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Both Alan Bennett and Patrick Murphy trained under Michael Skinner, who I think was one of the best on the Row. So this is a kind of consolidation around a look that I like. In any event, I have done well with Davies so I have no complaints. I wonder what role Patrick will have traveling to the US.
Lol. My cutter from Dege went to Davies (not that've ever met him) and now my cutter from Huntsman. Wearing an Alan Bennett cut Davies sportcoat now.
I take it you are all jealous of the patina on this beauty:
What am I missing? I don't think I have ever found a good reason to wear Yoga pants.
It's a different category and style but it is hard to beat the Lamy 2000, both design wise and for writing.
Though I am not Mickey Kramer, I saw this production of Creditors about when this article was written.
If you like art, it is hard to see how you wouldn't enjoy at least three visits to MoMA and five to the Met. Each has too much to see on any one trip. Guggenheim is good. The Thannhauser collection, part of their permanent collection, is not that well know and really really good. The Jewish Museum does the best job of curating in the city right now, so if their then current show is of any interest to you (whenever it is you are in town) you should go there (their...
Edward Green's Albert model is what you are looking for. Gaziano & Girling probably make one as well. And I am sure you can find an Italian company that makes them. Or just buy the Hermes ones if that is what you like.
That's a great tweed.
Those are pretty common. Most of the English shoe shops have a version - check Edward Green, Alfred Sargent, Gaziano & Girling, though they are likely to be welted. If you want thinner construction check the Italians and also the formal section of the English shoemakers.
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