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Thank you. What is "jump stitched"? I googled it and the descriptions seemed to be for embroidery.
I am going to bump this in case it has been missed. Apologies if that is not the case.
I have a shoe with several deep scratches. The scratch pierces the leather entirely in a very small spot and exposes the lining. The rest of the scratches are not that deep. I am considering having them patched. Would someone who has done this explain, in general terms, how a patch is done and what are the issues going forward. They are black calf, so I assume a reasonable match is possible though it will be visible and I will need to keep them polished pretty well...
One more. Notice no welt. I was given the option. I believe, on balance, I chose unwisely, although the difference is, thus far, only academic.
That is a lot of effort and hadn't seemed necessary before. I guess I will just run a clean cup each time first for as long as that works.
Do what you want. A chukka design can be either more or less formal, depending on the leather used. If it is a smooth calf then it is probably intended to be kept in good condition.
My machine seems to be on its last legs. Furst cup is always lukewarm. After wasting a lot of capsules, I finally learned to run a blank or old capsule first before trying to make something to drink. That works fine for now, but I am concerned that eventually the second cup will also be room temperature. Has anyone experienced this before? Is it a recognizable fix or should I just leave it be and replace it when it stops working for real.
^ Mine is this first one shown in the photos on the site (no. 18 rusticalf, pine thread, silver buckle). I wear it often and like it a lot.
My wife just took a pair of Alden MTO Cigar Shell wingtip boots to the thrift shop. They were too narrow (10A) so hardly ever worn. Good luck!
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