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Hey, thanks. For sure, it was great. Just like imthegroom, I really couldn't complain about anything considering how affordable it was and wouldn't think twice about buying it again if I had to do thing all over.
Or, you can just buy mine as well if you want if it's a 38 you're looking for. I switched the buttons on it though and it's a DB peak lapel.
I got mine from amazon when previous plans fell through, it was pretty cheap and shipped pretty quickly. The brand is Alexander Dobell if it doesn't show up in the link. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_pg_1?me=A3590969HP745N&rh=k%3Awaistcoat&keywords=waistcoat&ie=UTF8&qid=1411086295
Personally, I really like the look of tan or walnut shoes with navy (but I happen to like the look of pretty much a lot of things with a navy suit; the versatility of navy is one of the things I like about it) but I don't think it's something you really have to sweat over because you always have your dark browns to fall back on. Same goes for your cherry shoes if they are cherry vs burgundy. But, from what you describe in terms of the intended use, it sounds like any of...
I would still go with a navy personally. Even though you'll have a blazer that's similar in colour, it's still a separate item. Also, I wouldn't pick the colour of the suit based on the shoes you have but the other way around since the suit is the more expensive and important part of whatever ensemble you're putting together. Otherwise, you can always go with charcoal if you don't already have that or, if you do, medium grey. But navy would be my first choice.
Great, thanks!
What chest and neck size are you, if you don't mind me asking?
That's your natural stance? You look like you're trying to touch your elbows together in that last pic, it looks very exaggerated.
The navy grenadine tie would be fine and look nice with the grey suit. That being said, I wouldn't worry about a traditional wedding tie looking too monochomatic with it either. The pic below is from the wedding thread and the general feedback (which I personally agreed with as well) is that the simplicity of the look was great.
Good to know
New Posts  All Forums: