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in the way all CPs run big
combat boots run a bit big.
not really sorry.
thats correct.
yes on the rouges footwear, no on the nepenthes accessories. the rouges footwear is not on sale however. boat shoe is $330, deck boot is $385
brand list for odin is: Robert Geller Surface To Air Paris Common Projects Duckie Brown* YMC* Engineered Garments Nepenthes Rag & Bone* Obedient Sons* Comme Des Garcons Shirt Comme Des Garcons Fragrences Oliver Spencer* Niibo* Shipley & Halmos* Rouges Gallery* Nice Collective Rouges Gallery* *=currently on sale
Quote: Originally Posted by Black Cherry What shoes are these? I really like them. alexander mcqueen x puma tendon mid. thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika For a split second there I thought you were in Paris. Are those jeans CM? i wish i was in paris, and no they are opening ceremony, i've been very happy with the fit of them.
cold and tired.
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