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The combination made it unwearable. The fit wasn't terrible (collar keeps riding up and away) and if I loved the rest of it I could live with the fit issues or would have just brought it to a different tailor to fix. If it fit well I am sure I would wear it once in a while because it is a comfy cloth and seemed to have occasional uses as a kind of evening sport coat. But the combination made it a dud.
This one was a failure for a number of reasons that all came together. I will say that is my only real bespoke regret and failure though there are things I don't wear much. Nonetheless failure is a risk.sometimes you can't know in advance and it just settles on you after a while. I would not have anticipated that I would wear my flannel DB suits so much, but I do. Same with the sport coat I posted above. Also, I wear things in waves. Maybe wearing the same thing every...
I meant that the LL post is gone and if I still have the coat I would take a picture. But I found an old photo of it. . It is a soft, plush, cashmere feeling thing, though I don't think it is cashmere. It is too dark too serve as a comfy sweater, styled wrong, and not a great sport coat fabric. A mistake all around. To make matters worse, it never fit right and Dege couldn't really fix it, though they tried.
It would great to see a picture if the cloth. Not enough emphasis is placed on learning from mistakes and it would be great to see what someone found didn't work out. I have one that I posted on LL way back. If it hasn't been given away, I will post it.
You are also a kick-ass squash player, if I am not mistaken. Good luck to you.
600 and 604 are old patterns from the days when they didn't use numbers. They have no names on the site. The others have no numbers. I think you chose one of the ighter weight ones, not the heavier ones. The Reay pattern is in the Kildary range and is 500 not 700 gram. That is still substantial, but 19/20oz
Which one did you get @mafoofan. I have the original incarnation of 604 and tried to get 600 but it had already run out and then the company was done.
Well the lighting is poor, but that's the idea. Certainly mohair and a flash will show anything. As for flaps on a back-pocket being either good or bad taste, I don't get it. It is pure preference, though I think you do need a button to keep it from gaping (or a big flap to hide it if it does). I used to get some trousers with no back pocket, but I realized I do need at least one. But, really, who cares but the wearer?
One of the things the better Savile Row tailors do well is execute a lot of handwork in a way that is more subtle and less flashy. Sometimes, the cloth helps, but I notice that Davies, for example, manages to do their stitching with a light enough touch, even on the lighter weight cloths, so that the handwork is visible if you look for it and not if you don't. The DR trousers look to be in a lightweight cloth (heavy-overcoat chain notwithstanding) and it is a lot harder...
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