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This is a combination leather/construction question. What leather and construction would the makers here recommend for a shoe/boot intended to be worn in city winters, where they will be subject to snow, ice and slush and, worse of all, road salt? Can anything be expected to perform well in those conditions and not dry out and crack? If reasonable care is required, e.g., wipe clean, occasional conditioning, that is o.k. Complicated care, like frequent soaks in vinegar...
I am really enjoying the Logan cartoons and memes that have been popping up. They are all, essentially, spoilers so I am not going to post anymore of them.
My wife made me invest in MBLY a little after the IPO. I refused and waited until it was a little below the IPO price but am glad I eventually listened. It had a rough patch and went briefly below $25/sh about a year ago. If you bought and are holding from then, you would have a greater than 100% gain (buyout is around $63/sh). Even with a purchase at the IPO level, the return isn't bad, but if you count the extra year and a half, on an annualized basis, it is less...
^ That is correct. [[SPOILER]]
Awesome cartoons, but Logan spoilers, so I am putting the link in a spoiler box: [[SPOILER]]
Not really. A rotating bezel is, for me, one of the most useful features on a watch. It is in many ways better and more versatile than a chronograph function, which has similar uses, and is way better than the stupid day counter. The best option would be a chrono with a rotating dive bezel rather than a pulsations/tachy scale (which no one really uses). I have an old Cal. 12 Heuer Autavia like that, except it also has a day counter.So if you wanted a Rolex, you would...
It's worse than you think
See inside
That could have been a good movie, too, but wasn't the movie that was made. [[SPOILER]]
I disagree. This is easily the best CBM movie to date that I have seen and I have no complaints. But after the glow wore off, I realized that the villain was a relative weak point. [[SPOILER]]
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