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Are you sure that is not just washout from the flash?
Looks like the original LL Gunclub
Well I have not been doing my part. Except for the single share I bought in August, I haven't bought A shares in a few years and mostly own Bs. I don't think liquidity is really an issue with the As. The Bs are plenty liquid enough and the conversion feature in the As means the prices track closely enough and the market has plenty of people willing to arbitrage the price differences if they threaten to get out of whack. I know I have looked to do it and have never seen...
One wedding n December can do it.
While I don't need black tie much, when I do it is during a compressed season that often means more than once a week so I do need more than one.
That's what I was thinking and got the shirt when I switched to a DB DJ. But I don't especially love the way it looks and think it might look better with an SB coat as the placket has more room to show itself. But none of this is that big a deal. I wear both style shirts with about the same frequency.
ugh. I spoke too soon. With today's market dump it is more like 4.75%. FML.
I know. This stuff is insane!!! My August Berkshire share is barely holding on to its 5% gain after two whole months. If things don't start really moving I am going to lose it.
^ My last shirt was made like that. I wear it about half the time, but I don't think I will get another.
How do people store knives? In a drawer with a guard or in a knife block? Or some other way?
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