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Not just SR. With the exception of Rubinacci it is true of all of the "establishment" tailors. The one exception is the wonderful French bespoke thread.
There is a point worth considering in Svenn's post even if he didn't intend for there to be one. The overwhelming majority of SR clothing posted on SF is from A&S, which is the lowest priced of the traditional row options. To put A&S in perspective, I believe it represents about 12% of SR's turnover, maybe slightly more. Independents like Steed are seen more frequently as is the lower priced NSM. The only one of the silly priced options that is seen much on SF is...
Who is stealing customers from Savile Row? On the internet, it is Rubinacci and maybe some other Italians. Plus the independent refugee cutters like Steed or Mahon. Maybe reeves takes a few. They also lose customers, I am sure, to local tailors like Despos or Corvato or logasail. But I don't think they are losing customers to RTW brands. Their biggest competition is sweatpants and jeans.
It was a half width old-loom swiss voile from Alumo that I bought when American Sember closed up shop.
"Yes, I do sell clothes. Why do you ask?"
My favorite shirt to wear with it is a pale mint green. Also a cream with brown graph check voile. Then whatever else I think of. pale blues, too.
This is an interesting topic. Perhaps I can write more later, but I think SR bespoke and RTW are not generally a good fit (NPI) as they make different claims. In rare instances, Huntsman, for example it COULD make sense. But SR is really selling something different. The opposite of RTW in fact.
I have nothing in progress at Huntsman and my most recent order was placed at Davies (which was not a reflection on Huntsman, just a reflection in what I wanted and who I thought was the natural fit). I have been very happy with Huntsman and the Smith/Murphy team. I like the look I have gotten and the quality of the make was excellent. But it seems like there may be some change there and the l'Roubi RTW direction is not one that excites me yet.
So . . . any update on Peter Smith and Patrick Murphy? Are they still there? In other news, l'roubi just released a new RTW collection for Huntsman. Some of it is not awful. Some of it is. A couple of things were better than not awful. Overall, that makes for a pretty poor start. AY: thanks
I am in if we stay at the larger scale. Prefer 1b but could live with 1a
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