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I would keep the Speedy, but between the two you mentioned I'd go for the IWC, especially if you want to put the Rolex on a nato and have it be your only watch. I like the Omega Railmaster idea, though.
I don't like monograms, so I'd vote no. Also, Aspinals are very nice wallets.
With the exception of the dial, men should not wear white watches. I would have thought this to be quite obvious.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro They are just as sketchy these days with their pricing policies...leveraged the demand for Birkin and Kelly bags to raise prices across the board for everything regardless of quality (e.g. $330 flip-flops). Every purchase from a Hermes group company needs careful consideration because you are definitely going to be paying top dollar.... My wife wants a smaller leather Birkin and while it is a gorgeous bag,...
Quote: Originally Posted by DGP I know! I want to cry every time I see today's Zenith watches. They used to be among the BEST in the world, they were a true manufacture, they had subtle, elegant, understated designs which could be mistaken for a Citizen and they were rare. One of my greatest disappointments was not buying a Zenith Elite at Harrods about six years ago when they had their annual sale. Would have been half off plus whatever else I got...
I don't know about the Manhattan or the Sanford, but the Park Avenue is their best selling shoe for a reason. I have two pair and another similar pair based on the same last and they're very comfortable and go with anything. They're classic and will never go out of style.
While it would be nice for one's wallet and briefcase to match, I don't think it has to, just as a wedding band doesn't have to match one's watch or belt buckle. For me, having different colored wallets and briefcases is just not practical, as everything would have to be transferred every day. I've opted for a dark brown wallet and briefcase and I don't mind the look when I'm wearing a black belt and shoes. That said, black leather truly goes with everything, even if...
Fountain pens, like clothes and watches, are a matter of personal taste. I have a number of fountain pens that I both use and look collect. For use, I'm partial to piston filled pens, as I use a lot of ink and cartridges are expensive and converters never seem to work well. As for nibs, because of my work, I prefer fine ones. Regarding brands: I'm not a huge Montblanc fan. They're kind of like Rolex in my opinion: they make a good product that costs two to...
Arnault is exactly right. No one in their right mind would call modern Zenith watches "blingy". The only products I can think of that LVMH hasn't screwed up in terms of either design or quality is their booze! I guess we should be anticipating that Indian "Champagne".
I really like that Omega. Personally I'd leave the hands alone, but if you choose to replace them I'd go with gold instead of blue. As for straps, yours looks black in your pictures but I'm sure it looks great in person. I have watche in both red and pink gold (no rose yet) and I have them both on dark brown straps.
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