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Re 2. My comment was specific enough as you understood the argument completely - as you say, there is nothing in the text to indicate God is talking about anyone other than Jeremiah. Here is the full text:God is talking to Jeremiah about Jeremiah and cannot possibly be talking abut anyone else. This is not Moses saying "would that all the people were prophets" (or something like that) when Eldad and Medad were prophesying in the camp, although that would be a neat bit of...
Only if Jeremiah was aborted. Otherwise it is just sloppy reading and reasoning.
I liked the silent episode better. Nicely creepy.
Thanks. These are the two winners for my interests. The first is good for category 2 - legible all rounder. OK in gold or steel. The chrono is also great (I don't have any interest in the more complex chronos), but, wow - not cheap.
Quoting and responding to my own post, just because.1 - the gold standard for me is that Vacheron ultra thin posted above, in white gold. Does Patek have anything as nice?2. This is an open category and maybe Patek has something that I haven't thought of. Lots of room in this category - hard to beat a simple Explorer or Datejust but I wouldn't be surprised if Patek has a nice, legible solid time only that I haven't thought of.3. Like the above, Rolex seems to be the best...
I can't think of any Patek that I really want, although I admit I haven't tried very hard and my tastes are more circumscribed than most here. So show me them. Here is what I am interested in: 1. Elegant dress watch - good for more formal suits. o.k. with black tie if white gold. 2. All-rounder - very legible, all purpose watch. Should not be super delicate. OK with casual clothes and with suits, even if not perfect if trying to be dressed up. Not interested in...
Patrimony extra plate? I think I posted the white gold version of this, maybe a little newer, in the first page or two of the original thread as the best looking dress watch ever. It is certainly my favorite. The high point of this watch was around 2000 or so. I don't like the current version nearly as much a they changed the hands and markers. The stick hands and markers, with applied cross and thin, straight lugs are perfect (the lugs I am thinking of are just a...
I assume this will be mandatory viewing as part of freshmen orientation.
^^^ Still . . . that is better than plodding along with grandpa Warren.
meh. After a year, all I've got is 13%. Buffet is all washed up.
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