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The dial on that Patek is beautiful but gives me another reason to hate day counters.
One more complaint about Daredevil - I think episode 11. [[SPOILER]]
I would like to see a giant kangaroo box a T-Rex
Daredevil went from being fantastic to a disaster by the end. The last two episodes can't erase how good the beginning was, but I don't think I can watch that suit. Apart from looking stupid, it also downgraded the fluidity of MM's movement.
The episode you mention was the last one or second to last one, and in some ways was most like the movie.
More or less exactly the same. In some aspects, the series is better.
Last week, the Knicks defense set a franchise record, holding the Magic to only seven points in the 2nd quarter. That is better even than the Patrick Ewing/Charles Oakley Xavier Macdaniel/Anthony Mason lockdown days.
Salmon ladder has become my life's ambition. A very remote ambition, unfortunately.
I am not sure Costco is any cheaper (if it is, it is marginal) and my daughter, who is the main cashew eater, is highly allergic to certain other nuts (especially almonds). TJ is one of the roasters most reliable in not cross-contaminating. I know we have had bad experience with Fairway. Don't recall about Costco specifically, but we tend not to experiment if we can avoid it.
They are our primary cashew supplier
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