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Name me a nice, platinum watch. Two hands preferred (three acceptable). Up to 39mm. Sort of agnostic on HW v. automatic.
They won't issue you a ticket without it.
Sizing for me on ML is nowhere near my "regular shoe size" On ML I go a full number size shorter and one width wider.
I am expecting hard hitting investigative journalism at its finest. Franz Botre is known for his tough questions.
^Thanks. Would love to see them.
@518aata : The Turler branded AP ^ is beautiful. It reminds me of the VC ultrathin I love so much. Do you have a model name for that one?
I am not sure what you really gain by moving from the Aquaracer to a sub other than brand mystique. I know that will be controversial view here, but you already own a solid diver watch, so ask yourself honestly, in what ways has it let you down or shown itself to be inadequate? If you were starting from scratch, you could say a Rolex might be preferable, but are the reasons sufficient to switch? Given your two watches, what you are really missing is a simple dialed...
The special screws on that Mille are great. They make it much harder for thieves to steal the watch hands when you leave the case parked outside.
There are lot sof watches I like in the $50k range. None that I want in the $750k range. I am not sure there is really anything I want in the $150k range, though I could find something.
That is called a cap. The plaid one is called a plaid cap, or, alternatively, a checked cap.
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