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This is like the 10th time I have seen someone mention Gary Johnson in his thread. Who is that?
Neo is right. The movie is gorgeous, visually. It also has a great high-concept and could have been terrific.Birdman is also right. It is awful. The movie makes no sense. The plot is stupid and the characters are morons.What a tragedy. It's like seeing the genius kid from your 8th grade class, picking cigarette butts off the sidewalk to sell for meth money.
You are just grateful you don't have to eat the banh mi at Oberlin.
That was pretty good!! The future (present) parts were a little muddy (and, understandably, exposition heavy), but once the main story got moving in the 70s, it was a great movie.
I know, from speaking with other academics in her field that, at the time she moved to Harvard (from Penn), Warren was regarded by her peers as a lightweight, sub-par academic who was a well-liked teacher. It was also widely discussed that when she was hired at Harvard she was touting her Indian-ness as a qualification. Idle gossip or not, people said, then, that that is why she was hired. I remember this from that time, which is why I and everyone familiar with...
^ That reminds me - i will have to watch that at some point. It was so promising.
I am pretty sure that Wojt self-identifies as a gay man who has sex with women, so he can use that term.
Is there an origin story that explains how someone would find her attractive and she can fly?
Of course people will remember. It will be remembered as exactly what it was. A record breaking regular season that ended in disappointment. But the regular season is still a record-breaking achievement and as long as that record stands, it will be a meaningful achievement. After the record is broken, they will be the answer to the sports trivia question: What was the best NBA team to not win the championship that season?"
New Posts  All Forums: