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^That does a great job of ruining every single character it touched. Make it go away.
^ Vermin is the man.
There's a Holiday Inn in NYC?That shouldn't be such a surprise as there is a Day's Inn on the Upper West Side.
^lol. I was about to rent that from redbox yesterday and decided to check reviews while I was standing at the kiosk. Decided to pass.
I think this is precisely backwards. It was a repudiation of a strong DNC that was able to strong-arm the field and clear the decks to ensure no competition for a favored candidate, despite that candidate being very weak and compromised. Sanders, the only challenger to the DNC choice was an outsider and exposed just how poor that choice was. In the end, despite being presented with a pretty awful Republican nominee, the voters did not turn out in strength for the DNC's...
That isn't what I was saying at all. I wasn't talking about voting - that is just a choice and makes perfect sense that many bernie people will vote for Hillary. I was talking about signalling who you are voting for to your friends as a way of showing how cool you are. It was very popular to be a Bernie supporter in some of my circles, right up until the end and also maybe even more important to tell everyone than to actually vote. No one, not even the fat, middle-aged...
It has been interesting to see how Clinton has gone, in the last two weeks, from being a POS that is better than the other POS to something positive. I can't prove it, but I don't think xkcd would have done that cartoon two months ago. That is a good example of how marketing and group behavior works. And identifying as a Hillary supporter has, at least by my observation, become almost as "cool" as being a Bernie supporter. The other weird trend is how many people I know,...
One of my colleagues just took his son to see a naturpath and has found it encouraging.
^^ Really excited to hear that. Dr. Strange was one of my favorite characters when I was a kid. I never kept up with it when I stayed with comics as an adult, so, in this case revisiting will be pure nostalgia.
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