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kulata, is there a button missing on the right sleeve? Love the colors.
Quality time with my buddy.
Tried a mirror torso shot but didnĀ“t work very well. It's hidden bellow though, along with the shoes photo. [[SPOILER]]
T'is a brave approach, but the vest's white buttons definitelly ruin it for me, it's where my eyes go every time.
Linen jacket, shirt and cap, knit tie, badly rumpled trousers.
Newish blazer, which I've worn only a couple of times before. Especially interested to know what you think of the old belt... deal braker or acceptable sprezz?
I'm not a fan either, but sometimes one just has to experiment or comform himself with what's clean and pressed. With this jacket I usually wear striped dress shirts or plain linens.
Linen jacket, silk knit and hairy feet on another hot day at this part of the Shire.
How to decide on how many to vote on? Considering the challenge, I placed an extra attention on the tie and went with Betelgeuse (my favorite, if only a bust), Holdfast (whose style has my admiration for a long time), luv2breformed (lovely overall ), Claghorn (liked the combination, ps especially) and Kulata (just because I liked the stripes). The friday challenge sure is fun and I'll make an effort to participate often from now on. My white//green tie is worn maybe twice...
Consider the navy blazer, dressed up with mid-gray or tan trousers or worn more casually with kakhis or jeans. It's a most usefull piece. I also find a glen check suit in either light grey or tan would be a good option for you.
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