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I need to edit my thread... add some items, update some sold, post some drops... but it wont let me now for some reason?? Can a mod help me? Thanks
Ordered a pair of Poorman Weapons in B&W, and they are pretty damn nice... unfortunately they run a half size smaller than converse usually do for me, so i gotta return them and they dont have my size. Arghhh These things are actually comfortable too which shocked me... they actually have an arch inside. Easily the most comfortable pair of cons ive tried so far.
Hmm was looking at stuff over at footlocker online and saw a bunch of "padded collar" hi top chucks... has anyone checked these out? Are they actually more comfortable? I'm really considering picking some up... i just wish the damn soles were more comfortable on chucks
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What are the measurements on the W&H shirt? Interested in it...
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Varsities are like bombers in fit, they're supposed to be big in the body like that. Well it actually fits me very slim... its just poofy on my lower back for some reason
Yeah fit pic for sure!
Received a black on black varsity from a SF Member today... fits really slim and high, like at the top of my belt line. I prob would have added an inch to the length had i gone custom... or are they supposed to fit high? Kinda poofs out on my lower back above the bottom ribbing too. I just dont like havin a Tshirt poke out the bottom. Amazing piece though, i am definitely impressed by it!
What size do you guys need in the F310, i have a pair of 30x33.5 that have been hot soaked once and worn for like 2 hours in my B&S thread
Pretty slick... i dig the maroon. I may have to pick em up, don't have any purcel's yet
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