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That appears to be the same model I have. If you bought that new, you are quite the geezer. It looks like you also got good use out of it. Obviously, I am a fan. Do you recall what kind of strap or bracelet it came on?You will be amused to know that the Omega service on it is likely to cost me a multiple of what you paid for the watch.
Why wouldn't you get a few. You don't need to change them often, but it would be nice to have more than one color. Maybe even a seasonal change.
Where are the stitchy hours?
It is a very nice watch. I have a feeling I am likely to love it more in person than in a photo. In all the photos, the dial seems very flat and lifeless, but I thought it was grained silver. I like Cartiers I think I prefer the slightly more rectangular versions like the Americaine or even the older cintree. But, really, once we are talking about a two hand tank (yay!) in gold, which one depends on what seems to fit better. And I don't know anything about the...
I need to see the dial on the Cartier you are looking at. I bet it looks better than in your photo. I don't get Panerais at all. Zero appeal to me.
Dino's Privee
In the past, Omega gave me back parts, those were from the movement. I get you on the hands. Not sure how it will look. The dial is pretty clean other than the yellowed and flaking lume, so it won't be that dissonant. But I will most likely just do a good service and cleaning. The watch looks pretty good as is. I know I have posted some pics before, but none are especially good.
So . . . Speedy is off to Switzerland. I won't know what they want to or can do until it gets there and they have a look. I am inclined to have them bring the movement up to perfect working order and leave the rest alone or replace hands with identical versions and send me back the originals.
Except that my tachymeter is in near perfect shape and the case is in a little better condition (your's doesn't look bad, though), mine looks just like that. Same skeletal hands, same sweep seconds, same flaky lume. i miss it already. Its impressive how good the rest of the dial looks, isn't it? . . . and if I might share a momentary musing, without repainting the lume, how else can you have a 50YO watch that is as functional as the day it was new? That seems like...
Thanks, all The service person suggested the possibility of repainting the dial. It wasn't my idea. And I am not sure what she knows, anyway. Those options will be decided in Switzerland. If they could swap it out for an original dial (whose lume would also be dead) with the applied logo, I would do it, but the possibility of that being available is almost zero. And I would nix a different replacement dial. But re-painting the lume on the original dial seems...
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