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I finished watching Iron Fist. For a series intended to fold into the Defenders, it had thirteen episodes, which is a prime number.
Is he bringing cement?
^ I loved the direction Covenant went, but wish it were a little better. Learning more about the Engineers and how they seeded life on Earth and around the Universe and what went wrong with the Xenomorphs and whether they really wanted to destroy Earth and why would make for a good story. That is more interesting to me then another edition of the straight up horror movie of Alien, as good as that was. In other news, I just started watching the back half of Iron Fist and...
Let me answer it this way. It appears to be the weakest of the four. Not by a lot, as Luke Cage started well and went to awful and I loved Jessica Jones, but it was a very different kind of story. The last Episode of IF that I saw so far, Ep.6, was good enough that I would consider the series pretty good if it were all like that. But so far they have not been and I am not sure whether it will go up or down from there. But if you like the comic genre in general and...
^ I am still watching Iron Fist. Up to Episode 6, which was pretty good given the low bar that it has set for itself, so far.
the arch support is a big plus. I should take a look again, though. The trick is being able to try them on.
I started watching Netflix's Iron Fist. I was never a fan of the comics so I wan't expecting much. Nonetheless, I am disappointed. It is a pity since i think DD, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones were all very good, each in different ways, which is all the better. Also, the production values on Iron Fist are impressive so you can get a sense of how great it might have been. Has anyone managed to stick it through? I recall taking a while for Jessica Jones to build up so...
^Syfy didn't make the series. I think it is a Canadian production for the Space Channel (Canadia's sci fi channel) but aired by SyFy in the U.S.
Thanks. In an odd coincidence, I have been watching The Space Channel/Syfy's Dark Matter TV show. I think they are unrelated to the book, but your review of the book is more or less applicable to the show. Lots of flaws, but still enjoyable to watch with enough interest to keep me curious.
^That was excellent (the TV series was great), but entirely unrelated to the other two.
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