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Added a bunch of Iron Heart shirts - will post pics as soon as i get off work
Cleaning out my closet to make room for new stuff i've purchased recently... all prices include shipping within CONUS - payment by paypal only + 4% or send as gift. I may ship outside of the united states - ask me and i will try and work something out with you as long as you are willing to cover the extra shipping. If you would like more photos or have questions etc do not hesitate to ask. PM me for Paypal Address. Have now sold several things on here, ebay, and other...
Updated description - need small easy repair job. Offering drop to compensate.
Does anyone have experience with the JCrew edition of the Beckman/Gentleman Travelers? I found a pair in my supposed size which is a half size, but the JCrew site doesnt list half sizes... the seller listed measurements but they are way off compared to my standard RW Beckmans i have in black. Like a whole inch smaller length wise, at least a half inch narrower at the widest point etc Do these...
Payment via Paypal Gift or + 4%. Will ship within CONUS or internationally if you hit me up first for additional shipping cost. Have sold tons on here ebay SUFU IH UK etc etc   Iron Heart Beatle Busters SBG Size 29 07-22-11 UPDATE - These have a tiny popped seam on the inside of the crotch and will need a small repair. Should be quick and easy according to Giles and other forum members. Will post pics of popped seam and offer a drop due to the condition. Still a nearly...
Happened with my pair of DC4001 too, doesn't really bother me anymore i just ignore it.
Added several Mr Olive, Rogues Gallery, Red Wing etc items... cleaned up listing. Going on 2 week vacation soon so hit me up with offers if you want something right now! ***some of the pics not showing up on my PC at the moment when i look at my listing, will fix asap if needed.
Added Mr Olive, Mosley Tribes, Converse, Vestal, and G-Shock items
Wow this has travelled around a bit eh? haha ... good luck! Enjoy it
Added Iron Heart & Wings + Horns Items, Cleaned up thread a bit.
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