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There are two kosher restaurants in Florence. One is around the corner from the synagogue and is called Ruth's. It is fish/dairy. There is also a kosher mini-market nearby that sells sandwiches and some prepared and eat-in food. The family that runs it is very nice and does private event catering. There are also a couple of kosher butchers.Stitchy could survive Pitti. It would be legendary.
Damn. The East must be salivating at the thought of the Felton Melo dynasty being broken up.
it is a post intended to result in a subscription to the thread (so you get alerted to any updates).
Also, Felton and Carmello, though they did fall short of a title.
How are the b'more public schools? (Public school + watches) < yeshivah tuition
I don't mean to disappoint you, but beware. I wore a new NSM suit yesterday and the worktag in the trousers specifically said "pants" not "pents". It felt like I has ordered in a Chinese restaurant off the English menu.
Brioni was once a great bespoke house. How many of those customers survived the shift to RTW?
I can't say whether it is enough, but reports from the training academies and apprentice programs on Savile Row and in Italy is that young people ARE entering the trade. And it should not be surprising. Those are good jobs in places where jobs are scarce.
I agree with you. That looks like a butterfly pointed end to me but it is not always so easy to tell when knotted. It might also have a little shape to it so it is between the batwing and butterfly. In general, when knotted, a butterfly shape will show a lot more flare from the skinny knot area in the center to the wider bow. But if a batwing is knotted tightly it will still show plenty of flare and maybe that is what is seen in the picture. If I wear a batwing point end,...
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