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Spier and Mackay if it's in stock, ditto for ehaberdasher. Otherwise, Suitsupply.
4 and 11
I think that a decent tailor should be able to fix that without making it too tight, as it's just taking in excess fabric, and not too much at that as it's not egregious or anything. The pants may not be too bad either as the belt line may just need to be lowered in the back. I'd agree that it'd be worth trying the 40R.
I am
Maybe do a double four in hand? I thought FIHs were inherently slim nots to begin with?
Regardless of the camera angle. It's still clear that the jacket isn't even close to the right length. The bottom of the jacket just barely reaches your wrists, much less the bottom of your bum, or first knuckle, or whatever else measure of appropriate fit you want to go off of.
@accordian To be honest, I think that jacket is way too short for you. Taking in the waist will, IMO, just end up accentuating your hips more, giving you a more hour glass shape. If you can, I'd recommend returning it and starting over.
If you hike up your pants in the back, does the excess fabric smooth out? If so, then my understanding it's not that the pants are too loose, but that the belt line needs to be lowered in the back.
No I'm pretty sure it was listed as one of the must haves in a tie wardrobe, even to the point of being the second purchase after a navy (repp?) tie. It stuck in my mind because it surprised me so much.
I thought a black grenadine tie was considered one of the most versatile ties one could have?
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