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Lol. An article on the Knicks comes up ninth when you search for "disaster" on google.
Reasons it doesn't suck. The M60 bus to LGA. I lived here my whole life and didn't know about this. Cheap and it works!
Don't think I haven't noticed all the posters pretending ironically to not notice how cool it is to wear something not-cool ironically.
It's kind of a toss-up. On the one hand, black goes with everything. On the other hand, people of no color are working with a clean slate.
You are correct. It was a universal preference because men generally wore vests and/ or kept their jackets on and closed. Until about post WWII, shirts were thought of as near underwear and not something to be exposed. Ties were shorter because they didn't need to be longer.I am not sure when the length changed, exactly, nor how quickly it transitioned, but it is easy to get a sense from older movies and magazines.
Do you mean that in terms of quality or volume of production.
Exactly. They make their suits with besom pockets and that's what I was getting. Since I was there as a sartorial tourist arguing with them would have made as much sense as insisting my toy coliseum have a thatched roof.
You should have it unlined for exactly the reason you say. The red backside is part of the joy of ownership [in before insta-out-of-context quote]. FWIW, I got mine as a DB and have never worn it as an odd jacket. Also, mine has besom hip pockets because that is what the tailor insisted on.
+1. Those colors look great together.
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