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Wouldn't you rather watch this? or this?
Sometime between tomorrow and never. Wotcha got for me?
Not a dress watch. But a neat everyday watch is you are the type that has a platinum daily wearer.Beautiful. I was thinking I would like a white dial but would have to see this in person to see if I like the "silver" dial. I might really love it. In any event, your answer reminds me that the old extra-plate Vacheron in White Gold is still the ideal dress watch. I like the stick markers on that better than theseI do not like the Lange at all - numerals in particular...
Name me a nice, platinum watch. Two hands preferred (three acceptable). Up to 39mm. Sort of agnostic on HW v. automatic.
They won't issue you a ticket without it.
Sizing for me on ML is nowhere near my "regular shoe size" On ML I go a full number size shorter and one width wider.
I am expecting hard hitting investigative journalism at its finest. Franz Botre is known for his tough questions.
^Thanks. Would love to see them.
@518aata : The Turler branded AP ^ is beautiful. It reminds me of the VC ultrathin I love so much. Do you have a model name for that one?
I am not sure what you really gain by moving from the Aquaracer to a sub other than brand mystique. I know that will be controversial view here, but you already own a solid diver watch, so ask yourself honestly, in what ways has it let you down or shown itself to be inadequate? If you were starting from scratch, you could say a Rolex might be preferable, but are the reasons sufficient to switch? Given your two watches, what you are really missing is a simple dialed...
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