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Cleaning out my closet to make room for new stuff i've purchased recently... all prices include shipping within CONUS - payment by paypal only + 4% or send as gift. I may ship outside of the united states - ask me and i will try and work something out with you as long as you are willing to help cover the extra shipping. If you would like more photos or have questions etc do not hesitate to ask. PM me for Paypal Address. Have now sold several things on here, ebay, and...
Sure Soft(solid) Unscented... green label. You'll never need anything else. Serious.
Ugh i just fixed this thread and started to sell some thing and for some reason it took away my ability to edit the sales post. How do i fix being able to edit the thread? (TOJ Varsity Sz 48 SOLD)
Removed tons of SOLD items, added a bunch of NEW items, a few price drops, and organised the thread so it's easier to find everything.
Kiya... any word on the SE IH CPO jacket yet? I'm def buying one from SE or IHUK, i just wanted to see pics/more details of each first...
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya The new 7301 from Iron Heart is coming next week. It's a new black selvedge denim that actually fades over time, unlike the Super Black denim which pretty much stays black. Are those the same/similar to the Beatle Busters?
Yeah i saw those silver/grey model online on SGH website... i picked up both the blue/green tint models relatively cheap, i like the blue tint not so sure about the green on me. Id like to trade the green for grey but that's not an option :/ Other opinions?
Hey guys, just wondering what you think of these in general... they're the Mosley Tribes Cheyne... either the blue or green mirror tint. I dig them, but my cousin said "wow those are gay" .... he wears ONLY aviators and wayfarers, so i figured i'd get diff opinions. These are a blocky square aviator... like their Enforcer etc model, but...
I sent ya a PM as well
Measurements on the flathead?
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