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I thought Cuban style meant the coffee cup is empty but you have free healthcare.
I thought the new one is 39mm. I like 34mm, actually.
Nothing, really, but it is bigger and has more babble on the dial. I do like the Explorer-style dial layout on that Air King also, but think it looks better as white on black.
Wow. That is, I think, my favorite watch in the current Rolex lineup. All the aesthetics of a well-proportioned vintage watch with modern Rolex engineering. I don't see anything I don't like.
Not Hemlock Grove
Correct. I contacted them and got no interest.
60th and Fifth. I don't think I've ever been to Monsey.
I am sorry my holey hat wasn't able to join you. I was further away than I had thought.
He looks awful - as in awful form and out of control and off balance all the time.
The truth is out there.I think I posted on the twitter forum some samples of what I had seen of the remaining originals.I have also seen some new stuff, including the very lightweight tweeds, which look interesting. I have the samples but not looked at them too closely yet. Not sure if those are woven by Johnstons like the new heavy tweeds. I think they are about to release the new books - or just have.
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