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I thought you married Dipika Pallikal.
It is awful, nonetheless.
I don't think so. Nothing privilege-ey is being done to the information. Calling something privileged is short-hand for saying the thing is in the category of things that have a certain privilege and are treated differently. It is the nature of the information that is being described.
I assume they still use English at Chicago. That sounds like something he picked up at Brown.
People who use nouns as verbs have a special place in hell.
So . . . have you ever visited with Caraceni in Rome, @SeamasterLux ? I have been a few times and really liked them, but I have never been to Ripense. I would love to see a comparison from someone who has been to both, even if you didn't order anything from Caraceni.
This thread is no longer a safe space for me. Too much unchecked privilege that has created a hostile environment. I am a little bit disappointed, maybe even disgusted, that no one else has been willing to speak out and protect the vulnerable.
next time, please trigger warning this.
You used a lot of potentially triggering terms in the above post. Please be a little more careful with your language and content as we are trying to make this thread a safe space for everyone. Thank you.
TRIGGER WARNING - Tangent to Tangent, Rape Culture, Ikea. [[SPOILER]]
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