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I see I am the only one here who cares about the furry invasion. I take it none of you have been assaulted by Strawberry Shortcake.
My car still lives there. I visit it a lot in the summer.And yay! Someone is finally going after the furries in Times Square. I am ok, though, with the naked girls in body paint. They are indigenous.
I have a summer suit from the dark green (olive/black) finnemeresco from Paul Winston.
Coney Island is kind of fun. Went a couple of weeks ago.
So . . . the furries in times square have been joined by superheroes and naked girls in body paint.
While the dial layout is horrific, I think the Sky-Dweller is a fantastic, innovative watch. And kudos to Rolex for finally adding a date function to their lineup.
Va Bene in New York does it very well.
I will be in Rome and Venice next summer but will meet you in Florence if you are there. Kosher food is MUCH better in Rome. Also better in Venice. Florence was the worst of the three.
There are two kosher restaurants in Florence. One is around the corner from the synagogue and is called Ruth's. It is fish/dairy. There is also a kosher mini-market nearby that sells sandwiches and some prepared and eat-in food. The family that runs it is very nice and does private event catering. There are also a couple of kosher butchers.Stitchy could survive Pitti. It would be legendary.
Damn. The East must be salivating at the thought of the Felton Melo dynasty being broken up.
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