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Not Hemlock Grove
Correct. I contacted them and got no interest.
60th and Fifth. I don't think I've ever been to Monsey.
I am sorry my holey hat wasn't able to join you. I was further away than I had thought.
He looks awful - as in awful form and out of control and off balance all the time.
The truth is out there.I think I posted on the twitter forum some samples of what I had seen of the remaining originals.I have also seen some new stuff, including the very lightweight tweeds, which look interesting. I have the samples but not looked at them too closely yet. Not sure if those are woven by Johnstons like the new heavy tweeds. I think they are about to release the new books - or just have.
I have one of the old Hunters stock 21oz tweeds being made up right now. some is still available. The new stuff, made by Johnstons, is different and some very interesting lightweight ones. I think their new books are coming
I see I am the only one here who cares about the furry invasion. I take it none of you have been assaulted by Strawberry Shortcake.
My car still lives there. I visit it a lot in the summer.And yay! Someone is finally going after the furries in Times Square. I am ok, though, with the naked girls in body paint. They are indigenous.
I have a summer suit from the dark green (olive/black) finnemeresco from Paul Winston.
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