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The annual calendar does add $, but is shockingly well-priced nonetheless. Full retail is around $8,500. The one with just a day counter is less than half, I think but don't rely on that.
Tell me what's wrong with the Omega Aqua Terra Co-Axial Annual Calander. I looked at it in 38.5m and thought it looked and felt great. And technologically, it is impressive. I would probably prefer no date at all, but day counters make me ill and I have no problem with annual calanders. Some pics. I have two complaints, one of which you can't tell from the pictures. The one you can tell, I looked for in person and couldn't see but it is visible in the photo. Give...
A legendary watch. Nice.
I was at a dinner last week where one guy spotted a Rolex on another. They happened to be the same model - two tone Datejust, I think - and he started going off on how Rolex are the greatest watches in the world, and aren't they great and isn't Rolex just the best. That probably contributes to the image. Funny thing is, I know this guy well and had seen his watch many times and assumed it was fake as it seemed a little light and skimpy looking. It turns out his was...
Find a reweaver (there are threads on this). Do NOT cut it up. It is ok if you have to patch it in places. It is still something special and worth preserving.
That is a helpful suggestion, then.
The SS is great, too.
The platinum version is awesome. The SS and RG only a tiny drop less so. beautiful watch.
Thanks. I have a few bracelet options that I accumulated but never bothered to wear. Mine is on a black sharksin/seal/grained Omega strap. Not sure what it is and can't remember where I bought it.
I wear mine frequently - on sunny, crisp days, fall and spring. It is not for 80+ degree, humid weather. Beyond the weather, I am not sure what "easy to wear" means.
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