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That's still a pretty decent collection. Mine's only at five; and I feel pretty set at this point.
I have a brand new green, linen sport coat from suitsupply for sale; it's never been worn and is in mint condition. Measurements: Shoulders across from in top of seam to seam: 17.25" Chest: 20" Waist: 17.75" Back from bottom of collar: 29.25" Sleeve: about 24.75" I had bought it but didn't return it in time and have now decided that it'll be too much to alter as I'd have to shorten it from the sleeves. My loss is your gain; I'm selling for $149 plus shipping costs,...
+1. I got a Napoli suit recently; I'd say the cut is pretty standard and perfectly fine for conservative business wear.
I would personally wear the McAllister over the Strand; but if you're a guest for a summer wedding that may be more casual in nature, it's not going to be a big deal either way, based on what I saw at my own wedding. Same thing for the tie: while grey would be my first choice, a nice burgundy tie, I think, would look nice with that suit.
Whoah, what?
Agreed. They're both well worth their price points, imho; it's just a matter of which best fits your needs and you.
Personally, I wouldn't wear a tux if that is the dress you plan on wearing. A tux (a proper or traditional one) is pretty formal attire; so when I saw that dress, it gave me the impression of the event being a more casual affair. Nothing wrong with having a less formal wedding; just my two cents though.
I don't see why not; dove was the other colour that I saw the most when I was looking for waistcoats. I think it would look nice.
Sounds good, thanks very much for the feedback.
Thanks guys, that's very helpful. In that case, do you think it would be better to switch the buttons out with regular ones or just not bother? Yeah, the sleeves are definitely too short. I do have a French cuffed shirt that I plan on wearing for the wedding where the sleeves are long enough that a little bit of cuff will show. I was just too lazy to break out the cufflinks for these particular pics. And thanks, random-adam, for the buttoning advice; I'll remember to not...
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