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Kiya, not holding my breath here but do you guys by any chance have any IHJ-03 down vest left in stock in any of your stores?
A price drop or two and added a handful of Shirts... Iron Heart, Flat Head, Sugar Cane
Sorry, they've been sold, i need to update my thread
Ahhhh i've known tons of people growing up that had contacts and it always looks like a such huge hassle.... i don't mind wearing glasses as long as i am happy with the look. I suppose somewhere down the road if/when i DO get to the point of absolutely hate glasses then i will look into corrective surgery. *shrug*
Cool... awesome advice! Keep em coming. And by heavy black frame, how "heavy" do you mean? Like just to look at the Persol because theres only a few to pick from in order of what im assuming you mean by heaviness... Vs Vs
Great... i am blind! haha not really, but i did finally go get a prescription yesterday. I tried my friends glasses on in a bar the other day when we first got there and i could actually SEE things on the wall/tv all the way on the opposite side of the bar, lights werent just fuzzy blurs, etc etc i was shocked. So i went to a good eye DR yesterday and he confimed that i am nearsighted and theyre slight but i do need them. The worst is having to drive when i dont really...
Wow some really nice stuff! I'm still holding out for the IH CPO cotton jacket though :P
I like that rule... "Don't be a jackass"
Quote: Originally Posted by crosswound i thought i was imagining things so i went to a tailor to have the 634sb inseam measured seems like one side is hemmed to the length i asked but the other side is a little under inch longer lol. guess i only noticed this more because it was a straight cut and no matter how i wore them one side of the leg looked baggier than the other no matter what. so i thought i was going crazy. pay $400 for some nice denim off...
Damn $300 is a hell of a nice steak dinner... haha
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