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Wow. I couldn't see it and now I can't not see it. Look at the small sideways Ts, not the large dog teeth.
Hoodiematt's view of the situation is pretty much the same as what KimJongMatt said. That shouldn't surprise. Nor will it surprise that, despite similar content, it is taken without offense.
They probably were quartz, or at least had quartz models, in the 80s. I did not like the direction the Constellation line took, even in the 70s (and this case is more 70s than 80s). I will say, though, that I liked the case a lot more in person than I would have expected to based on the photos. It looks great. BUT, it would be even better in the Constellation case of the 50s and 60s in a more contemporary size to hold the larger movement. And the dial is a stunner. It...
This weekend I got to see a rose gold constellation with the new(ish) Omega movement. Omega is doing some impressive things. What I really liked was the excellent execution of the pie pan dial with arrowhead markers. They did nothing fancy to it - just a simple reissue of a classic dial. It looked great. The Constellation claws, which have been around since the 80s and which I always hated, looked ok. I could have done without them, but they really bothered me more...
And so the world turns.
I feel that way about Panerai. Except that if I got one as a gift, I might wear it for a week to see if that changed my mind (unless that would hurt the resale value).
Are you wearing an overcoat in NY today because it is cold, snob? I'm not! That's what 21oz tweed sportcoats are for. So . . .
What is this? I never heard of them? Do I need to look it up?
Is there a SF discount code?
lol. In truth, I am about nothing if not forgiveness (and that bass).After all, it has led to this, which I have visited on every trip to Rome.
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