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lol re bathroom photos. I think I understand the local Rubinacci hate - jealousy is a pretty old, time honored emotion and their success is highly visible. That aside, Luca has been a bit of a lightening rod and I think the silliness probably undercuts his genuine ability and concern for turning out a quality product.. From what I can tell, Luca is less superficial than he appears but not everyone will look past the attention whoring. L'Roubi is doing something similar...
I am sorry I missed that ^, whatever it was.
That the man makes the tie.In all seriousness, what I was trying to do was get a feel for how that tie worked with more and less formal clothing. It isn't a question of what it looks best with. Rather, I was trying to understand what impact it has, in combination with other things, on a gray flannel suit, or a tweedy sport coat. It is a versatile tie, but also one that reflects back whatever it is worn with. That makes it fun to wear,
Why do you say that?
We have evidence that Gennarro was selling out of the back door, so his health couldn't have been that bad. His output for LH may have been reduced, but private customers can have that effect. And there is nothing new under the sun.
here is one of the tweed.
while you guys have been busy writing word after word in this thread, I have been wearing this tie for three days in a row in the interest of understanding a little better how it works. Tried it with a gray flannel DB suit, with a gun club sportcoat and with a heavy tweedy sportcoat.
I switch to NATO bands in the summer for my strap watches for that reason. Doesn't work for dress watches, but I only wear those for a few hours at a time in the summer.
I feel your pain, brother.
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