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There are lot sof watches I like in the $50k range. None that I want in the $750k range. I am not sure there is really anything I want in the $150k range, though I could find something.
That is called a cap. The plaid one is called a plaid cap, or, alternatively, a checked cap.
Second half of 2015 and all of 2016.
This is what I have. An old pair from Brooks Brothers in white silk or nylon barathea with white braided ends. The braces themselves have yellowed a little bit though the ends are still bright white. I wear a white silk cummerbund, that has also yellowed since I bought in in 1986. Well . . . I used to wear it, but I stopped when I switched to DB a a few years ago.
^^^ Yep. And its true enough for most people. A useful perspective on what it means to choose to be fixated on the minutiae of a particular subject and obsess about its details over being a normal person.
Where are the Knicks? Mello should be healthy and the triangle should be clicking by the playoffs.
The Breitling Navitimer is a distinctive watch with a specific history. If someone likes it, and there are good reasons to do so, there is no point telling him another watch is a better "deal" because there is no other watch that is similar in the ways that make a Navitimer unique.
Also realized that it is an annual calendar rather than a perpetual.
Nope. But you helped me find it. It is a 5205g. Thanks
A guest last night wore a largish patek perpetual calendar with three windows for the date across the top and a moon phase dial lower center in yellow gold. It had an exhibition back. What model was that?
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