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If my knife cuts things but hasn't been obsessively sharpened, is it still ok to to use it?
How so? What has changed on the Speedmaster Pro?
On topic, but mostly "meh" http://bleacherreport.com/articles/886185-25-greatest-nicknames-in-the-nba And just for fun: http://blog.shaq.com/charles-barkley-v-s-shaq-lift-off-with-mark-wahlberg-and-the-rock Shaq v. Barkley in a lift-off. Guess who wins. Just for fun, the NBA should do a strongest man competition at the all-star game. The only one I remember seeing had Charles Oakley and Kevin Willis in the finals. Willis one. Not a shock but I wouldn't have picked him...
What do you think of the basic co-axial, two sub-dial Speedy? It is an entirely different watch, though the design elements are clearly based on the moonwatch. The day counter kills it for me. Otherwise I would be a fan.
Big Baby was a good one.
so what are the best current ones?
I liked "The Glove" especially if it is true that MJ coined it. Also "The Mailman" for Malone and the short-lived Run TMC for a trio. Of the current players, I kind of like Swaggy P for the ridiculousness. And not really a nickname, but it was hard to beat the Round Mound of Rebound as a description. I like that "Grandmama", from a commercial stuck to Larry Johnson.
lol. Well that seems inconsistent. I was relying on Fratello re the popularity of the earlier version. Jan says there was high demand and they were hard to get on the secondary market. I suppose someone could actually go out and look.
Not sure if you know this, but this is actually the second version of a "limited edition" Snoopy Award commemorative moonwatch. The first one was made in much. much larger numbers and was nonetheless, as of a few years ago, pretty hard to find on the secondary market. Collectors snapped them up and seemed to keep them. I
New Posts  All Forums: