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Quote: Originally Posted by MiddleClassDude I thought 150 was too steep as well. Then someone pointed out Nordstroms had them on sale. 108 out the door, a somewhat better deal. I don't generally spend this much on one pair of shoes but these are pretty nice. Sale? Not currently right? has em for $75 right now, but of course not in my size
Quote: Originally Posted by MiddleClassDude I recently picked up the black/red leather Varvatos I was jonesing-for up the thread apiece. You can definitely wear them with jeans, that's practically what they were made for, imo... Besides, with Chucks, I find people will be wearing them with jeans and half the time you can't tell if they are either hi or lo tops anyway. Yeeeah i actually really like the grey/red leather varvatos after sitting...
Sick thanks... and in olive like i wanted Crap they don't do half sizes though... if i usually wear 7.5 in cons what would you suggest with these
Quote: Originally Posted by Tigerprawn Picked up the flight jackets in olive. Really liking them a lot. Wore em all weekend. Did a small write up as well. I went to the undefeated website and didn't see these in the e-store... are they B&M only? How much do they run? Just curious... i dig those they may be worth a trip to LA :P
I'm checkin out some JV Converse to see if theyre any more comfortable than standard chucks... and they are. Not by a large margin, but they definitely are. I ordered a few diff pairs on zappos and am considering keeping one/some. Can't make up my mind which ones... I like the JV Star Players... but the low and mid tops are different from each other in that the mid tops don't have the black ring around the shoes on top whereas the low does. Wtf?...
Did they stop producing the F310/F380 as well? What are their current/new cuts (soon?)available?
Wow that thing actually is pretty bad ass.... if it were a size higher i probably would have already bought it
How are the chuck taylor leather vs canvas? Are they any more comfortable or durable? What's the sizing like between the two? I wear a 7.5 in the canvas (Converse suggests an 8 but they seem a tad too big) Considering getting the leather ones... trying to decide between the hi tops and low tops
Wow after seeing those Cigar GT i wish i had gotten the black cherry color on with the cashback offer as well... damn :/
Quote: Originally Posted by skunkworks The moto was designed to have strong, structured shoulders, so I think if you have really sloped shoulders it could be an issue. FWIW, I had similar concerns when I got my moto but with some wear they've settled down. I'm hoping mine do too... i am in love with it otherwise It does make me wonder what people consider "structured" shoulders to be though... flat? Straight across from the neck? Strong...
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