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Damn you for being tiny! haha I prob would have bought nearly everything in this thread if they were larger sizes
Wow those ARE pretty spiffy^^
Hey man I sent payment for the W+H shirt on the 24th and haven't received it yet, havent gotten shipment confirmation from ya or a reply to the PM i sent asking about it earlier yesterday. Send me a PM and let me know Thanks
Hi tops are a lil better about the tongue slide thing, and JV Cons have the little tongue slit which helps too
Wow man... you are 6" 165lbs and have 16.26" shoulders? I hope the items i bought work out, cause my shoulders are a lot bigger than that
Quote: Originally Posted by Peon here is the answer Yes, they are bags that we carry in Japan. Basically the Red Wing license products is available at Japan only. Actually the licensee has an e-commerce site for Japanese market only, so they do not ship the goods to out side of Japan. So getting the bag is really difficult for the querist. So once someone figures out how much to proxy over to the US, let us know :P
^^If these come down in price or go on sale they are SO mine... those are so awesome
They are aligned.
Cleaning out my closet to make room for new stuff i've purchased recently... all prices include shipping within CONUS - payment by paypal only + 4% or send as gift. I may ship outside of the united states - ask me and i will try and work something out with you as long as you are willing to cover the extra shipping. If you would like more photos or have questions etc do not hesitate to ask. PM me for Paypal Address. Have now sold several things on here, ebay, and...
Thank you Sir
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