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I just place a 200 capsule order. Now that my daughter has discovered coffee, they go much faster. NEW PERÚ SECRETO $0.80 x20 $16.00 PERÚ SECRETO TRIOPACK $24.00 x1 $24.00 PERÚ SECRETO 5-SLEEVE PACK $36.80 x2 $73.60 ARPEGGIO $0.70 x20 $14.00 ROMA $0.70 x20 $14.00 VIVALTO LUNGO $0.70 x10
Somewhere between eight and 11. Fluent in French, Italian, Russian and English. For all his strictness, he doesn't seem to mind her making fun of his Italian (as long as she raises her hand first).
You all must be raising wolves.. Foo: No - our kids were not taught to raise their hand at home. But they were taught to wait until adults (or anyone) finished speaking and to not interrupt, despite the bad example set by their father.
Not really. She is a sweet kid and he was teaching her to be respectful and patient, which are good things to learn.
Use it or lose it, baby.
I could only imagine how it went. He is very old school. The first time they came to dinner at my house I was impressed with how polite was his daughter - she always raised her hand to be acknowledged before speaking at the table. But he reprimanded her, nicely, for doing that while an adult was speaking instead of waiting for a pause before putting her hand up.
So my friend got pulled out of a restaurant the other day for questioning by the police. It turns out he had been speaking sternly to his daughter and someone called child protective services.
Thanks ~B~ Even the unsigned crown is nice. VC really knew how to do a dress watch.
Why don't you run him through Proper Cloth, the way NMWA does with Formosa?
Does wanting the suitcoat I originally ordered five years ago count or do I need to buy something new?
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