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Thanks for sharing. I'll be honest, but this one looks better to me. The waist does need to be let out; but the chest and shoulders look better to me compared to the 38S, which is surprising to me. Not sure how much of that is camera angle though.
Say Rick Do you know how your washed khakis compare in fit to dockers and jcrew? I'm currently wearing 33 waist (my dockers D1 are my best fitting right now) and was interested in ordering some since summer is coming up but not familiar with the fit of yours.
As well as a light brown suit that looks to be fairly light in shade. http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/havana-light-brown-plain/P4853I.html?cgid=Suits
Not sure if it's close enough, as it's notch lapel, not peak, but suitsupply does have a white cotton/linen suit on it's website: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/havana-off-white-plain/P4813I.html?cgid=Suits
Not each colour, but each size. I can't remember if they were put in the dryer as well but they were all washed several times for sure and, I believe, were supposed to represent what shrinkage the shirt would end up with.
I'd second that idea as well. When I went to the kamakura store in NY, they had the same for all their dress shirts which I find really helpful in figuring out the best size for me.
No short sizes?
Didn't you say you already have SS suit?
Well, if you don't want to rent, then there really isn't any other choice but to buy. If a guy had his own tux, then he would just wear that. Hence, it was historically the case, from what I've read, that wedding parties didn't match outfits since people just wore their own clothes.
Agreed with Veremund
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