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Man, the market gyrations are killing me. My August BRK share is barely up more than 1%. FML. How do you guys take it?
Anyone have any thoughts as to why Berkshire has recently taken a large stake in Phillips 66 (the oil refiner spun out of Conoco Phillips a year or two ago)? You may recall that Berkshire had, about five years ago, sold off its stake in Conoco.
Thanks. I have made a donation to a local taxi company in your name.
My wife was knocked down by a bicyclist last night. He was traveling against traffic and hit her from behind running a light. She didn't have any serious injuries but was shaken up. I asked if it was a messenger or delivery guy. "No, hipster."
^ That's a stock promo photo, but with two young daughters, I like to think of it as a current one.
We have one of the big Flos Jasper Morrison lollipop floor lamps.I can't figure out why we paid so much for it instead of buying something similar from Ikea. It does, however, work fine.
I don't want this to go unnoticed.
No need to intuit - depending on your exact starting and end points, between March 2005 and August 2015, BRK returned 63.4% and the S&P about 92% (and about 10% better if you count dividends, which you should).
^Sorry to hear that. You've lost nearly $50,000 in the last couple of hours.
I noticed it is for the day/day counter models. Here's hoping it comes to a time only model. Would love to see it in a plain perpetual.
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