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I guess you didn't agree with the rest of my comment, huh?
^ Thanks for that. My connection dropped at that moment so while I had heard about Love's stop, I hadn't seen it live.
Having watched MJ and LBJ in their prime, two things come to mind. First, of all the "greatest ever' contenders, they are the most similar to each other. Other possibilities, like, e.g., Magic or Wilt, are completely different players. That makes comparing them so interesting and tough. The other thing is that the differences are tiny and largely come down to personality. MJ was an aggressive killer, whose personality was as much a part of his game as his physicality....
^yep. Because they had the same number of wins and also the last win of the season.
A Rolex that is neither burdened by a clumsy date counter nor marred by a festering glass boil on its face is a beautiful Rolex indeed. Congratulations. Nice size, as well.
If Curry is not suspended, with pretty clear evidence that he threw something at a fan, it will, obviously, be because the league wants to ensure a competitive game for game 7. That will make it hard to not also believe that refs throw calls in order to increase ratings - a charge often made and as frequently denied.
One reason that would a silly claim to make is that the US has not always been a consistent ally, let a lone a strong ally of Israel. The current close relationship began in the 70s (after the Yom Kippur war in 1973). previously, the US's approach to Israel ranged from mildly hostile to mildly friendly. It is very easy to mistake the present for the always. Unless you want to try to map US support for Israel onto some sort of grid that measures just how capitalist is...
This thread has closed its eyes to think of AGJIFFY. For that he deserves a salute. Salud
Preacher on AMC has been great. Go watch it.
That's pretty cool. My first cousin was adopted and doesn't really know much about his natural family. I should ask him if he's ever done this.I know that for some, trying to locate or meet your birth parents has all sorts of issues wrapped up in it, but this seems like a less emotionally loaded way of finding out some interesting stuff about yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: