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Mmm I'm not sure if asking the fiancé and her family will be helpful, if past history on the wedding thread is any indication. OP, I'd recommend taking a read through the official wedding thread then posting any questions you may still have in there.
If you're worried about wrinkling, you can go with a linen blend. I have one that's linen, wool and silk and, though it does wrinkle a bit at the elbow, it's so little that I never think about.
I double checked and that is it. No, the fabric isn't particularly thick. I mean, it's thicker than suiting fabric, but it's a little thinner than a wool herringbone sportcoat that I have.Honestly, if you did get it, I'm pretty sure you'll be pretty happy with. But it certainly doesn't hurt to order both and return the one you don't like as much if you want to be completely sure.
I think this one, or at least it's the closest to what I got that I can see on the website.http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/jackets/havana-navy-plain/C795I.html?cgid=Jackets&prefn1=color&prefv1=Blue&prefn2=fit&prefv2=HavanaI like it because the fabric has a little bit of texture so it doesn't feel as formal to me.
I'd agree with spex that darker would be better, especially if it's your first; you can alway get a lighter blue later as addition but the darker one will pretty much be your go to.I couldn't really comment on whether the upgrade is worth it as its really more a personal thing. I'd be worried about the durability of the finer thread count, especially if you're going to be traveling a lot. But someone more knowledgeable on fabrics can speak on that aspect.At any rate, the...
I do have a Havana in navy and it's been great. I mean, it's a basic navy jacket so don't know what else to add aside from it's going to be your most versatile jacket by far. Both should be totally fine.
Just throwing this out there as I'm genuinely curious myself, but what about kilts? Is it appropriate, tradition-wise, to where a kilt in lieu of a suit? I really don't know.
I'd just get the navy suit, especially if you don't already have a nice one. As an aside, do you really get many opportunities to wear tuxes in Edmonton? I've only been there once (for a friend's wedding as well) so I'm just curious. And a little surprised, actually.
Are you only wearing it with suits? If not, then my AE Kenilworth's (dark brown plain toe blucher) is my versatile shoe and would be my shoe of choice if I could only own two (although burgundy cap toe oxford would be the other shoe if I had a two shoe rotation).
It wouldn't hurt to try, if done right. My wife was set on the matchy-matchy as well but after showing her pics and explaining the reasoning behind non matching wedding parties, she fully embraced the idea. You'd be limited by the fact the bridesmaids dresses have already been purchased, but you can try to at least not require the blue bow ties of your groomsmen.BTW, I'm not an expert so I'll defer to the more knowledgable, but my understanding is traditional tuxes have...
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