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There's a Holiday Inn in NYC?That shouldn't be such a surprise as there is a Day's Inn on the Upper West Side.
^lol. I was about to rent that from redbox yesterday and decided to check reviews while I was standing at the kiosk. Decided to pass.
^^ Really excited to hear that. Dr. Strange was one of my favorite characters when I was a kid. I never kept up with it when I stayed with comics as an adult, so, in this case revisiting will be pure nostalgia.
So how good is AoSHIELD this season? I haven't seen any of it yet. I thought prior seasons, after the initial dull start, were pretty good and, overall, probably the best of the CB shows. With some higher and lower points. This, however, was an unbelievably good scene, though won't be meaningful if you hadn't watched the season.
I've kept going and enjoyed it for a while, but Episode 8 was really awful. [[SPOILER]]
Not the same thing - other than similar looking texture -, but I had the LL Brisa made up DB and like it.
Redbox. I think that was extended, but not sure.
I can't recall if I posted this before but I did get around to watching B v. S . That was unbelievably awful.
Chronographs are pretty useful. Frankly, so the rotating bezel on a dive watch and that isn't even a complication. I think I use the latter more. but that is because I don't often find myself needing to time sub-minute intervals. But if i did, the chronograph would be better. But for, say, needing to time 12 minutes, or two and half hours, or the like, I prefer the big bezel to subdials.
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