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There is some conflicting information on the Prestige Time website:This makes it seem like sometimes you get a manufacturer's warranty:But it links to the below, which seems to say that you do sometimes get a manufacturer's warranty, but you have to go through them and they send it through their authorized dealer original supplierBut this, which you get with VC from them, seems more promising:
I have these in cigar shell
That makes sense, though I don't recall hearing from H either. I might have gotten a mailing but I was used to getting a phone call.
Have you spoken to Peter since he moved? I have heard nothing. I assume that is because I am a small-timer.
Lol. I posted this with you in mind, thinking you would admit it was yours. I have a similar cut overcoat from Dege in a heavy navy Melton-like herringbone. I am glad Patrick will keep you as a customer though I find the l'Roubi stuff off putting. That, and I haven't heard from them since Peter Smith left.
lol just noticed that. fixed.
This is on my wrist today and I thought some of you might appreciate it. I hope the photo is clear enough.
Same. I like many of them but love none of them. Still if I decide to get a dress watch, I would certainly look at their offerings, though most likely in the vintage, non-round family. Maybe an ellipse or a cushion shape.
From http://www.h-huntsman.com/blog/introducing-the-british-warm-overcoatDo NOT look at the rest of their blog. It will give you a sad. Like watching someone jump of a bridge slowly.
Many of the ShoeMart seconds on the modified last are seconds of special makeups created for the Japanese market. I presume that is what they are showing you as it is not a stock model.
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