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That VC is gorgeous.
You only say that because you are a fascist
For reference, here is the definition of pretentious provided by our crank:It would be useful for Lawrence of Arabia to set out the precise amount of importance, talent, and culture that iammatt affects in comparison to the amount he actually has, so that we can asses the amount of his pretentiousness.And please show your work. "16/7" is not an answer.
I lived many years before knowing that I needed a deerstalker. Same with an Inverness Cape. They are now indispensable.
Not sure if you guys have been following this, but with the playoff distractions finally over for the Knicks this season, MSG has been able to turn their attention to bringing back Isaiah. Yes, that's right. The Smile will be bringing his smooth moves and sexual harassment skills back to the Garden where he will be in charge of the NY Liberty (the NY Liberty is a team of women who play basketball for money).
Damn. i would have loved to. I just booked that time slot about three hours ago and not at a location close enough to even meet up afterwards.
I am waiting for the 70% off GOB sale
Obviously . . . it depends. I went last year with my older daughter and loved it, but we were unprepared and wore out. My wife is there now with my younger daughter, but was better prepared with picnic lunch, water, etc. It is huge and can be tiring. On the other hand, you can take a break for an hour and sit on the lawn and listen to live music.As for the quality, the work is all over the place. We saw stuff last year that my daughter was specifically interested in ...
Something that doesn't suck about NY: FriezeNY
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