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See inside
That could have been a good movie, too, but wasn't the movie that was made. [[SPOILER]]
I disagree. This is easily the best CBM movie to date that I have seen and I have no complaints. But after the glow wore off, I realized that the villain was a relative weak point. [[SPOILER]]
Yes. But I couldn't from my phone. [[SPOILER]]
I am sure he meant the latter. Can't explain without spoiler tags.
Just saw Logan. That was, far and away the best CBM I have seen. And better acting than a CBM has a right to.
In honor of this thread I watched Days of Future Past again last night. It is still pretty good.
^I'm looking forward to Logan. I think I've seen most of the X-men films and they were all over the place. I haven't seen Age of Apocalypse. Is that worth bothering with?
Do any of the Vass shoes fit like the Modified last? Banana, maybe? P2?
Now that is a date function!
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