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Maybe I'll invite some of your Rome buddies.
Janne Melkersohn used Pelle Kraft to make my shoes. I certainly have no complaints about that choice.
Re tailoring on SR, note that every garment has a serial number and, despite the specialization, the serial number has the initials of the responsible party incorporated - always the cutter in my experience.
Not sure what you are asking. He made my lasts and sent it to outworkers with the clicked patterns to be made, but at the time, he was living in the UK, but transitioning to the U.S. for domestic reasons.
If you replaced LBJ with me, GSW still wins. If you replaced Iggy with me GSW loses. Hence, Iggy more valuable than LBJ.
He is in the US. I have no idea whether he still makes lasts, but he lives in Virginia.
Great watches!!I have a Speedmaster 125, which uses the cal.1041, which is the chronometre certified version of the 1041 (they changed a few parts) and, I think, the first chronometre automatic chronograph. I also have a Breitling Transocean from about the same time as your Datora-similar chunky subdial hands and coloring, but a different case shape. They look like first cousins rather than brothers.
Re the Aquanaut v. Nautilus debate, I will offer the following. We are friends with a couple where one has one and the other has the other, so I often get to see both being worn at the same time. The Aquanaut does not suffer in comparison, at all (although I can't comment on the finishing). On the contrary, the Aquanaut seems more like a real sports watch and less like a fancy steel watch. To me, it is a more straightforward product. That is, of course, entirely...
I think I have mentioned this before here. I once used a bespoke maker and had three pairs of shoes made. Each pair was a bit of a fight as the shoes seemed tight to me and vacuum sealed to my feet. While he would adjust them a bit for each pair and on subsequent pairs, I was never happy, although the last pair made was pretty good and he then re-lasted the others. But he fought me every step of the way and insisted the shoes fit correctly. Eventually, I switched to...
New Posts  All Forums: