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Received my black calf moto today... this thing is a beast! hehe The shoulders are a bit pointy though like the last moto i got... whats up with that? I guess if i had naturally flat frankenstein shoulders it wouldnt bother me but my traps raise up a bit off my shoulders to my neck so its like... downward curved from the neck into an almost upward point at the ends of the shoulders. Argh. Do the ends of the shoulders naturally fall after eventual wear or hanging in...
Errr oops didnt look at the second fit pic, its zipped and yeah a tad funky fit
Hell yeah that belt ROCKS man... get it!
I like the way that fits him, the sleeves are just a bit too long... i think if it was zipped it would be a lot tighter looking on him. I agree about the quality though, it doesn't look that great.
Quote: Originally Posted by ryan123 has 40% bing cashback. Just search at Making All of the Red Wings shoes less than 150 each. For some reason it said im supposed to get 40% back but it didnt quite add up right... and DAMN YOU for making me buy more shoes! haha ugh... was trying to hold off spending any more money right now ugh Finally got a pair of black GT
Those are pre-soak? What size did you get? TTS? If those haven't been soaked yet, they have a fair amount of shrinkage left esp in the thighs... i think you'll be just fine ***On a second note, i got the light blue short sleeve IH chambray and need to soak/wash it... i've never washed raw shirts before. I def need it to shrink though so do i just toss it in a tub of hot tap water for an hour and then hang dry like i do jeans? Buttoned/inside out or anything else i...
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya SENY is still taking phone orders for the discount.. Yes they are... thanks guys! I am definitely forming a small obsession for a particular brand... arghhh If only you guys had the 9634 in a size 30 in NY, would have nabbed it as well
Wanna buy some stuff before teh sale is over but tax in CA kills it for me :/
Yeah really... where is are the band collar fit pics? :P Waiting on my black calf moto... hopefully it all works out
They look like they're wearing each other's glasses... :P
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