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Or you might be mistaken for The Continental
^ The visible details, e.g., the style of the cuffs, belt, lapels, etc. look similar, so there is a good chance it was. But mine has patch pockets, not the braided trim slash pockets in the picture, and the piping on the lapels is simpler on mine, so there is also a good chance it wasn't.
Yes I did and no I don't. If you are using a shirtmaker, did they do a padded chest and quilted collar or was it done like a simple bathrobe? I had the latter made by Dege in cotton pique and I wore it to shreds. I now have a silk one from Brooks Brothers that is also silk lined with a fused chest piece and nicely quilted shawl lapel. It was made in England and I don't know if the still carry it. Getting one bespoke would be a pretty nice luxury but it should probably...
Bergdorf always has a selection. Go in person. There is always much more than is shown online.
Ah. I have this belt from Annonay calf It is nice stuff, and surprisingly shows no sign of wear - that is unlike the bridle leather belts I have which began to change immediately. I imagine that will be different with shoes where the stresses are greater.
What leather is that? Grained calf?
I have recently started a new practice, when we have guests, of getting up in the middle of dinner and going over to the sofa and taking a nap, at least until dessert is served. This design is great for that since the sofa is pretty near the dining room table. I also like how it has the back to the table, so you can just pretend to be asleep so no one will talk to you but you can still listen in case someone has anything interesting to say (for instance, I find that my...
Just read Death of Wolverine. Kind of strange story conceit but nonetheless very good.
I am satisfied with whatever versions I just watched. ESB really is a good movie, too.
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