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You can make an argument for the cackling thing that hung out with Jabba being o.k. But the orcs were terrible and in some cases, you can see the gloves flex where they are poorly fitted to show the hand underneath. It was awful. And saying they used the standards of the time is only partly true. Yoda in ESB shows what could be done at that time with enough effort and money. They didn't put the effort into the puppets and costumes at Jabba's palace, not because they...
I got a little over a third of the way through despecialized ROTJ and it is a mixed bag. The puppet show of Jabba's palace is ridiculous and not remotely credible. I know how much it would have cost, but if they couldn't put the effort into all the puppetry that was done to make Yoda believable in ESB than they should have just used human characters. I found the bad costumes and crude prosthetics very distracting. And I haven't gotten to the ewoks yet. It is a petty...
This "official" documentary/trailer partially explains the point of the despecialized versions and goes into non-technical detail on the various sources used and how they were spliced together:
Maybe I am not that critical or perhaps the version I saw is better - I know there have been multiple re-tries and fixes, but I only noticed one odd shift in ESB. In fact I re-wound a few times to check (it was a slight color shift mid-scene). It is also possible that the original ANH has the most issues because it suffered from the most tinkering. I haven't gotten to that yet since I saw a version just before TFA. In any case, ESB was great.
I'll let him give you the specifics, but I think it is a fanatical fan's restoration, de-stupidfying, re-color balancing and other edits to get the movie to look like the best, most sensible version possible. From what little I have read, it was an insane amount of work. In any event, the result is great.On the other hand, I am watching his version of ROTJ and inside Jabba's palace is still an awful puppet show. And it will only get worse.
Thanks, @Jr Mouse - I just watched the Harmy's despecialized edition of ESB. What a great movie!
Bs. And in the keeping it real department, the A share I bought in August is down almost 3%.
I added some BRK today.
Yes and yes. Now that recall, I have two of them (different unknowns). But holding shape is relative. They do get droopy faster. In that sense Cape Kid (and the ineligible frescos and crispaires) are way better. But if you are prepared to send your suits for more frequent pressing, that would be fine.
Have an unlined (really partially lined) suit from Cape Kid - that wears very cool. It is pretty lightweight and I think the books are online. If you don't mind mohair than that would be great. Really superbly comfortable. The other lightweight cool suits I have are frescos and crispier, which you seem uninterested in, and a 9oz tropical wool, book unknown.
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