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Offer to do a review on SF for a good price on the suit. With all that's been written here, it would be valuable to him to set the record straight.
Is the dial stamped to create the different layers or was it machined? The latter would be most impressive in the old days, but is maybe easy enough to do now. And a high school student could do that with a 3d printer today (albeit in cheap plastic).
That is neat. Can you talk about how the dial is made?
Going just by the picture, I thought the Tank also looked a little too big. If that were my wrist, I would want something smaller.
From tonight's Knicks game. Yes. The kid (hidden by the backrest) is watching football, Mello jersey and all.
If the train has a bathroom, you can post from there.
I recall reading one of Raphael's wife. Maybe more than one. I can't remember where or how to find it. I do remember she used to work t Barney's.
OK. How about this, then? https://www.facebook.com/hatedanay
Names, Named. http://nypost.com/2014/11/10/subway-brawl-breaks-out-after-man-slaps-woman/
Tie is navy. It has neither red or yellow in it as far as I can tell - it is a pretty flat blue.
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