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You know what has been well received, surprisingly? The Black Swan.
HA! Excellent idea. I have it at home, too.
Interesting. At my office, the machine is set up to pull an extra long Lungo, which is ok, though I also double up on that (but use two capsules).As Woody Allen says, whatever works.
I ordered one sleeve of the new Brasil. Did not get the Cuban. My habits have converged on the Envivo lungo and the Arpeggio, Indriya, Rosbaya and Dulsao de Brasi, depending on what I feel like and time of day.
Just for fun, everyone should pass their costume to the person on their left.
Time to get real, people:
#chefslivesmatter http://nypost.com/2016/09/15/cops-shoot-man-outside-penn-station-after-cleaver-attack-on-officer/
That is clear. Thanks. The Lobb looks simpler but is probably more complex to make. Not sure which looks better, in the end.
Please to explain
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