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I had a very long relationship with Dege (maybe a dozen years), that I ended when I felt the fit was slipping and William Skinner wasn't that great at fixing it. That was a pity as I liked the overall look and quality very much - two things that I think are underrated on Sf and which AGJiffy and GC have pointed out. I have since been pretty profligate in my choice of tailors, being very happy with rge coats from Davies (not so much with the trousers) and with Huntsman. ...
Sorry. What I meant was descriptions and comparisons of the movememnts. And Mimo's watch uses a 2000 series movement, I think.
I have been trying to find information on the time only movements Rolex currently uses in it s watches. So far, no luck. Anyone have pointers to an article or site.
Read the Michael Burry letters to his LPs. They are excellent.
You know who impressed? Richard Jefferson. He was shockingly effective and I had no idea he was even in the league anymore.
I guess you didn't agree with the rest of my comment, huh?
^ Thanks for that. My connection dropped at that moment so while I had heard about Love's stop, I hadn't seen it live.
Having watched MJ and LBJ in their prime, two things come to mind. First, of all the "greatest ever' contenders, they are the most similar to each other. Other possibilities, like, e.g., Magic or Wilt, are completely different players. That makes comparing them so interesting and tough. The other thing is that the differences are tiny and largely come down to personality. MJ was an aggressive killer, whose personality was as much a part of his game as his physicality....
^yep. Because they had the same number of wins and also the last win of the season.
A Rolex that is neither burdened by a clumsy date counter nor marred by a festering glass boil on its face is a beautiful Rolex indeed. Congratulations. Nice size, as well.
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