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I have head of this splitting, too. I haven't as much mohair experience as David by far but I have never had a problem either. I don't think the claim was about jobbers or the like. I think it was referring to older, 100% mohair. Everything I have is a mohair wool blend for that reason. With Cape Kid having the highest mohair content at 60% kid mohair.
You are right. And they get credit for the square movement (yes?). A little gaudy but there is certainly some effort. Details, please?
I've always wanted to like the Cellini line and there have always been models I like, including in this lineup. But it is hard to get past the fact that behind the nicely made dial and dress watch case is a sport watch movement finished to sport watch standards. The carpet doesn't really match the drapes.
That's going to look great. I like how you did the taper.
How fitted is she? I can imagine that looking really great or really not so great.
I took the 6 train this morning at around 9:15. Got on at 86th. How do you people ride that package of condensed misery every morning?
Lol. Needs more toilet.
What's MTC?
this is great
Salvatore Ambrosi made a pair of pents for me out of silk like that. If I gave them to you, you would have a suit.
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