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For a suit that light and for Xmas function, either would be perfectly fine.
I use neutral shoe cream myself.
I got the Bombay and agree with everyone that AE is great. They are pricey though so I've been looking at other places for my more simple ones.
I bought one a few years ago and it's been my favourite one. I wear it quite a bit and it's held up very well so far. If he had more in my size I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat.
You can try Narragansett leathers as they'll make them to your specs. I just ordered one and waiting on it right now, but reviews I read seemed pretty positive.
Thanks guys. Yeah I was hoping it'd be more brownish as I was looking for a brown tie in raw silk. But I think I'll end up getting it anyway as it looks really great in the pics I've seen.
Thinking of getting the rough silk tie in plum. I've been looking at the pictures of it on here and it looks to be more of a brown colour? For those of you that have it, does that sound right to you? Thanks
I'm assuming you mean nail polish remover? Thanks, I'll give that a try first and, if that doesn't work, I'll go to kahuna's suggestion.Thanks guys
Not sure if this the right thread to ask this question; but have any of you ever had to remove the dressing off of the heel? On some of my shoes, the edge dressing has built up to the point where it will peel/flake off in parts. Simply covering it with more dressing doesn't really work so I was thinking it would be better if I could just remove it all together and start from scratch. I can peel some of it off with my fingers but that's super tedious. I think I read people...
Hey, thanks. For sure, it was great. Just like imthegroom, I really couldn't complain about anything considering how affordable it was and wouldn't think twice about buying it again if I had to do thing all over.
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