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This bothered me the first time. But not the second. Not sure why, but I think when the story was unfolding for the first time, characters acting stupidly was a distraction that took me out of the story. On the second viewing, I din't care.
I am going to quote myself in case anyone else has some thoughts on Prometheus and where the franchise is going with Covenant. It was probably discussed before, but if it was, I have forgotten.I was surprised by how much I like Prometheus on a second viewing.
This weekend, I re-watched Prometheus. It is actually a great movie the second time around as I was no longer bothered much by the stupid plot holes and instead was able to enjoy the sense of wonder and mystery at the possible origins of humanity, including the religious undertones, that the movie was going for. I wish the next installment was focused a bit more on that instead of turning towards a return to the SF horror genre that was original Alien's true genre.
Central Park, then. Literally, centrally located, with plenty to do right there and super easy subway access to everywhere else.Battery Park is o.k. for a couple of days as there are enough touristy things nearby for a short trip (plus enough food choices, etc.). But it is a more limited experience, good if you just want to to the stuff nearby or if you have business reasons to be there. But for plain tourist stuff for a longer period, Central Park location is ideal.
Where are the three? How long is your stay? Have you done a lot of tourist stuff in NYC already?
He was also introduced as a diversion in the first television season of Agents of SHIELD. Oh, wait . . . that's Marvel's Deathlok, not D.C.'s Cyborg. Where's that graphic that shows the parallel characters when you need it?
Thanks, Charlie. I really appreciate the response and the honest spirit in which it was given. I know how good is your work and customer service and have no doubt this will easily be made right. But your explanation provides small insights into how the product is made and that is always enjoyable. Best wishes on the remainder of the season and hope you then get some much earned rest.
I have consistently gotten great quality and great customer service from Equus and I am sure that this will turn out right. But, if Charlie doesn't mind addressing, I am curious how this product escaped the shop. Someone sewed it by hand and it is hard to imagine how the short back side wasn't noticed. It was, literally, right in front of his (or her) eyes. It is one thing for a hidden flaw to escape, since it is, by its nature, hidden. But this should have been...
Yep. Dr. Strange was great. Didn't love the attempts at humor, though. Fell flat and didn't really belong. Or were at least the wrong style. Stoner/trippy jokes would have been better.
I watched the first Episode of Arrow this season and that turned me off to all the CW superhero shows. I had watched all of Arrow, Flash and LoT until now, but the risk reward ratio seems too low. Arrow has a good stretch in the early middle and Flash and LoT were occasionally fun, but it got to the point where I would watch each time hoping it would be o.k. rather than expecting it would.
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