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I just picked up the navy version of this on sale. No belt, though it doesn't seem to be much longer than others I've seen. I love the way it fits, and the leather is nice and thick but not incredibly stiff like the Schott's I have seen.
Ordered the Navy Bartlett online last week and picked it up from the NYC store on my trip there earlier this week. Fits me absolutely perfect. Love it. Amazing cut and construction on it. Couldn't be happier. I'll try and get a fit pic with it this week.
Ah just tried it. Turns out you can. My bad, thought they were different. As an apology, here is that jacket.
I really don't know. Maybe you can? He just posted them saying he had them made for him, so maybe he did it that way. They jut reminded me of those all white Hyperfeels, so I thought I'd share
A friend of mine that works at Nike HQ just posted a pic of his custom 1 of 1 frees. Kinda awesome. He has some pretty cool stuff that they seem to custom make for him (including a pretty amazing "Dipset" Destroyer)
Nope, but very much thinking about it for the second round. Love the way it looks. It should break in amazingly.
I have one. I recall it smelling a little when I got it, but nothing like you described. Just a little waxier smelling than normal Aired it out for a day or two and it is totally fine now. Chippewa boots on sale for 300, then 40% off right now. Brings it down to $180. Pretty good if you need some boots Are these the ones you got? If so I can't see the break in time being that bad
I can only assume W9 means "Womens size 9"
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