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Yeah, that just looks like a navy suit to me, which is totally fine. That being the case, black shoes are entirely appropriate as brown is, for me, too casual a look for a wedding. My preference, since it's just a suit, is to wear a wedding tie with it (like a glen plaid, black/white shepherds check etc..) as I fear wearing a black bow tie with a suit will just end up looking like wearing a black bow ties with a suit (instead of a tux). If you're absolutely set on a bow...
Probably hit and miss. I bought a pair for $30 and the finish started wearing out immediately. I ended up chucking it after a year.
ah yes. Sorry. I did mean it the other way around
My first impression was the brown was better and the blue slightly too long. I like my shirts the length that your brown one is though and it may be considered too short. That being said, the difference between the two is quite slight.
@conceptual 4est I'm not meaning to steal unbelragazzo's thunder as he's the resident expert, but just how casual are you going? Do you not planning on wearing a suit? There's a lot of choices that you can go with; but I also don't see anything wrong with going the classic approach either, from what I can read on your wedding details.
Any chance for a fit pic?
Spier and Mackay if it's in stock, ditto for ehaberdasher. Otherwise, Suitsupply.
4 and 11
I think that a decent tailor should be able to fix that without making it too tight, as it's just taking in excess fabric, and not too much at that as it's not egregious or anything. The pants may not be too bad either as the belt line may just need to be lowered in the back. I'd agree that it'd be worth trying the 40R.
I am
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