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Congrats. I have always been a fan of her.
He doesn't talk about himself in the third person. He talks about his Reevsie, which is something totally different. Maybe he even talks to his Reevsie. And In more intimate moments, it might talk back at him.
Did you get that, roger? It is a great watch and, I think, underrated. The day counter is a deal-killer for me, but I understand that others don't feel that way.
I see how that ad would make the watch attractive to those who like to keep their watches in a full bathtub. Otherwise, I am missing the appeal.
I thought Mola Pola was your high point. In any event, you were pretty good as an art critic, too.
I will know for sure after I hear from them again, but I am pretty sure they only keep the dial if they replace it. In other words if they don't replace a tritium dial then they return it to you with with the watch but if they do replace it, then they keep the old one. That is very clear from what the service person in NY actually said to me, but I don't know that she was focused on that distinction so I won't swear it is their policy.
Omega returns all parts. The one exception is the dial IF it has tritium. They say they aren't allowed to.I have several experiences with Omega service and they have all been excellent - each exceeded my expectations. They are pricey though.That is not to say I won't give one of the independents a try. I will probably start with an old Heur Autavia I would like to get back into tip top shape. And I do have another 321.I do appreciate the suggestion.And if I am not...
Just ordered two pair of tweed trousers. A heavyweight from Molloy and a fake donegal from Cacciapoli.
I think so. There are other differences, too, like the "step" by the minutes hashmarks on the outer ring.
Now you tell me. It is already in Switzerland!
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