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I am sure I mentioned this before, but we have friends who have a house full of Nakashima. It is inherited and only part of what the woman's parents had. The woman is in her 60s, and as she explained it her parents had some sort of subscription and they paid Nakashima a certain sum every month and he would just make and send them furniture. This went on for years. I also don't think it was supposed to be that unusual of an arrangement with him. That may be how he...
théâtre vérité
I am not sure whether they are real or not, so unless you are planning to flip them for resale, why does it matter? They have a Thom Browne style ribbon visible in the back, so people will think they you wearing Thom Browne branded shoes, whether they are real or not.
Must be that kind of week. The guy run over on 62nd and Broadway was a friend of ours. My wife told me they may be ready to pull life support.
Name your can. I'll check what else I have in abundance for trade.
Can I have some? I'll trade you for some of the new Peru Secreto. I haven't tried the Monsoon Malabar.
I never heard of this place, but my mother-in-law took my daughter there two weeks ago to buy fabric. My daughter bought a Liberty print and made a sundress. It was kind of a cool process - she researched patterns on the internet. Then, like a bespoke tailor, she drew them on paper (also bought at Mood), made a muslin fitting for herself and then sewed the dress. The muslin fitting was interesting as, in addition to the fit, she realized she designed the armholes...
Here you go, space watch guys. And what a cool video.
I am wearing a TAG that was given to me about 27 years ago. It has been through quite a bit and, I am pretty sure that by now, the only thing really original to it is the case and bracelet. I have nothing bad to say about it and plenty good. Not my pic, but it is this model:
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