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How so? What has changed on the Speedmaster Pro?
On topic, but mostly "meh" http://bleacherreport.com/articles/886185-25-greatest-nicknames-in-the-nba And just for fun: http://blog.shaq.com/charles-barkley-v-s-shaq-lift-off-with-mark-wahlberg-and-the-rock Shaq v. Barkley in a lift-off. Guess who wins. Just for fun, the NBA should do a strongest man competition at the all-star game. The only one I remember seeing had Charles Oakley and Kevin Willis in the finals. Willis one. Not a shock but I wouldn't have picked him...
What do you think of the basic co-axial, two sub-dial Speedy? It is an entirely different watch, though the design elements are clearly based on the moonwatch. The day counter kills it for me. Otherwise I would be a fan.
Big Baby was a good one.
so what are the best current ones?
I liked "The Glove" especially if it is true that MJ coined it. Also "The Mailman" for Malone and the short-lived Run TMC for a trio. Of the current players, I kind of like Swaggy P for the ridiculousness. And not really a nickname, but it was hard to beat the Round Mound of Rebound as a description. I like that "Grandmama", from a commercial stuck to Larry Johnson.
lol. Well that seems inconsistent. I was relying on Fratello re the popularity of the earlier version. Jan says there was high demand and they were hard to get on the secondary market. I suppose someone could actually go out and look.
Not sure if you know this, but this is actually the second version of a "limited edition" Snoopy Award commemorative moonwatch. The first one was made in much. much larger numbers and was nonetheless, as of a few years ago, pretty hard to find on the secondary market. Collectors snapped them up and seemed to keep them. I
Would also be better in a case sized for the movement (or with a movement sized for the case - it can't be that hard to spread the subdials out if you are willing to thicken the movement with an extra layer.).
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