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$340 + $850 for 4 suits? I guess that's pretty good. Generally, if I have to invest that much in alterations, then I don't bother; but if you're already committed to the tailor, then might as well just make the best of it.
Haha, I remember for my wedding, I had as many as five sitting in my office at one point.
How about towels after every wash?
Just buy a suitsupply suit. With free returns it's almost like buying in the store. They have different cuts if you're looking for something more conservative or fashion forward, all in the colours you're looking for. Otherwise, if you can swing going into a BB store, that's also completely fine to do.
Sorry, who is he?
Thanks, funny enough, I actually sized up for this jacket. I'm normally a 38S but went with the 40S because it helped with the divoting and I figured I could take in the waist if needed.
I just like to show a little cuff. It doesn't look bad on the right because of my dropped shoulder, but it's definitely needed on the left.
Hi Guys Just wanted to get some quick feedback before going to the tailors. How does the fit look to you? Obviously, I have to shorten the sleeves but wondering if I should bother bringing in the waist at all? Just asking because it feels a little roomy in the front, if anything. Thanks. (as an aside, I did notice the jacket looks short in the pic, I do believe it's due to the angle of the camera)
To each their own. Personally, that wouldn't bother me in the slightest.
Benjamin's stuff is really nice. I'm sure you'll be more than fine with it.
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