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A look back at our future: http://www.city-journal.org/2013/bc1107ma.html
Nice pipe
I don't mean to discourage you. They can do some good work and they fix stuff when they make a mistake (happily, in my experience). But stitching quality is not the same as the original if that is what you want.
Vacheron holds pride of place for me for having made the best looking dress watch ever (and it is nicer version of what Nomos does than Nomos does).
I was thinking more of the seasonal black tie social events. I have been seeing fewer of those (but as poorsod notes, that doesn't mean there are fewer of them, only that I am invited to fewer). I was at a social holiday party tonight, for example, and while there were many women in glittery, slinky party dresses, I was one of the few men in a tie and one of maybe two in a suit. While this one was not, in my memory, black tie, a few years ago suits would have been the...
You are probably right so I have to blame my declining social relevance.
I've been wearing this a lot lately. p.s. Someone explain to me how you get those good watch pictures on an iphone.
Probably a sign of the times as well as my increasing social irrelevance, but the black tie list is much thinner this season.
So . . . after much discussion with Omega, they will not refinish the dial or repair the watch without replacing the dial. Nor will they replace the dial but return the original one to me (since it has tritium on it). So the watch is being sent back to me untouched.Some of you suggested alternative places to work on it and i will look into those. Thanks.
No buttons on mine but there are silk ribbons inside to tie it closed. They function like the jigger button on a DB coat. You still need the belt to keep it neat, but even without the belt it won't hang completely open.
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