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On my way out of town today I decided to switch to a watch with a day counter since it may be hard to keep track of elapsed days where I am but I might need to stay in touch with people back home on occasion and it would be useful to know the date. The day counter is a good way to keep track of elapsed days and I advanced it to today's date as a proxy for the date. Mine counts 31 days, so would someone remind me to reset it at the end of the month? June has 30 days and I...
Fuck you all
How good is Rose, now? I haven't seen him in a few years and thought his career was done.
I am wearing my first Solito-made suit today. Damn . . . it is good-looking. In fairness, it might be me.
Come on. Feel the Verm.
That's how it worked in the past. Kilgour certainly did that for many years. As I recall, they were even made in the US by HF or HSF (Kilgour). And they may have had some control but probably not that much. For a long time, Barney's sold Huntsman shirts. Long before Huntsman made any.
It is likely that the Huntsman RTW sold at Barney's is entirely different than what they sell out of their own shop. Separately, I know someone who also tried their MTM (not sure if they still do it) and was very happy with it, although he didn't like the fact that the shoulder expression was pretty much take it or leave it. He was a pretty experienced bespoke customer, so he both knew enough to know what he was buying into and also to know he was getting a compromise. ...
Yes. When I was checking Rolex's site, I mis-remembered and thought Mimo's was a 26mm OP. That does have a 2xxx series movement,
^ That's not what this thread is about.
It is tough to generalize from photos, but the cut on the right looks closest. The man on the left does a good job of showing the chest (and waist), but, at least in my experience, the shoulders looks slightly extended. In my case, they are tighter (or it might just be my shoulders).
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