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I like taking my daughters there for hot chocolate
I suppose we can't really know without the writers telling us, but if he could move it and didn't want to hide it you would think he would make lots of noise about having even moved it and he would have kept trying.And Thor definitely saw it move. If he didn't believe Cap changed his mind we would have expected much ribald merriment and taking the urine. It seems pretty clear it was Cap's choice but, as I said, only the writers know.
I predict they will have been hits. OK. I was disappointed to, my surprise, in the Winter Soldier. In particular, there was little sense of paranoia and surprise about the Hydra infiltration of SHIELD. To be honest, that was handled much better in Agents of SHIELD. I was especially disappointed that no one close to Fury or Cap turned out to be Hydra (Robert Redford didn't count). The best sequence of the film was Fury fighting off the assassination attempt. Not good...
Guess What I finally saw this weekend? Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron
How is wild deer? I would have thought just fine since it is always described as the leather of choice in early America. Perhaps that is just fiction or perhaps it was the only option rather than a choice. Or is deerskin pretty good?
I was attacked by a bulldog this past May. I still have scars on my arm that I doubt will completely heal. There were no cops involved and I didn't sue.
On a hypothetical matchup between fictional characters with fluidly specified attributes under unspecified conditions? Yes, I can see how that would happen.
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