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Yes. Luke, who we know is powerful in the force called out to her. We didn't need to know anything else.Yes. It was explicit exposition. They told us.I TFA we know Rey is somehow force sensitive because of the musical cue in the fight scene at the end, but it is never explained, nor does the movie explain how, earlier, she just knew how to do Jedi mind tricks or use telekenesis to steal a lightsaber from another powerful force user.
JR. Can you give me simple, easy to follow directions on how to get the de-specialized editions. Preferably with short words. I have tried reading them on various websites, but I've got arthritis. Ain't nobody got time for that.
There is a difference between a cliffhanger and something that doesn't make sense without further explanation in a future movie.
I have a friend who ordered a suit and I went to one of the fittings. It does exist. The overall silhouette was classic SR and while I recall that it took them some fittings to get right (which is what they are for), he said it came out well in the end.
While some of his comments were sensible, he too often fell back on "it is a setup for the next movie" or "it will be explained later". That is not an explanation. Rather, it is an acknowledgment that this movie is not a good piece of self-contained storytelling. I know this is now a franchise and we are supposed to buy ticket after ticket, but that does not make for a satisfying experience. As a whole, I liked the movie and most of the things in the Huffington Post...
Even cooler is that it kept its momentum while frozen and then, as soon as it was released, it continued with no loss of energy. That was kind of awesome.
More or less. It fit well with the SW universe. It is also nice that they showed it struggling, clumsily, to get down the stairs inside Moz's castle. Of course they didn't show it going up the stairs into Moz's castle, which was precisely the point I was wondering about when they started to go inside (in fact, they cut away from BB8 at the very moment the characters approached the steps- something I was wondering about how they would handle). But it was not nearly as...
Thos. Moser does a ten-foot version of their trestle table. Their Readers Table (like an old-fashioned library table) is even larger. I didn't check but some of their other designs might be in that size range, too. In any event, I am sure they will make their other designs in the size you want or modify a design to your specs. I found them very easy to work with.
So tell me some really cool things about the plot or design or details of this movie. I kind of liked the goofy metal clad square headed beasts. But give me some more good details. Especially plot details.
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