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^ That is awesome
^Why is the saddle designed that way?
My wife loves the Aperol version. I think of it as a bit like a Pimm's Cup in that the core of the drink is the apertif and the concept. But lots of things can be used as the other ingredients as long as you understand the target you are trying to hit and have decent sense on how ingredients work in a drink.
Well this isn't really an issue of fiscal (or monetary) policy. At least not directly. But I am only pointing out that the EU does, in fact, result in the surrender of a tremendous amount of sovereignty and it is not merely administrative. The effects are meaningful.
As I said, whether the Italian proposal is goo or bad is besides the point. The Italian government is being prevented from governing its own economy on a matter of vital economic importance and in the way it sees fit, by EU regulation. It may be that the Italians are wrong and Brussels is right, but that seems to me like a pretty clear loss of sovreignty over the second most vital national interest (after security).
Today's Wall Street Journal had a fascinating article about that was not Brexit except it was about Brexit. The gist is that the Italian banking system is in trouble (exacerbated, perhaps, by Brexit but that is besides the point). The Italian government would like to do a bailout of some kind that would involve [Italian] government investment in the banks to shore up their capital. Apparently, Brussels said that Italy may not bail out its banking system because that...
It was a very popular. common drink local (in popularity) to Venice. Usually, Aperol, white wine and sparkling water. For some reason, it spread wildly in the last two years.It is a great summer drink, low in alcohol and you can drink lots of it.I prefer Campari, something, and sparkling water. With the something being grapefruit or orange juice or lemonade or orange soda . . etc. (but not wine). It is the same idea. A slightly bitter, slightly sweet, tart, sparkling...
On my way out of town today I decided to switch to a watch with a day counter since it may be hard to keep track of elapsed days where I am but I might need to stay in touch with people back home on occasion and it would be useful to know the date. The day counter is a good way to keep track of elapsed days and I advanced it to today's date as a proxy for the date. Mine counts 31 days, so would someone remind me to reset it at the end of the month? June has 30 days and I...
Fuck you all
How good is Rose, now? I haven't seen him in a few years and thought his career was done.
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