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Something similar.
Are all libertarians white? They might have asked Trump to borrow his black voter and put him in drag to make the video?
It generated a lot of controversy at the time. Especially with regard to Barbara Gordon. Both paralyzing her and using the abuse of her to torture her father. There was nothing like that in comics then and certainly not from a major house. Much has happened since. Were you even alive when it came out?
I reread The Killing Joke about a month ago. The story is much less shocking now then when it first came out. The art is way better than I remember it. Re the ^ post, the SJWs were very upset about the original's "misogyny" and the additions for the film were made to, in part, placate them. That didn't go so well, apparently.
^ better or worse than filthy feet?
I posted a great idea for a Clinton ad, way, way upthread. I am disappointed no one made it yet. It would be yuuuuuge.
Slaves were among those hired for its construction. So . . . to some extent, yes. But regular workers were also used. And the slave labor was paid for (not to the slave); the government didn't own the slaves. So it is not the same thing as something from antiquity that you would think of as being built by slave labor owned by the king It's more like modern construction where the developer hires a shady contractor who uses underpaid illegals.
There is already a lot of backlash to WW because of the body shaming issues. Also, the Fibromylagia people are pissed off.
I had one. Those were so great.
The cop apparently didn't shoot to kill. And the "I don't know" response seems to indicate that he just panicked and was confused. Neither malicious nor justified.
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