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Can anyone recommend a good RTS game that runs on a mac? I haven't kept up and last games I played are probably 10+ years old maybe older.
That was fun to do when I was twelve. I should try it again. #hooliganprivilege
yesthat is one of the wools I am looking at. I am waiting for samplesA lightweight tweed is what I have in mind, but I am focussed on more or less black and white mixes for this.
Soliciting interest for a private run of a large scale black and white glencheck (as initially proposed by @forex and dropped by me) in the 8-10oz range. By soliciting interest, I mean I would like to know what people specifically want and don't want. Posting here is good for discussion (and encouraged) but please pm me as well as it is unlikely I will be able to keep track of posts since this thread can move along quickly.
I felt like a tourist the first time I realized that a 7 train can be either an express or a local depending on whether the lights around the number 7 are in a diamond or a circle shape.
Beautiful! Thank you
no. Patch pockets (applied) are correct and look nice for this style. But the shape of these is too round and aggressive. Top of pocket is narrower than the bottom of the pocket and the bottom is too round.
That overcoat is really beautiful, though I agree that the shape of the out hip pockets are a drop too stylized. A little squarer and less round would be better. But it is still very very nice. I like it a lot. Do you have photos of the back?
Yes. But Kass has been actively shorting this stock, and while I am not into the pump and dump game, I think we are primed for a short squeeze. Especially if the VIX make a sharp move sideways.
This bothered me because the guy spent a lot of money to look awful. When the TB stuff fits, I don't like it but I get it. This didn't fit and the styling exaggerated the bad fit. Maybe he bought it on eBay. If not, the salesman should be shot. There is little margin for error with this look.
New Posts  All Forums: