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Ah, gotchya.
Any particular reason for a dark red tie as opposed to a black one? I'm not saying it's wrong or anything, just curious is all.
That's always been a problem with me. My Napoli has a little bit of it; but I've found that the Havana, with it's unpadded shoulder, has none that issue. I was curious though: what happened when you tried the 42R? If the 42S works, I would think that a 42R should be workable then as well, and might be a better compromise for you.
I would just explain it honestly, that you think that it's the sleevehead or cap that needs shortening, and see how he responds. I actually had to demonstrate on the sleeve itself on how the excess material needed to be removed. Or, you can bluff and say that you've experienced it before, yada, yada, yada.
Hi Tuxedo CatThanks. The tie width is 3.25"; I had purchased them as gifts for my groomsmen. If you do end up going with the Napoli suit, then yeah, I I think 2.5" would be too narrow. From what I have gathered on here, as archibaldleach has already mentioned above me, something in the traditional wedding colours of grey/silver (or black and white such that it looks grey) is generally the preferred choice on styleforum for wedding ties (There's another picture in my "ask a...
Hey Cat Sure, not a problem. Hope these help.
Kent Wang, apparently.
Thanks Cat. That's cool. One of my groomsmen ended up getting that exact suit; you can see it in my picture of the wedding party. He's on the right and is wearing a 40R (he's 5'10"). It's a nice suit, it's got a distinct pattern but looks solid from a distance. I can post more photos of it if you need. Hope it all works out and let us know how it turns out.
Yeah, he would have to get them shortened. Whether the 40R unacceptable is kind of subjective. For me, it would be but that's my personal taste. Yeah, I've tried on the Ludlow but not the Lazio; for reference, my chest size is 37.25". The Ludlow in 38S was a pretty decent fit for me, just a touch snug. I would have just needed to hem the sleeves. The Napoli is definitely roomier; I did try a size down (36S) but it was off in the shoulders so I ended up staying with my...
Yeah, I can see what you're saying. The problem I have with the 38R is that, while it's not bad from the side and back, from the front it accentuates his hips and gives him a more womanly figure. I'm curious how the 38L would look at him but, personally, if I had to choose between the two, I would go with the 40L and get it altered.
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