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I am liking these HBD messages for Mimo and dittoing them
Why wouldn't Barenia be the first choice for all applications? In other words, when should you prefer bridle leather? Is it just color choices? Are there differences in durability?
Real buyer was a bad choice of words. I guess I meant whatever is the opposite of a Rolex collector or aficionado. I have no idea what are the statistics, but I would guess very few people have the DSSD as their only Rolex.
I have never handled one (a DSSD) but I imagine they are meant to appeal to Rolex collectors in particular rather than real buyers. No one needs one and, in fact, it is probably more of a PITA than it is useful for most people. But it is a cool watch that shows what Rolex can it's like a double helping of dessert for people who like Submariner sundaes.
I would say you guys are weird, but I have several versions of 1950s Omega Constellations. And three Speedmasters
This is fantastic!
I am a big fan of your Nakayas. I am tempted but I have found that I never really use my pens. I get excited with each purchase but they eventually find their way into drawers. Yours are beautiful enough to maybe just keep them dry. But then I wouldn't enjoy watching the color wear.
That's a nice looking belt. I am looking forward to mine!!
The law he was charged with bans "Gravity Knives", which were a kind of switchblade where the knife blade is deployed by gravity (you hold it upside down and release the catch and the blade pops out and locks). They were used for knife fighting (though had their origins with the Luftwaffe as escape knives), which is why a law was passed to ban them. The NYPD applies that old law to ordinary folding knives, presumably to pad arrest stats not because anyone is fighting...
I agree. Moreover, the idea that you can be arrested and face a pretty serious charge for carrying an ordinary pocket knife, in your pocket, is crazy. This seems like abuse - particularly since the charge is under an old law for a particular type of "attack" knife, which this knife is clearly not.
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