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If Curry is not suspended, with pretty clear evidence that he threw something at a fan, it will, obviously, be because the league wants to ensure a competitive game for game 7. That will make it hard to not also believe that refs throw calls in order to increase ratings - a charge often made and as frequently denied.
One reason that would a silly claim to make is that the US has not always been a consistent ally, let a lone a strong ally of Israel. The current close relationship began in the 70s (after the Yom Kippur war in 1973). previously, the US's approach to Israel ranged from mildly hostile to mildly friendly. It is very easy to mistake the present for the always. Unless you want to try to map US support for Israel onto some sort of grid that measures just how capitalist is...
This thread has closed its eyes to think of AGJIFFY. For that he deserves a salute. Salud
Preacher on AMC has been great. Go watch it.
That's pretty cool. My first cousin was adopted and doesn't really know much about his natural family. I should ask him if he's ever done this.I know that for some, trying to locate or meet your birth parents has all sorts of issues wrapped up in it, but this seems like a less emotionally loaded way of finding out some interesting stuff about yourself.
These are tough issues, and one more thing I would add into the mix is that when we are talking about rape, like any other crime, we are talking about the state's use of its power to deprive someone of liberty. That is why we have, historically, been very careful about the rights of a defendant. A little humility is necessary. We are not talking about whether we like the defendant or not or think she is a good person. We are talking about whether we believe we have...
The bolded language is not really true (but not ridiculously false either, just crudely clumsy) and entirely irrelevant. And he is arguing for annexation, not ethnic cleansing and certainly not genocide. Ethnic cleansing is what happened when Jordan and Egypt seized the West Bank and Gaza in 1948 and, literally, removed all Jews, including from places where they had lived for years. Every single one. That is what ethnic cleansing looks like. I am not arguing for Kai's...
Unless you limit the question to people who have had sex with women, you are going to get more responses than you were looking for.
Way to bury the lede. Here is the attack referred to above. Two Palestinians, sit at a cafe, order food, then, not even waiting for dessert, get up and start shooting people (they are the guys in suits in the lower right). Four dead so far. Others likely to die from their wounds today.Edit: Maybe this video will work; same one without blurring the victims and a different news program watermark.
I don't know if there is really any point in discussing the differences in athleticism at the professional level. The differences are huge. In squash, mid-level, over the hill club pros can handle the very top women on the tour. I know from talking to college tennis players that the top women pros were no competition for them. At the lower skill levels there is certainly enough noise that skill can compensate for physicality, but even in racket sports, where pure...
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