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***Nevermind i just woke up and didnt know what you guys were referring to haha
Does anyone have any idea how the Wolverine's are gonna run size wise? I typically wear 8.5-9 in shoes, a uk7/EU41/US8 in boots which are a bit roomy... I wanna preorder some of these, i think they're supposed to come out soon? :P
Ahh! That nudie flanel is just the kinda thing i'm lookin for... thanks for the heads up
Quote: Originally Posted by jet ^excellent advice Wait, so according to your post you want higher end brands without the higher end price am I getting that right? If shades of greige is too crazy price wise for you I'd suggest overcoming your distaste for the mall. Kk i'll check out J Crew i guess... No, i'm willing to spend more on nicer clothes, you do get what you pay for and i know that. But at the same time the whole "If you have...
I come from the world of semi-generic denim and band t's ... i'm only recently getting into wearing nicer clothes... i'm not at all short on funds, i just really don't know what to look for. I'm not coming here posting annoying n00b threads looking for "secret" brands, just higher end brands people on the board favor that i haven't heard of yet that might carry stuff that i'm describing that isn't outrageously expensive. And, i hate the mall.
Sorry 'bout that. And no, i'm not in NY... i'm in the opposite direction. SoCal.
I've found stuff i like by Nudie, Rogues Gallery, Shades of Greige that i like... i'm looking for button down short/long sleeve shirts that aren't crazy expensive. Plaid, Check, Flannel, etc Other brand suggestions?
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