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What is wrong with that? It is a perfectly conventional summer suit color.
Yep. This is right, but given that he is trying this out and he is mostly going to be working the online crowd, saving some money is not a terrible idea. He can trade up if this turns out to be more successful and a recurring thing.
heh heh heh. bueno. excellente.
I used palm sugar to make a great punch on NYE.
Not the first thing I gravitate towards, but yellow gold is fine.I don't have any on a bracelet, but there are some I like. I especially like integrated thin gold bracelets on dressier watches like the old PP Ellipses.
So Dolan is now telling New Yorkers to be Nets fans. Article in today's WSJ reports about a fan email to DOlan that Dolan actually responded to.
I didn't see much discussion on this, but last week, the Nets beat the Knicks in a game with playoff implications. Since the Nets are now 3-0 against the Knicks, they have clinched the regular season four-game series. That means in the event the Knicks and Nets are tied for the last playoff spot in the East, the Nets automatically get the berth.
Both are nice but I greatly prefer the Patek on aesthetic grounds (I don't know anything about the movements). But I recall Dino mentioning issues with the sturdiness of the Patek lugs on that model.In general, Roman numeral dials don't appeal to me because they can seem crowded and clumsy - the Calatrava is an example of one done beautifully that I really like. It is cleaner than the Lange which is more cluttered with the minute track and the stepped dial.One thing I...
hmm. I thought I liked IWCs, but seeing all of them laid out like that, I am mostly unmoved. The Explorer from the first set is likely sufficient. Maybe your XC just so I have a strap instead of a bracelet, but, frankly, I prefer it on a bracelet. I have some speedies, but if I didn't. I'd take yours. In any event, I had my fill before we got to this batch so it is hard to do any more shopping in your watch case. . . . unless there is another batch coming.
Yep. I must have meant the sea dweller. Whichever had no bubble over the day counter.As for the new batch, I think I would take all of them except for the round JLCs with day counter window.I especially like the black Minerva TZ cal. 49 as it is a companion to my white-dialed one.
New Posts  All Forums: