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And why are so many of the posters on this thread from Toronto? Very suspicious. I hope Honest Eds is keeping you in warm foot wear this holiday season!
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad seems to me they actually get quite a lot of love around here. This is like those stupid "underrated hot chicks" threads where people claim nobody appreciates Monica Bellucci or Jennifer Connelly, only less visually interesting. How can you say that black leather Clarks Desert Treks are less pleasing on the eyes than Monica or Jennifer? What a maladjusted things to say! One could start a shoe porn...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trompe le Monde becuase theya re ugly That's not true. Theya re not ugly in the least. In fact they are objectively and universally beautiful. Admit it. Now!
I happily rotate between my Clarks Desert Treks, Crockett & Jones, Allen Edmonds etc. Of course they are more casual but why don't they get the love they deserve?
You could call them 'blucher cap toe monk straps".
The truth of the matter is that anything less than immersion won't work. Listen to Japanese radio Use Rosetta Go through the Japanese for Busy People books Listen to the Pimsler recordings http://www.pimsler.org/ Eat at Japanese run restaurants Go to Japan Practice Aikido, Karate or Judo Read some manga or buy some j-pop Do a language exchange at your local library And always remember that if your not immersed or studying hard you'll forget faster than you...
I was shopping for some Crockett & Jones a few weeks ago and the store I was in was (sadly) discontinuing sale of Allen Edmonds. Happily, they were all on clearance! http://www.skyvalet1.com/
I generally stalk... http://therealnews.com/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/
UK- http://www.shoesnorthampton.co.uk/ USA- http://www.skyvalet1.com/ Malaysia - http://plal.com/main/ UK - http://pediwear.co.uk Weigh all of the variables and make the best choice for you. They are all well established.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr Huh? Yes! For a very brief period these were popular amongst the kids in my my class when I was in grade 6. I remember everyone had been talking about getting a pair. So much so that is convinced me to get a pair for Christmas. When I went back to school after the holidays it turned out I was one of the only ones to wear them. I got some recognition, mostly from black kids, although on one occasion a black girl gave the...
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