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Why do you need a 31 day counter? Especially one that doesn't start at zero. It is otherwise quite beautiful.
I am wearing a 34mm today. This one:
We schedule them, at a minimum, around the Tournament of Champions squash matches staged in Grand Central. The Tournament is in January, but not sure of the venue for next year as rumor has it that Grand Central has permanently let out portions of Vanderbilt Hall for another food court.BTW, your Swiss compatriot, Nicolas Mueller did very well this year, nearly winning a match against the eventual champion.
I had those, too. And because I went to religious schools, mine was good on Sunday, also. They were color coded by month.My daughters have them as well - one is good on Sunday and one is not. Theirs are good for the whole semester, so there must be a good business trafficking in "lost" metrocards. I know the school keeps a log of them, so maybe "lost" ones are disabled remotely when the student is issued a new one.
If you are willing to go RTW and don't mind doing without #menswear styling, Filson makes a nice Safari jacket/shirt in cotton that holds up very well to heavy use. Edit: I checked the Filson site to find a photo, but with no success. Perhaps it is no longer made. I bought mine at Orvis.
The sled runs are in great shape. Yay!! To my surprise the parks department hadn't put out the hay bales yet. They should be out tomorrow, I bet.
They'll fix the hands eventually, no? It isn't like sundial placement that can't really be adjusted for the larger case.
They have converted one of the fields on Riverside Drive into a pen to hold the people they caught driving last night.
Why aren't you keeping the Explorer? Which one is it, BTW?
Have you met my MIL? You can do it.
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