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Please to explain
It's got Oprah!! Also Reese Witherspoon. And this kid plays Meg:
What? Is no one excited about teh casting announcements for A Wrinkle in Time?
I would send it to Cartier. That is not an easy movement to service and if you want to be assured of long term use (not to mention ability to resell), you are better off playing it safe. If the seller's watchmaker does anything sketchy, and even if he wrecks it immediately, you may not know until it is too late and there may be nothing you can do about it other than get your money back. Think of your one year seller warranty was basically insurance that the watch was...
^ Can you give me the two sentence summary of Ghost Rider and why he makes sense for SHIELD? I have no familiarity with the character, despite having read lots over the years.
I'm not sure what the question is. I have one, it is pretty much as posted in the other thread. It is very warm and bulky, so I wear it rarely. Basically, when I expect to be out in the cold for a while. Maybe once or twice a year. But its lots of fun and great for embarrassing your teenage daughters.
That would be the purpose. And also the neighborhood.
I suffered two attempted muggings in NY (and a successful one, too).One of the attempts was a gang initiation, I was told (by the cops, when going through mug shots). I assume he didn't get in.
Dirt Candy. Any good?
According to the Star Wars wiki, the Death Star's shielding was code-named "Smaug"
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