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The trailer provides new hope that the shitiness of the prequels is behind us.
They were introduced in The Phantom Menace - the scene where Jar Jar is in the bathroom in with a magazine and comes out with a tissue full of midi-chlorians.
If I could I would
There is no end to beautiful tweeds
For those of you who care,real Latakia tobacco was made in Latakia Syria and is no longer available. Not because of the war but a few years prior due to deforestation. There were two big supplies one if which was destroyed in a warehouse fire. The other is fairly large and blends using it are still available. Cyprus also make Latakia tobacco and it is currently and readily available. The smell and smoke of the two are different and some blenders use both. Three Oaks...
^ Love that. There is a great story in the Johnston's Estate Tweeds book about how some estate tweeds were designed. This reminds me of that.
Well that was quick.
Probably 30 or 40 or more years ago. Both parents have passed away. Father was in foreign service and they lived in Japan for a while but I think this was in a house they kept in pennsylvania area. The sense I got was that the arrangement I described was not special to them but just how Nakashima worked with some customers.
I have posted this many times but since the thread moves on, I will say it again. I have friends with a house full of Nakashima. Maybe a dozen pieces in the public rooms I have seen. No idea what is in the back rooms. They all get used all the time. Benches, a desk, end tables, coffee tables dining room table, chairs. Nothing non-functional about them at all. My friend's parents had a subscription with him and, as I understand it, they sent him money every month or a...
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