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I have a pair of dark brown suede wholecut Norwegians and find them very versatile. I would think that would be true for loafers as well.
I will say that Luigi, despite having flaked out for a few years, has handled himself with grace and professionalism. And his cut is really good.
When I placed these orders (I think I did them in two bunches), Ambrosi was doing the trousers. I got the trousers for this suit long, long ago, but not the suitcoat. Fortunately, it is a super lightweight tropical and I got plenty of wear out of the trousers so the long delay has been only an annoyance rather than anything else. I haven't spent any time with this item yet, but I have high hopes as the other things Luigi has made for me are among my favorites.You have...
Saw Luigi today and got my suitcoat. It has taken a while -- this was the last of three suits and one sportcoat ordered many, many, many years ago, the rest of which were all made and delivered on a normal schedule. It also looks great. He is travelling with Luca Avitabile and they say they are on a four times a year schedule.
Wholefoods has countersued for defamation. Turns out they have security camera feeds from the store that demonstrates the guy is lying - there was a price sticker/UPC code on the top of the box at checkout. In his photo of the box, which he claims is still sealed, the sticker is on the side. Also, the wholefoods person who made the cake is gay and says the pastor is lying.
That's pretty cool. One thing that I realized is that the supply of great tweeds is pretty much infinite so there is no real reason to stockpile. But I would probably make that up now before anything else I own, except maybe a greenish/brown Harris tweed herringbone or maybe this one: http://www.lesouk.co/material/wool-carrol-sandwood-tweed-6870#
I am sympathetic to much of what you write about regretting purchases, but the LL Gun Club is one of my most used sport coats.
How do you think I felt when a "regular" person was cast for Gimili?
Has no one ever heard or seen WIlt? Seriously. Edit: Here's a start: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/130817-greatness-revisited-why-wilt-chamberlain-is-the-greatest-nba-player-ever
There are really two approaches that make sense: The first is the Harry Potter approach, where you have one person in charge of the entire story, and she has a vision for the broad plot outlines and how everything fits together. The final story may not be identical to the original plan, and the universe and characters may evolve over time in a way that takes them from where they were when the story started being told, but everything hangs together because there is a...
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