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This turned out great.
I think this would go a long way to make sure that this thread is a safe space for everyone.
I know you were deliberately referencing this, but for all those kiddies out there, this what he meant:https://vimeo.com/61499874
Princeton Law, with Conne.
Here you go: Ikea. About $900. Can be figured in a number of ways. As detailed somewhere in this thread or somewhere else on SF, we went show-room hopping for about four months and finally my wife just called Ikea and ordered over the phone. That was about six or seven years ago. It has held up fine. Ours is not the exact model shown above and I couldn't find ours, but they are similar. Once I got over the initial shame, I have not looked back and would buy from...
Taking bets now on how long until the release of the first cookbook that specifies specific knife bevels in each recipe.
Which is the best edge for cutting a carrot or potato?What would be really useful would be a photo-essay showing, in close-up, the difference between vegetables cut with a single bevel edge, flat edge or convex edge.
My teen-age daughter wears the Belgian Shoes branded ones and has worn the same pair for at least four years. It has been re-soled several times, but has held up very well. That says nothing to you about the choice of style, but I am impressed with the quality.
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