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Shades?It seems like his character can go somewhere. Diamondback was awful.
It was good for a few episodes but then started to slide. So I cannot endorse this.
That reminds me of bicycle polo - I don't know it is still played but there was a pit/rink on the LES (Allen Street).
I've kept going and enjoyed it for a while, but Episode 8 was really awful. [[SPOILER]]
This is why you are a crazy person. We don't have one and almost never have. And that includes within an individual administration.
What do you mean?
So this is the ask for book recommendations vaguely connected to the region, can anyone recommend a good English Language edition of Al-Faribi?
Yes. His having a large lead in the "victory will cause more-enjoyable head explosions" category makes for a tempting candidate but for the rest of him.But, as noted above, I can't imagine the conceit behind FP thinking they have a particular role to play in endorsing someone.
We had a family friend who went to FIT and specialized in designing stuff for middle aged women. I forget what he called it. It is definitely a market and attended to, but it is not high profile. Vogue doesn't do articles about the hot new designer for fatties and housewives but WWD might and the real trade mags certainly do. The industry knows who they are.
Not the same thing - other than similar looking texture -, but I had the LL Brisa made up DB and like it.
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