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General point, not directed at and particular post ^ It is a big mistake to think all people think like you or should. I have no idea what everyone wants from Styleforvm or what they get out of it. I am certainly not going to be offended if some people like to post pictures of themselves and things they own or if some people do not. Nor do I care if someone says they live in a 500,000 sf apartment and they really don't. Or if the say they do and they do. Or if they...
This gave rise to an interesting experiment. As soon as I saw your pics, but without paying any attention, I thought to myself - I will look at them and see which ones I would want to own myself.So here is the result. I assumed that I could have any or all of the ones I wanted for free but could not sell them, so taking value out of the equation entirely, and that by ownership, I have to actually want to wear them with some frequency. With those conditions in mind, I...
Small movements in big cases bother me because it seems like a break-down in integrated design. Rather, the manufacturer looks like it is treating its products like a parts assembly - case from bin A, movement from bin B dial from bin C, etc. It also bothers me that the case doesn't represent what is inside - it is like getting a giant gift box with a tiny present. The case exists to house the movement, not to house air, spacers and a movement. If manufacturers are...
Why do you need a 31 day counter? Especially one that doesn't start at zero. It is otherwise quite beautiful.
I am wearing a 34mm today. This one:
We schedule them, at a minimum, around the Tournament of Champions squash matches staged in Grand Central. The Tournament is in January, but not sure of the venue for next year as rumor has it that Grand Central has permanently let out portions of Vanderbilt Hall for another food court.BTW, your Swiss compatriot, Nicolas Mueller did very well this year, nearly winning a match against the eventual champion.
I had those, too. And because I went to religious schools, mine was good on Sunday, also. They were color coded by month.My daughters have them as well - one is good on Sunday and one is not. Theirs are good for the whole semester, so there must be a good business trafficking in "lost" metrocards. I know the school keeps a log of them, so maybe "lost" ones are disabled remotely when the student is issued a new one.
If you are willing to go RTW and don't mind doing without #menswear styling, Filson makes a nice Safari jacket/shirt in cotton that holds up very well to heavy use. Edit: I checked the Filson site to find a photo, but with no success. Perhaps it is no longer made. I bought mine at Orvis.
The sled runs are in great shape. Yay!! To my surprise the parks department hadn't put out the hay bales yet. They should be out tomorrow, I bet.
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