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If you can get a popular size, like 11s, three or four pairs. Maybe five. The current What the Lebrons? haven't done as well as prior versions since Nike released the run size this time. In the past, two pairs would have done it.
Why aren't you investing in sneakers? The new Nike What the Lebron? appreciated something like 200% on its first day post-release, and that was considered a poor performance.
Not that I am arguing, but . . . "none other than Cristóbal Balenciaga lauded James as "not only the greatest American couturier, but the world's best and only dressmaker who has raised haute couture from an applied art form to a pure art form."" But Charles James was so consequential while he was alive and producing that [Cristóbal] Balenciaga actually gave him one of his greatest accolades, saying, ‘He’s not simply the greatest American couturier, he’s the greatest in...
Someone buy this watch: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Minerva-Pythagore-I-cal-48-ref-A481-RARE-LNIB-roman-dial-blue-steel-hand-vers-/281503397530 It is a sister model to the one I posted above. Different dial and strap; same case but polished finish; same movement.
.. [posted in wrong thread]
Thanks. I think they call it "Aviator" stitching. I also recall that they were the OEM for Minerva. I will ask if I can just send them the strap to duplicate and return.
Thank you. I plan on being in Rome this summer and while a return to Caraceni is on my list, I will try to stop in to Ripense.
Have you had any experience at Caraceni (Roma), Paul? I am curious as what you think of them and how they might compare to Ripense.
I need some advice on replacing a watch strap. I have a ridged and padded strap that is worn. It looks to be made by sewing over cord to create ridges on the edge and then lined to create a padded center. I have attached photos and I hope you can see the textile showing through where the leather is worn. The strap is OEM and French made, I believe, but could be Swiss. Pictures are below. Do you know who carries this kind of strap or where I could get it made? I asked...
58 Jordan gifs. Clickbait, but still worthwhile: http://sports.thatsboss.com/58-reasons-michael-jordan-is-the-best-ever Here is the no-ad version of my favorite: http://sports.thatsboss.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/mj55.gif I remember when this happened and thinking I had just seen the greatest athletic moment in sport ever.
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