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I just watched all of your youtube videos: you're an incredibly skilled craftsman and I wish to high heaven I could afford a pair of your beautiful shoes. Keep up with the fascinating posts!
Thank you all for your suggestions. I'm following RICE and have taken some ibuprofen. I'm very relieved to hear that several of you have had similar injuries and some simple r&r was all it took.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencer Young Sounds like a sprain. I'm not a doctor, but I've had the "golfball under the skin" thing where you can't fit your foot in a shoe and hobble around a bit. I'd have a friend go get you some ibeuprofen to help with the swelling, an ace bandage to wrap it up to keep it from getting worse, and some ice. Keep it elevated and try not to walk around too much. You'll be gimpy for a few days to a week. If it's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Milhouse Do you expect your car insurance to pay for minor repairs on your car? I'll try to put it in perspective. Do you use your body in some way to earn a living and will you in the future? If no and never, then ignore me. If yes and/or yes, then realize that you will impact your future earnings potential, your most valuable asset possible if you do not do what it takes to get this fixed appropriately. The ankle is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Milhouse I've found there is something really simple you can do for this. Go to a doctor. You're welcome. Thanks for your advice but I'm afraid I don't have health insurance right now. I'd like to see if there's anything I can do for myself before spending money I don't have.
I was doing some squats at the gym and in between reps I was getting in some standing rows with dumbbells. On the last rep I sidestepped without looking and slipped over the weight, falling until my leg and ankle were about ninety degrees or each other. Adrenaline still rushing I did a few more squats and it was mostly numb, but soon after the pain started to set in. I limped home, iced it, put some pillows under it and went to bed. Today it looks like I've got a golf...
Whenever I had to travel to NYC the first place I would go is Craig's List. You will save a bundle renting out someone's apartment for a few days instead of hounding out a hotel. My only advice is to make sure the poster has PICTURES up and maybe even some references. Don't go somewhere that looks fishy and if it seems like too much of a bargain you may wake up without your kidneys. I stayed at this guy's place in the upper west side for a few nights: he did this thing...
I just finished Wonder Boys. Will now start, at the request of my girlfriend, Cebu by Peter Bacho.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter a friend of mine was an officer of women in the army. she had a girl who got pregnant and had an obortion, and then a few months later she was pregnant again. she said that she had gotten pregnant the second time on purpose, because she had heard that you couldn't get pregnant after an obortion, and she wanted to see if that was true. so, of course, she had another obortion. She could have just googled it.
Yeah, tell us how the lunch went today. Were you cool as a cucumber?
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