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i am not sure if that is a response to me, but if is, it doesn't answer what I asked.
Have you seen it worn (as opposed to a swatch or a photo)?
Ok. I don't much care for the bond version. It looks better on Connery than it will on me.
@jrd617 2.5m for me if you keep the scale and broken bone
You get to sell a few more tickets since you have playoff games and you don't feel so terrible for having traded away lottery picks.
This is very nice. I would love that.
Stop it
Your watch dates from an era when Heuer was very strict about making sports watches - I am not going to check but they used to have a set of defining principles and features that every one of their watches had to follow. Something like the seven rules or five principles etc. Maybe someone else will hunt for them. (I found them - it is pretty basic stuff; the main thing was that it ensured a consistent feature set). My BIL has one that is more modern, but still at least...
Send it to tag and let them work it over for you. I have had that model watch since 1985/86 or so. It is a tank and has been through a lot. It has been serviced so many times that there is nothing original to it but the case and the bracelet. When they replaced the dial, they sent back the old one and I was impressed by how thick and solid it is. You will be pleased. I think they no longer stock the movements and since you don't know how long they will still have dials...
Who makes the super high mohair content cloth you used (90%)? I have never seen it, though I also never have looked. Have you used cape kid? From what I can tell, it is your kind of cloth. Very lightweight, very slick and shiny )but also dry looking) and has a very fine feel. I should get another one.
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