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Which is the best edge for cutting a carrot or potato?What would be really useful would be a photo-essay showing, in close-up, the difference between vegetables cut with a single bevel edge, flat edge or convex edge.
My teen-age daughter wears the Belgian Shoes branded ones and has worn the same pair for at least four years. It has been re-soled several times, but has held up very well. That says nothing to you about the choice of style, but I am impressed with the quality.
I posted this upthread, but since you asked: http://nypost.com/2015/07/08/homelessness-and-closed-stores-becoming-the-new-normal-in-nyc/
What would tie this outfilt together really well would be a really dressy belt buckle from Hermes worn with something very casual, like a sisal rope.
. Thanks for asking. I have a bite-print constellation of scars, but it is otherwise healed. Not sure how long the scars will last or whether they will eventually go away. I also have a little subcutaneous scarring but that is no big deal. It kind of itched for a while but that has stopped and I can only feel them if I try. I assume those will get completely absorbed eventually. Even if nothing improves from where it is, it is no big deal as the scars don't impede...
i think it was made in Connecticut.
That's me in the corner. 12 is about max that is tolerably uncomfortable without adding a side table (we have the large SF table) In any case, I didn't pick the chairs, the color or the number. They were just there when day when I got home. There is nothing like encountering a wall of smurf blue for the first time, though I have since gotten used to it.
1945-46. It is pretty cool in person.
Sure.andI am not sure, but my recollection is it was designed for the first bed, and the second photo is after relocation.
My bad - it is possible that he walked into a Mount Sinai emergency center on the West Side (a few blocks from the incident) rather than across the park. Here is the story: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/uptown/shots-fired-upper-west-side-diner-nypd-article-1.2294088?cid=bitly
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