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Hangs like mohair. Yes?
If you want to know what is correct, wear day clothes for the ceremony (either a lounge suit or morning wear) and then either wear it into evening (that is the correct choice, if you don't change) or change. If you don't really care about "proper" form, then you can just wear a tuxedo and make your bride happy. There is something to be said for that anyway.
I love Latakia! TBH, I am very interested in the smell. I have heard comments about it before, and while I have seen shoes made of this before, they were always on someone's feet. Re your prior comment about tannage, I have your baker'a russet and sedgewick australian nut belts. While I agree that the bakers is kind of neat, I think Sedgwick is better suited to the job - the tannage seems perfect for a belt and is really impressive. Do they make an undyed version, like...
I will be curious to hear what you think of the Russia tannage once you work with it. My recollection is that the hides were intended for bookbinding, not or shoes or the other use they have been put to since being recovered. A watch strap certainly has to be worked into shape less than a pair of shoes, so it probably is a good use for the material, but I wonder if you will find its lack of flexibility an issue. Are you going to line it? In any event, it is pretty neat...
Does anyone know what is the right thing is to wear to a formal event at the Holly Jolly Mocha? I was going to wear regular black tie since that is the usual dress, but I thought white tie might be more appropriate since women will be present (an archaic rule these days, I know, but not everyone acts like a palooka).
@Despos - it turns out I still have it. It is a mix of royal and black and, while very soft wool, the effect is almost a sheen. I tried to donate it to the JeffreyD disassembly project but he insisted it was fixable. If you give me enough warning, I will show it to you when next you are in town (I still owe you a pipe).
I love that. I have the first LL gun club, which is in the same scale I think, and really enjoy it.
Smith has great black Barthea in their formal wear collection in a variety of weights. In general, look in the formal wear books. Just about everyone has them. I know Lesser and H&S also do.
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