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So tell me some really cool things about the plot or design or details of this movie. I kind of liked the goofy metal clad square headed beasts. But give me some more good details. Especially plot details.
Yes. Iammatt organized it.
The 8 foot saarinen works really well. Where it shines is that, while it can handle a reasonably large crowd, the pointed corners also makes it comfortable for two or three. Last week we had thirteen to dinner and needed to add a small card table, We could handle a dozen, though it is tight, without needing an add-on.
I guess the Styleforum group buy table is out as it is only 96"Is 10' feet an infelxible requirement?
The problem with Rey was not that she could beat up [that whiny little bitch] Kylo Ren or even fly the MF (though that was a bit of a stretch). It was that she could do Jedi mind tricks and telekinesis without being taught. Both things that previous movies told us were very hard and required training by a real master and this movie did nothing to explain how she could do them.
So Rey is Luke's daughter, right?
I just saw it. It was lots of fun to watch and did a good job of cleaning out the bad taste in my mouth from the prequels. Lots of things about it sucked, though. One I haven't seen mentioned, and which recalls Vader, though not the way Ren intended, is that Ren is a total fuckup yet people, incredibly, listen to him. Everything he does is a failure, yet Snoke still relies on him and none of his. Ok leagues or underlings shoot him in the back (though Hux clearly wants...
Patrick Murphy is now travelling with Alan Bennett. That may be a perfect combination for me.
I like taking my daughters there for hot chocolate
I suppose we can't really know without the writers telling us, but if he could move it and didn't want to hide it you would think he would make lots of noise about having even moved it and he would have kept trying.And Thor definitely saw it move. If he didn't believe Cap changed his mind we would have expected much ribald merriment and taking the urine. It seems pretty clear it was Cap's choice but, as I said, only the writers know.
New Posts  All Forums: