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That's a fantastic looking tie, I must say.
I don't know the answer to the first question, but I would say yes to the second. I got that as one of the ties for my groomsmen.
The length of the jacket is fine and is not too short. Bd22 is correct that the pants have to be hemmed that short when they are that narrow but, for what it's worth, the length doesn't look that bad. In regards to the bunching in the seat, does it correct when you pull up your pants in the back? Then I've read that means the belt line has to be lowered in the back. Apparently, it's not too difficult for a good tailor to do. However, you would then need to rehem the pants.
The Lazio looks great on you, I'd just hem the pants and lengthen the sleeves. The jacket length looks fine as well so I would stick with a regular. It's harder to tell with the bb suit it looks fine in the shoulders so I wouldn't go smaller either for that one. Honestly though, it looks like it already snug at the waist, based on the side shot, so I'm not sure that needs the chest taken in.
Glad to hear, I just came back from a weekend trip in Seattle where I checked out the store there. I ended up getting this Havana in navy, but purchased it online as I wasn't impressed too by the sales rep trying to pass off a 38R as a 38S on me (can't say for certain, but 95% suspicion level)
Congratulations Georgia! Looks like it was a beautiful day!
I don't think appropriateness would be an issue from what I've seen; at the very least, if you are breaking some rule, it wouldn't be the worst one. I would agree though that if future usage is a consideration, then definitely go with matching fabric. I don't ever anticipate wearing my waistcoat again; but I only paid $50 for it (had to get it on Amazon, there was a story behind that necessity), so I was ok with spending that as a one time expenditure.
Is it your first pair of good shoes? Then I would agree that it should be the Kenilworth. I have them in brown and they are the most versatile out of my modest (five) collection by a mile. Although I don't own one, the blucher longwing suggestion is also probably a good one.
If you size up on the BB suit, then taking the waist in on a suit is very common and shouldn't be a problem. Also, you may want to consider Benjamin's suits on ehaberdasher; they're great suits and Bens great to deal with. WRT vests, you could consider an odd waistcoat as well; I wore a buff one with my suit (blue) but dove is another common colour also. That would open up your suiting options considerably.
The colours are fine. You may be able to do better on the shoes depending on the price, but that's a different matter in itself.
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