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Look up. pre-moon sea monster cased 321 with applied Omega dial
I have the brown version of that (not sure which is yours). It remains unfunded since there is no one I need to give the finger to at the moment.
The pink lining on the sleeve cuffs really sells the effect, Butler. That is real attention to detail.
If you look at the picture of bond standing you will see why I don't like it. The color and the scale don't create any contrast between the top and bottom halves. You can fix that with color, but it makes that is still only a half solution to me.
Of course it can. I agree. Not all donegal is the same and I was just talking about my donegal and why I didn't like the bond tweed.
gdl's is exactly my view and why the bond picture looks funny to me. I have a brown donegal tweed that is more or less that scale And it is a suit. I never wear the coat alone.
I can't tell if that means you've decided on 1a @jrd617 but I am in for 2.5m if yes
Nice agjiffy. It is hard to tell from the picture, but one thing huntsman does well is manipulate the checks by how darts are placed and how the pattern is laid out over the whole suit or sportcoat. It looks like they may have made one of the boxes disappear on each side of the chest, right? Other tailors do this, too, but Huntsman is particularly attentive to this. It is almost a pity to order a solid from them.
Apologies re Huntsman though I did mention the French bespoke thread. In any event, I didn't say there is no SR represented, just very little of it. Especially as compared to the display of independents and as compared to its relative output. So is Svenn right? Is your Huntsman a shapeless sack? Btw, I loved your post about the beltmaker.
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