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This thread is no longer a safe space for me. Too much unchecked privilege that has created a hostile environment. I am a little bit disappointed, maybe even disgusted, that no one else has been willing to speak out and protect the vulnerable.
next time, please trigger warning this.
You used a lot of potentially triggering terms in the above post. Please be a little more careful with your language and content as we are trying to make this thread a safe space for everyone. Thank you.
TRIGGER WARNING - Tangent to Tangent, Rape Culture, Ikea. [[SPOILER]]
This is how it is for me, which is why I try to avoid friendly visits. Even when I have a vague idea of what I want, browsing cloth books means I can end up with something totally different.
I feel much safer reading this thread now that Trigger Warnings are being used. I hope this impoertant precaution spreads to other parts of the forum as I would like Styleforum to become a safe place for me. Thank you, Foo. I know you were only doing what should be required, but I appreciate the consideration and want you to know it is gratifying to be part of a community where everyone's safety and well being is cared for.
Unless you also cut off your penis in your enthusisamUnless you also cut off your penis in your enthusiasm, I am not sure how opening a bottle with a sword is emasculating.
That's why I have several
So ok for me and my wife.
No. It is for my wife, and a surprise using a dressmaker whom she has used and so didn't need to see her to put together a first fitting. The downside is that this is someone who makes what she wants and there is a good chance she will have done something completely different from what I asked.
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