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Suitsupply has sportcoats in staple colours. Also you can check out ehaberdasher; Benjamin does his own line of clothing and his sportcoats are probably the best value for dollar from what I can read.
Yeah, they'd be quite a bit different in cuts as h&m is more fashion forward, hence the shorter jacket length, while ben's stuff is more classic in its styling. So, at 5'5", you definitely should be ordering short for jacket length if you're not buying from the more trendy brands.
You're unimpressed with the quality of a $600 suit because it's not on par with that of a $5000 suit? That makes no sense.
Any particular colour or material?
Yeah, I didn't get the impression that you were upset about not getting compliments, just looking to swap stories/info.Anyhoo, my collection consists of (all AE):Merlot Park AvesWalnut JeffersonsBlack Garners (single monk strap)Saddle Brown ParliamentsBrown KenilworthsMy Jeffersons easily get the most complimented; but they all have except for the Kenilworths, interestingly (but not surprisingly, I guess) enough.
You can check out ehaberdasher as well to see if he has any navy sport coats left in your size. I don't own one but earlier reviews have been extremely positive.
Mmm, while I agree calling to ask whether wearing a tie or not isn't necessary and does seem weird, personally, it wouldn't bother me if a guest called me asking whether it's ok or not to wear one.
The Napoli fit is the most conservatively cut and would be perfectly fine in navy or charcoal for any business environment. There's no contradiction that you have to worry about.
Yeah, you're right. I had a brain fart on the name. I'd heard the same thing about the buttonhole machine being the only one in Vancouver as well but wasn't entirely certain. Just seemed a little odd to me.
As far as I know, Modern Tailors can do button holes and are in chinatown.
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