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I can't recall if I posted this before but I did get around to watching B v. S . That was unbelievably awful.
Chronographs are pretty useful. Frankly, so the rotating bezel on a dive watch and that isn't even a complication. I think I use the latter more. but that is because I don't often find myself needing to time sub-minute intervals. But if i did, the chronograph would be better. But for, say, needing to time 12 minutes, or two and half hours, or the like, I prefer the big bezel to subdials.
An American who is considering tasseled loafers should be getting the Alden cordovan models - Either Brooks or regular. Otherwise, over the wall with you.
Episode 2 is even better.
Saw Ep. 1 of Luke Cage. Not great so far, but also very easy to like.
You know what has been well received, surprisingly? The Black Swan.
HA! Excellent idea. I have it at home, too.
Interesting. At my office, the machine is set up to pull an extra long Lungo, which is ok, though I also double up on that (but use two capsules).As Woody Allen says, whatever works.
I ordered one sleeve of the new Brasil. Did not get the Cuban. My habits have converged on the Envivo lungo and the Arpeggio, Indriya, Rosbaya and Dulsao de Brasi, depending on what I feel like and time of day.
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