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My DB DJ is ventless. My SB one had vents.
I like the tweed manifesto
To those of you have jury-rigged your day counters to try to keep track of the day of the month, don't forget to adjust it tonight or fiddle with it in the morning.
Mine was either Moulded shoe or Shoemart, though in either case, they were factory seconds of shoes made for the Japanese market (i have bought many pairs from both - Shoemart was up front about it, Moulded had been sketchy about explaining the branded R in a circle on the soles).
They are very clear in saying they are not. They have arrangements with ADs, and when you order a watch from them, they turn around and get the watch from an AD who stamps the card as if you bought from the AD rather than Prestigetime.
There is some conflicting information on the Prestige Time website:This makes it seem like sometimes you get a manufacturer's warranty:But it links to the below, which seems to say that you do sometimes get a manufacturer's warranty, but you have to go through them and they send it through their authorized dealer original supplierBut this, which you get with VC from them, seems more promising:
I have these in cigar shell
That makes sense, though I don't recall hearing from H either. I might have gotten a mailing but I was used to getting a phone call.
Have you spoken to Peter since he moved? I have heard nothing. I assume that is because I am a small-timer.
Lol. I posted this with you in mind, thinking you would admit it was yours. I have a similar cut overcoat from Dege in a heavy navy Melton-like herringbone. I am glad Patrick will keep you as a customer though I find the l'Roubi stuff off putting. That, and I haven't heard from them since Peter Smith left.
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