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The colours are fine. You may be able to do better on the shoes depending on the price, but that's a different matter in itself.
Can't add much to Ich Dien's response except that if the wrinkling in the pants is corrected by raising in the back, then my understanding is that the belt line has to be lowered in the back(or rise has to be shortened).
Hi OP There's a thread that you can look through that's dedicated to wedding attire (Official Wedding Attire thread or something along those lines, it'll come up on a search). Anyways, your choice of suit, tie and shoe colours are perfectly fine. I'm not sure about that specific suit as it's pretty short on the model; but as long as it fits, it should look nice. Yes, Colr, it's a lounge suit; morning dress really looks costumey here in North America for us peasants. You...
Agreed. Alternatively, if the OP really is trying to look "supercool" then he could just simply go with a charcoal suit, white shirt and black tie. Not great but still much better than his proposals thus far.
We're very similar: 56.25", 3.25" in width, FIH, 5'7" also and a 38S with 6 inch drop.
Can't speak to the other combos unless I saw them; but I would agree that the one you've pictured is perfectly fine and is a very nice combo.
If it's that big of an issue, you can always do what I did: buy five, keep one, and return the rest (or all if you don't like any of them). I'm sure you can wear them in lighting that's similar to the ceremony so it'll give you an idea of what it'll look like.Honestly, I have to agree with jseto; even though they say it's a two week turn around, that still doesn't give you much time in the not-unlikely scenario that something goes cock-eyed in the MTM process. And I'm...
Personally, I wouldn't. While the Lazio is supposed to have a shorter jacket length, the arms may be too long if you usually take a short, which is an expensive alteration. In the end, you can always order it and send it back if you don't like it. But, depending on your size and what you've posted so far, I can't help but think that there are likely much better options on their website already that require less work.
Congratulations NS! Looked like it was an amazing day!
What about SuitSupply? For example, this is the one I got for my wedding: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/suits/napoli-blue-plain/P3751I.html?start=17&cgid=Suits&prefn1=color&prefv1=Blue Plain blue, but herringbone pattern so it has some texture and, while looks like navy in the dark, it looks a lot brighter in daytime light.
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