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Would also be better in a case sized for the movement (or with a movement sized for the case - it can't be that hard to spread the subdials out if you are willing to thicken the movement with an extra layer.).
I learned something as a result of all this:And here is the original pin Nasa used as an award:
Sorry. I was distracted by the contrast between your full on puffery when you were getting paid and your studied criticism when you weren't so I did not read your post enough times to understand how perfectly consistent it all is.
I have been, though I rate it third behind Gotham and Arrow.
Yep. they are neat variations for people who like that sort of thing. And they make sense as a kind of series,
^ That is awesome as a weird limited edition. It is kind of the perfect design for something like that. Quirky. Techinicaly impressive. Perfect for someone who has lots of other watches but likes owning something unusual.
That's really a beautiful strap.
By the way, here are two additional Golden Shears finalists (from Huntsman). If one of them wins tonight, maybe montauk can offer to do a video for her.
when you are exceedingly handsome, as I am, you have no need for shears, golden or otherwise. You can cut cloth with a mere gaze.
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