. That is dangerous ground.
What someone considers pretty is up to them. I like micro-rotors from a design point because they are integrated INTO the movement's layout rather than floating on top of it. And, especially in an ultra-thin, the engineer has to deal with this bulky heavy thing spinning around in the middle of all these thin delicate things. Plus, you can see much more of the machinery at once. Whether you think a particular micro-rotor execution is successful or not is another matter,...
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