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Great, thanks!
What chest and neck size are you, if you don't mind me asking?
That's your natural stance? You look like you're trying to touch your elbows together in that last pic, it looks very exaggerated.
The navy grenadine tie would be fine and look nice with the grey suit. That being said, I wouldn't worry about a traditional wedding tie looking too monochomatic with it either. The pic below is from the wedding thread and the general feedback (which I personally agreed with as well) is that the simplicity of the look was great.
Good to know
24, half of 48 (which would be 38R in euro sizing, a 38L would be double, or 96, as was explained to me)
Thought I'd share a couple pics from my wedding: All in all, I was pretty happy with how everything turned out. The only quibble that I had was I didn't realize how light my suit looked in sunlight. When you see it indoors, it just looks like a navy suit (albeit a lighter navy); but in sunlight, the blue really comes out. There were some rules that I broke (like wearing black monk straps for my shoes, my groomsmens' PS's and socks) but I felt they were minor in the...
That's still a pretty decent collection. Mine's only at five; and I feel pretty set at this point.
I have a brand new green, linen sport coat from suitsupply for sale; it's never been worn and is in mint condition. Measurements: Shoulders across from in top of seam to seam: 17.25" Chest: 20" Waist: 17.75" Back from bottom of collar: 29.25" Sleeve: about 24.75" I had bought it but didn't return it in time and have now decided that it'll be too much to alter as I'd have to shorten it from the sleeves. My loss is your gain; I'm selling for $149 plus shipping costs,...
+1. I got a Napoli suit recently; I'd say the cut is pretty standard and perfectly fine for conservative business wear.
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