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That overcoat is really beautiful, though I agree that the shape of the out hip pockets are a drop too stylized. A little squarer and less round would be better. But it is still very very nice. I like it a lot. Do you have photos of the back?
Yes. But Kass has been actively shorting this stock, and while I am not into the pump and dump game, I think we are primed for a short squeeze. Especially if the VIX make a sharp move sideways.
This bothered me because the guy spent a lot of money to look awful. When the TB stuff fits, I don't like it but I get it. This didn't fit and the styling exaggerated the bad fit. Maybe he bought it on eBay. If not, the salesman should be shot. There is little margin for error with this look.
I saw a guy in a Thom Browne suit this morning. It made me sad because it was so badly fitted and not just in the intentional Thom Browne way. It was poorly fitted to the wearer so that it rode up on the chest and the coat fronts were pulled up and swung forward. Combined with being too close and too short, it was aggressively awful. I would have thought it was a suit supply or other Asian tailor knock off but it had the silly under-collar TB signature pointless loop in...
Thanks. Right now, I am watching for big moves in the VIX as that usually previews strong selling signals for BRK, but I am nervous about waiting too long to pull the trigger.
Berkshire Hathaway dropped today. Should I dump it?
I have always worn a hat, and since I am old and cranky and misshapen and small yet massive, I exert very strong CBD gravitational pull. So my hats, at least, are CBD.
No. What is scary is that Phat Guido freaked out and actually got angry at DTO and posted, angry, expletive filled screeds (I forget the word he liked to use). In other words, a guy who liked to post pictures of himself wearing fancy clothes on the internet for people to admire got angry when another guy admired the clothing he posted so copied it and posted pictures of himself on the internet. And the really sick thing is that DTO apologized as if he had done something...
Tell us more. They've made it up already, so is it a full bolt that is circulating. How do people know about the dry cleaning? Have a bunch been made already? Or by same fabric, do you mean same mill, not literally from the same piece? Do you know who makes it and how old it is?
That is a good description of The Dege chest. Huntsman's is slightly less so. At the same time, Dege shoulder's are a little tighter (less extended) and no effort is made to moderate the slope.
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