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I know that no one cares, but I also started on Agent Carter. At least with Episode 4. Episode 5, with the Howling Commandos, was very good.
Mine is Invertere.
I have one like that except it is in a green tweed. The cape is lined in a plaid flannel.
Finished watch Agents of SHIELD, Season 2. I want to know what happens next (other than with Ward), which, I guess, means it was a success.
sounds great
This is a great post. Simple, short and conveys perfectly the experience of finding the right "thing".
Yes. I meant her parents.She is unquestionably hot. I have no idea whether her mom is also decent looking or whether she was just bottom fishing, in which case maybe they both think they got lucky.
How do you explain Chloe Bennett?
I am not sure whether it is appropriate to take this thread seriously, but for for those of you still in denial about the prevalence of rape culture, consider the following two lectures from the same conference: followed by
This turned out great.
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