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in my experience with acne, 2% salicylic acid or over the counter benzo peroxide does not work. i can't imagine it working for anyone because 2% salicylic is too low of a concentration and benzo peroxide(i can imagine works) but leaves skin horribly dry/scaling and a low percentage has allergic reaction. 100% for dermatologist when it comes to acne, because it causes facial scarring(with or without picking/popping) scars on face for anyone in this forum i would assume...
because prescription strength retnoids are good for clearing skin + fighting aging
im not sure on your skin tone, but if you want to try, tinted moisturizers. not really wearing makeup? :P
could any of these reactoins(thirsty e.g.) be a simple Salt reaction from the sodium in MSG? my mother adds MSG to vegetables but i am not sure if she adds it to anything else.
i mentioned i was on Schiff, that one is listed 3mg. if you have the same one as I, 3-9mg is 1-3 pills of melatonin.
i take 1 3mg pill from Schiff (Costco) 1 hour before bed. take at 930pm, sleep at 1030 i take it every weekday as i am using it to get rest for work. on weekends, i sleep fine(distractions are gone by my bedtime on the weekends) my mind is restless when i can hear noises, tv, or anything, so melatonin helps me go to sleep.
i think i have been taking for 1.5-2 years now i use it to force myself to sleep at 10:30pm to wake up at 5. take it 1hr before, so 930 i cannot say i have a more restful sleep but it removes the tossing and turning waiting for sleep to come. i do not take it on weekends i guess wierd dreams could be a symptom, but i always had weird dreams. i think lowered blood pressure is a indication that you are getting better rest/more rest
Quote: Originally Posted by Windycity ok i will be starting accutane in 2 weeks. but i just read somewhere it can affect your penis size... is this true to any degree? please tell me this is a complete load of bullshit ask your doctor....
i had a small tub of wax/putty that dried out when i stopped using it. i think you just gotta make sure they dont dry out and they should be fine.
you can try to move your natural part(assuming you have short hair) after washing your hair, just part the hair while its wet the way you want and be hopeful it sticks after a few weeks and with flyaways, it shouldn't require that much gel to get rid of them...
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