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My Wife and Kids. Damon Wayans was hilarious on that show.
pm'ed you
I am 30 yrs old and live in the Pacific Northwest and I break out the flip flops every summer.
Candles are a bad idea. I've got candle wax on all of my tables.
You gotta practice or play regularly. My brother-in-law couldn't even dribble a couple of years ago but we play twice a week and now he 's knocking down open j's.
My dermatologist prescribed retin-a, some kinda cream, and benzoyl peroxide. I apply all three before I go to sleep and my face has never been clearer.
My throat's been sore for a couple of weeks and my doc prescribed antibiotics. I finished the meds but my throat's still sore. I'll have to check out that LPR theory.
I'm a CK man.
I get all my tee's from Gap.
If GoldenTribe passes on the LV tie I'll take it.
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