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^ Yeah. I bought a share yesterday. As I posted, I am happy to let Buffett, Combs and Wechsler figure out how to put cash to work when there are major market dislocations. Even with the size they have to deal with, they are much better at it than am I. I didn't get it at the daily low, I don't think, but it was a few thousand dollars off from where it is now.
This market is killing me. My August BRK share is up 3% but it was up 3% yesterday after I bought it so my daily return has been cut in half. FML.
IKR? 4%!!!!!meanwhile, my one lonely up stock remained up for the day. I have no idea why.
This morning's Berkshire share is still up! Woo hoo!
This doesn't mean anything, but I have one stock that is up for the day. A couple of hours ago, there were two. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why this one is up.
Bought a share of BRK. I think Buffett/Combs/Wechsler can find better opportunities with prices and stresses at these levels than can I.
This sentence (or sentences) means itself and its opposite. Punctuation.
The Wolverine would go very well with a flannel shirt, a shaved/quiff haircut and a fat girlfriend.
The Wolverine No. 8 is not shell cordovan. It is Horween chromexcell tanned to have the color of their cordovan shell no. 8. I know this only because I was curious and looked at the Wolverine website. Chromexcell is a good, rugged leather, but it is not shell cordovan. As for which boot is better, I have no idea.
oh. I didn't know he was doing that.
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