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Pretty great. I don't think I like the version that integrates the case and dial into the movement, on aesthetic grounds, but even that is pretty cool.
I had a very nice NY experience last week - a friend took me on an hour tour of his club's art collection, which is really great.
Possible the first humanities permanent fellow at IAS. Or something like that. This is the essay to which I was referring, though it is missing the last few pages. http://www.mariabuszek.com/ucd/Methods/Readings/PanofskyHumanisticDisc.pdf
I just read an essay by Erwin Panofsky that reminds me, stylistically, of Machiavelli. Is there a connection?
I wore a three piece, double breasted flannel suit today.
Sunburst dial is [insert emoji for giant thumbs up - like this one, , but bigger]
The dial on that Patek is beautiful but gives me another reason to hate day counters.
One more complaint about Daredevil - I think episode 11. [[SPOILER]]
I would like to see a giant kangaroo box a T-Rex
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