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Bought a share of BRK. I think Buffett/Combs/Wechsler can find better opportunities with prices and stresses at these levels than can I.
This sentence (or sentences) means itself and its opposite. Punctuation.
The Wolverine would go very well with a flannel shirt, a shaved/quiff haircut and a fat girlfriend.
The Wolverine No. 8 is not shell cordovan. It is Horween chromexcell tanned to have the color of their cordovan shell no. 8. I know this only because I was curious and looked at the Wolverine website. Chromexcell is a good, rugged leather, but it is not shell cordovan. As for which boot is better, I have no idea.
oh. I didn't know he was doing that.
^ If you are referring to the setting on fire, that is part of the process of making a good hat. It is a way to smooth the felt after sanding. It is not destroying the hat.
I would like to remind people, especially our colleagues burdened by the norms of knowledge-based disciplines, that focus on I/K is a microagression. I hope I don't need to post the UCLA guidelines for you, but I will if i have to. I think R is still safe, so long as the focus is on quantity and results.
Between the people in the non-knowledge-based disciplines and the people who didn't go to one of the three Ivies, there is a lot of bruised ego in this thread. There is a reason I asked for trigger warnings in the beginning.
Yesterday evening, I saw the chairman of the philosophy department of a major university running around in shorts and a t-shirt. That is no big deal except that he was also wearing those weird knee-high compression socks. Those look kind of dorky.
I just saw Irrational Man, the new Woody Allen movie, last night, which was set on a lovely campus. Emma Stone dressed beautifully, as did her boyfriend--they were students--but Joaquin Phoenix--a professor--dressed very poorly but for his haircut. He did carry a nice hip flak, which he drank from all the time. I didn't think that was common these days in academia, though I can see the appeal.
New Posts  All Forums: