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I got 3.25 myself and I'm 5'7", relatively athletic build. 3.5 would probably be ok as it's not much of a difference; I just happened to like it better after getting one that width.
Well, maybe invitation isn't the right word; I didn't know how else to explain it. I'd been corresponding with one of his cousins via email to get updates and she that's where she notified me of the funeral details. Thanks for the feedback though.
I have the Jeffersons as well. I just got a pair of the split toes from cedarville (no longer in operation) and they've been fine. It's been a few years and no deformations so far.
Hi, just wanted to get your opinions on what you would think would be appropriate. I'm going to a friend of the family's funeral this Sunday. From the invitation, they said to wear blue/aqua/turquoise in honor of his love of the ocean. So I could wear a blue suit; but I also know that generally one wears a dark suit so I could go with my default charcoal suit and wear a blue tie. I'm leaning towards the latter as it's the safer option because, while I want to respect...
I wish I was 5'9"
Out of the current choices, I like a,b and e. If drakes has a grey grenadine, I think that would be a good option as well. As an aside, what I did was pick four that I liked the best, had my groomsmen rank their favourites, then distributed the ties accordingly (I didn't tell them what I was doing so it was still a surprise).
Havana:Hudson:The photos are a little distorted because my wife was standing too close; but it gives you an idea at least. As mimo said, the Hudson is a little bigger in the shoulders (although I found it to be roomier overall). It wasn't a huge difference but might be just enough for you.
Kinda have to agree with gumercindo, even describing what you wrote, and linked to the JC suit, I still don't see how this Sienna in grey couldn't work:http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/suits/sienna-grey-birds-eye/P2444I.html?start=4&cgid=Suits&prefn1=styleFit&prefv1=Classic-SiennaAlternatively, you can try ehaberdasher's Benjamin line. I have one in charcoal and it's quite dark. Likewise, with his navy.
Is this your first sportcoat? I had purchased the second Hudson as I was looking for a fourth to add to my collection. It's nice but I'll be returning it as it doesn't have the versatility that I'm looking for (I wanted something I can where for work but also casually. Also, the fit wasn't quite right for me). I ended up going with this one instead: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/jackets/havana-light-brown-check/C836I.html?start=8&cgid=Jackets&prefn1=color&prefv1=BrownThat...
What do you mean by lower formality? If it's just a matter of guys wearing their own suits, then it's not a problem on SF at all. In fact, it's actively encouraged.In regards to your questions:1. I can't see any problems with black shoes, and the lightest blue suit that you've pictured still looks fine to me.2. I don't know the answer whether they should or not. I'm sure it would be nice and would complete the look; but probably I wouldn't sweat it if they don't have...
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