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^Did you see him? Did he bring my stuff?
Because the chance that someone willing to pay $3,500 for this event being told "there is no room" or "you are not a real collector" is less than zero. If you have a pulse and check and are willing to give them the marketing information that they requested, you will be "admitted."
^ You are kidding, right?
Neat. Will that be made like a regular coat (on the inside) or more like a shirt? Or something in between?
Man, the market gyrations are killing me. My August BRK share is barely up more than 1%. FML. How do you guys take it?
Anyone have any thoughts as to why Berkshire has recently taken a large stake in Phillips 66 (the oil refiner spun out of Conoco Phillips a year or two ago)? You may recall that Berkshire had, about five years ago, sold off its stake in Conoco.
Thanks. I have made a donation to a local taxi company in your name.
My wife was knocked down by a bicyclist last night. He was traveling against traffic and hit her from behind running a light. She didn't have any serious injuries but was shaken up. I asked if it was a messenger or delivery guy. "No, hipster."
^ That's a stock promo photo, but with two young daughters, I like to think of it as a current one.
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