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Hi! Requests: size 36 double pleats rise 12,5 or more wool or cotton/silk could be interested in several different colors model Grant NWT Thanks!
Just paid for: 1b - 22 x 16L 6 x 14L 1c - 22 x 16L 6 x 14L 2b - 22 x 16L 6 x 14L 4b - 20 x 24L 8 x 32L
I just received my jacket. The quality is, of course, excellent. I'm very pleased.
Money sent for one of the 42R brown plaid/POW/Tom Ford-esque jackets.
Beautiful links! Good luck with the sale.
I am interested in the Brown plaid/POW/Tom Ford-esque 42R jacket. I just need some answers to a few questions before I dare order one. As this is my first post in this forum I am not allowed to PM any member yet. So I ask my questions here: What is the difference sizewise between a 42R drop 7 and a 42R no drop? How much is the shipping fee to Sweden for this item? Thanks.
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