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Real Mccoys Dead Wood leather jacket, black s40 Horse hide masterpiece, and this cost almost £1600 to the Uk with taxes Lightly used, and as new with the creases just starting. Still undecided as I am reluctant to sell, but have so many jackets I have to be realistic. It's a tagged 40 but it's a slim fit medium (measurements on RM NYC website) Best bit: it comes with the tags and carry case as new. Please PM me for as many photos and questions as you want. Yes I am new...
Ignore the "yes" answer above - Trickers do mark shoes in US sizes, and I have a pair that have the US size in them. They always state this if you buy direct, or from their factory shop. Buy private and you could be caught out. Rare, but it does happen if the run is made for a US store, for example. Even a MTO US order could be marked up as a US size inside.
my latest additions - before a complete Saphir overhaul Trickers could only add that they were style 9664 found in an old brochure from the 1970s - ‘Medium brown gorse calf, round toe, Flex Dri-Ped leather sole" They have wonderfully thick leather which buffs up great. Have been resoled well with a "Downton" waterproofed leather double sole that Trickers are not familiar with.
^ You like those (the nasty gumlite colour soles)? Not for me! The brown things just above are hideous! Tricker's/P&f Cordovan Boot on the link above - now we are talking!!
was there any need to "quote" the entire picture series again, so I had to sit through them twice in two posts?!? It about crashed my browser.
Got some brand new (worn twice) ilkley size 8 (UK) that I'm going to have to sell if anyone fancies a commando sole classic. I need to replace them with a 7.5 - as I found with my 4444 Keswicks. I'm TTS in the 4497 last, though. Outrageously good shoes, and the only bad thing I can say about the commando sole is that they pick up stones! Superb for walking in, and my Ilkley have the Itshide sole used before they moved to the unmarked ones of today.
Come on then....Spill!And how did you find you sized compared to normal?
Nah,I saw the same boots a while back and made a note the next pair would be mine!But, no point getting the wrong size just to wish they fitted you better.If they were an 8 I'd be wearing them by now. I have some Allan's already in 8 and they are fine, but thought they are the 4497 last? Might have to check, now! I didn't mention them by name at the time as I wanted to keep them quiet while I did my research! Not that it was hard to figire it out!Didn't fancy the black -...
Anyone know how the 81 last fits? No info on the Tricker's fitting guide for this last. I'm an 8 in everything but the 4444 in which I go for 7.5 Guessing 8 1/2 in the 81 last will be too big (however much I want a pair of ebay 8 1/2's for sale!) Or is it a small last where they suggest sizing up like the "2004 last"
Not my cup of tea - feet would be like a patchwork quilt when it rains!
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