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^^^ I've read that. I don't believe it but am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they retconn some sense into it.
This was great. I am pretty glad I went back to it.My only complaint is that the upside down world didn't feel like it had a rich backstory and the baddies didn't seem interesting or fully realized.Also, what was the idea with the spying? Was it that they originally thought the upside down world was just a trick that would allow them to eavesdrop, not realizing it was a world populated by monsters. And why is Eleven's version a big empty space where everyone else goes...
I went to Brooklyn yesterday evening. By subway. Took the whole family. We even rode on the L train, but that was a bit bogus since we only rode it in Manhattan to pick up the A train.
Thanks. I have great affection for mine as it has been through, and taken me through, a lot. It is also the easiest watch to wear as, I never, ever worry about reliability. No mechanical watch, no matter how tough the case, is as trustworthy.
I've had mine since 1987. As I like to say, the only thing original about it is the case and bracelet as it has been serviced so many times. I wear it more than any other watch, by a large margin. In fact, I am hoping my daughter will want it so I can finally make room for something else.Enjoy yours.Edit: Oh . . . . mine is different. The crown on mine is in the normal spot, not off center like on yours.
Tell me what you didn't like about mine, DWW? It seems like you should just copy them as they are more or less what you are describing.
I need to finish Stranger Things S01. I only say a couple of episodes. Maybe three.
This bothered me the first time. But not the second. Not sure why, but I think when the story was unfolding for the first time, characters acting stupidly was a distraction that took me out of the story. On the second viewing, I din't care.
I am going to quote myself in case anyone else has some thoughts on Prometheus and where the franchise is going with Covenant. It was probably discussed before, but if it was, I have forgotten.I was surprised by how much I like Prometheus on a second viewing.
This weekend, I re-watched Prometheus. It is actually a great movie the second time around as I was no longer bothered much by the stupid plot holes and instead was able to enjoy the sense of wonder and mystery at the possible origins of humanity, including the religious undertones, that the movie was going for. I wish the next installment was focused a bit more on that instead of turning towards a return to the SF horror genre that was original Alien's true genre.
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