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Have an unlined (really partially lined) suit from Cape Kid - that wears very cool. It is pretty lightweight and I think the books are online. If you don't mind mohair than that would be great. Really superbly comfortable. The other lightweight cool suits I have are frescos and crispier, which you seem uninterested in, and a 9oz tropical wool, book unknown.
Journalese for "my notes are garbled, here."
It is just like attending an American University.
How did they work? Was it just a nude taped to the inside of the lens? lol - here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-Ray_Specs_(novelty) Is that what yours were?
Didn't even know digital was a thing
I know I bought sea monkeys but not from the comics. You could get them from the local candy store, too. The box said they were brine shrimp but that didn't dash the hope. I think I got the colored rock crystals there, too. Man did I dream about those x-ray specs. Never got them, though.
You guys still read comics? Do you mind my asking how? I haven't read anything new in many years, except when occasionally in a Barnes & Noble and I look at the GN section. Do you buy monthlies (I assume that still exists)? Wait for collections in bound form? I used to have a few subscriptions. Does that still exist?
I have a belt made of Annonay calf. My untrained eye cannot discern anything especially extraordinary about it, but it has held my pants up when buckled so I have no complaints. I would certainly consider another. I happen to be wearing the belt today - it is one of the grained Annonays made by Equus.
Bump. Or should I give up until after the powerball?
I hit 19 today.
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