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Not the same thing - other than similar looking texture -, but I had the LL Brisa made up DB and like it.
Redbox. I think that was extended, but not sure.
I can't recall if I posted this before but I did get around to watching B v. S . That was unbelievably awful.
Chronographs are pretty useful. Frankly, so the rotating bezel on a dive watch and that isn't even a complication. I think I use the latter more. but that is because I don't often find myself needing to time sub-minute intervals. But if i did, the chronograph would be better. But for, say, needing to time 12 minutes, or two and half hours, or the like, I prefer the big bezel to subdials.
An American who is considering tasseled loafers should be getting the Alden cordovan models - Either Brooks or regular. Otherwise, over the wall with you.
Episode 2 is even better.
Saw Ep. 1 of Luke Cage. Not great so far, but also very easy to like.
. . . well he was a lawyer
^Thanks. Looks like worth a read.
He also wasn't Jewish. He was a member of a Jewish fraternity, which had non-Jewish members, in College.
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