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Hi Tuxedo CatThanks. The tie width is 3.25"; I had purchased them as gifts for my groomsmen. If you do end up going with the Napoli suit, then yeah, I I think 2.5" would be too narrow. From what I have gathered on here, as archibaldleach has already mentioned above me, something in the traditional wedding colours of grey/silver (or black and white such that it looks grey) is generally the preferred choice on styleforum for wedding ties (There's another picture in my "ask a...
Hey Cat Sure, not a problem. Hope these help.
Kent Wang, apparently.
Thanks Cat. That's cool. One of my groomsmen ended up getting that exact suit; you can see it in my picture of the wedding party. He's on the right and is wearing a 40R (he's 5'10"). It's a nice suit, it's got a distinct pattern but looks solid from a distance. I can post more photos of it if you need. Hope it all works out and let us know how it turns out.
Yeah, he would have to get them shortened. Whether the 40R unacceptable is kind of subjective. For me, it would be but that's my personal taste. Yeah, I've tried on the Ludlow but not the Lazio; for reference, my chest size is 37.25". The Ludlow in 38S was a pretty decent fit for me, just a touch snug. I would have just needed to hem the sleeves. The Napoli is definitely roomier; I did try a size down (36S) but it was off in the shoulders so I ended up staying with my...
Yeah, I can see what you're saying. The problem I have with the 38R is that, while it's not bad from the side and back, from the front it accentuates his hips and gives him a more womanly figure. I'm curious how the 38L would look at him but, personally, if I had to choose between the two, I would go with the 40L and get it altered.
Just curious, how tall is your fiance? Because the jacket does look a little short to my eye. It would be a lot more helpful to see a pic of both for comparison if you have it. Yeah, I got a napoli from SS for my wedding and definitely liked it more with respect to being a more classic cut; but it would be a shot in the dark at this point. That being said, your fiances suit will certainly be good enough in a pinch; so if the long really is too long, then getting the...
As much as I agree with everyone here and certainly don't envy your predicament, I do have to commend you on taking it all in stride with seemingly good humour. But, yeah, if you can't do the grey/khaki with matching tie option (have you asked your friend her thoughts on this given how difficult it is to find such suiting?) I'd just go with the cheapest option out of what you've found so far.
That's a fantastic looking tie, I must say.
I don't know the answer to the first question, but I would say yes to the second. I got that as one of the ties for my groomsmen.
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