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Don't know. He was pretty bad-ass though, since he managed to walk across the park to Mount Sinai.
Here. Sorry about the shadows. This was custom made, Sterling Silver. Not sure how much. i can probably find a promo pic somewhere that is without the shadows.
I saw a really awesome headboard in Venice. probably the nicest ever, although it is more of a headpiece than headboard (meaning it is a backdrop behind the bead, on the wall, rather than attached to the bed). I will try to find a pic.
Some guy was shot in the head in the local diner last night. I think that counts as a reason.
On the subject of dining chairs - we have the Verner Panton plastic chairs - I don't know what they are called - in Smurf blue. I think we have 14 of them. They are within the budget described above, I think. They are, surprisingly, very comfortable. BTW, this thread makes me appreciate Ikea
Are you bringing your deck to Claymore's shindig?
I mentioned a few times that we have a friend whose parents participated in some sort of Nakashima subscription plan and she inherited a portion of what had been accumulated. I happened to be there last week and, with this thread in mind, took a mental inventory of what I noticed in the front of the apartment: day bed, coffee table, side table, two foot stools, desk with cabinet of drawers, dining table with chairs, though I can't be sure if the dining chairs or a wooden...
That is a fantastic watch. I wish it didn't have a day counter but it is an otherwise perfect movement. Do you find it bulky? That would be my largest normal use watch, second only to my regular speedy. They really did a great job with it.
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