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Ate at Chin Chin on Saturday night. Many thanks for the tip off. It was a big success all round and thanks for the warning about neck issues. Managed to score a table in the corner bar overlooking the kitchen with great view of restaurant and enabled us to talk to the very talented Exec Chef (Benjamin Cooper), lovely bloke. Very, very highly recommend their Baramundi (spell check wants to change that last word to "Barmaid" ). Awesome service and food was sensational.Ended...
Don't have any experience of apartment hotels in Sydney I'm afraid. Not sure what your budget / length of stay is however, but you might like to check out; Seems to be great for that sort of thing, I've used them to book a hotel apartment in KL.
Many thanks Ernesto and Windowpane. Noted about Chin Chin lol!
Thank you.
'Afternoon / evening gents, any recommendations for lunch and dinner in Melbourne? Taking wife there this weekend (away without the kids ;-). Thinking CBD for dinner but could go further afield for lunch. We like Japanese / Asian but open to suggestions. Preferably c$30 main or equivalent. Many thanks in advance!
Interest check on a Lubiam 1911 incredibly fine (lightweight) beige suit 50L (fits me and I'm a 40R, 33 waist ), SB with 3 buttons. Bought from Harrold's a few years ago and only worn a handful of times. Great for summer. Looking to sell as moving back to UK (unlikely to use in near future ). Will put on B&S but thought I'd check here first (hope this is OK, mods). If you're in Sydney CBD, happy for you to inspect. PM if interested.
As a rule of thumb, pick stitching on a suit is a sign of quality right? Edit - suit I am thinking of is a Lubiam 1911
Made in India. I had a few questions and chatted (online via their site) to someone and was very impressed with their response. I was told that since I am in Australia, best to send a shirt straight to "our factory in India" for them to get measurements from. No problem in my book...
Pink Socks, if you are coming over with the kids you might like to take ferry over to Manly where there is an Arts Festival on until 1st October. Furthermore, "Sunday Funday" tickets mean only $2.50pp for unlimited trains, ferries and buses in Sydney. Here's a link to Manly Festival http://www.manlyartsfestival.comGood luck with the Mudder. Enjoy.
OK and try the ironing tip too. Good luck!
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