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They'll fix the hands eventually, no? It isn't like sundial placement that can't really be adjusted for the larger case.
They have converted one of the fields on Riverside Drive into a pen to hold the people they caught driving last night.
Why aren't you keeping the Explorer? Which one is it, BTW?
Have you met my MIL? You can do it.
I left my snowshoes at MIL, five blocks away. Should I get them? Might be fun for the kids to play with, but not if we get less than two feet
That's just ignorance, speaking:
Yep. Fairway was inaccessible yesterday.
First eliminated was best choice (IMO). Rhodium dial is the nicer of the two remaining because of the numerals, but both are too cluttered and crowded. NVM - I see you did choose the better option in the end.
I am wearing one of the last family-owned era Minerva watches today. I believe the Minerva factory become the watchworks for Mont Blanc.
New Posts  All Forums: