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I've walked by often. Rarely seen anyone inside, but my gym moved so I am less likely to pass it now. Like you, I am very curious to hear if anyone has used him. Knowing nothing for sure, I am guessing it is a made-elsewhere type tailor shop. Perhaps using one of the LIC/Brooklyn operations.
Try reducing consumption (including having decaf instead of regular) a few days before. It isn't very hard, but you have to do it. My wife doesn't and the withdrawal headaches are to the point of nausea.I usually have, between espresso and coffee, four cups a day. So by swapping decaf I go from 4-0 to 3-1 to 2-2 to 1- 3 to 4-0.Or you can use a caffeine suppository (yes there is a such a thing). This is why it exists. You are welcome.
Coffee addiction is pretty powerful in its effects (the withdrawal symptoms), but easy to break. I do a four-day taper down to zero every year.
I'm expecting company
I've heard him. He's pretty good, but the best part is, as you noted, the way it takes you a while to realize it is an act and he is not (exclusively) a raving loon.I also like his parting line.
Did he tell lots of fat jokes about his wife?
Now this space has become unsafe for people who have believe they may been victimized by the evil Butch Cavendish
Now would be a good time for me to once again request trigger warnings.
Is he bringing Solito?
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