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Finished Jessica Jones.I really liked it. In fact, I think I liked it better than DD.S2 Definitely better than DD.S1.
I've got a really good seat on the Knicks bandwagon.
Yes, but:I assume that, better than anything else, the healthy-at-any-size spaceship mechanic has a positive body image delivers her lines with real moxie.
I am in the middle of 9 - [[SPOILER]]
I have kept at it and it seems to be getting better, albeit more painful to watch. Impressive "television" I think I like it better than Daredevil S.2, primarily because i like the mystery/thriller aspect of JJ
He didn't like to talk about practice
So . . . I have begun watching Jessica Jones and am four or five episodes in. I like that it is done as more of a noir thriller and mystery than CBM franchise-style. The last episode i saw was pretty weak, plot-wise, though -- [[SPOILER]] -- so there is a risk the rest of the way is downhill.
How long was that table top drying before you cut and planed it?
Hard to imagine that not being great
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