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those numbers are what i remember from probably 5-6 years back looking into for an event. will email now.
been missing from the site for quite some time, what's the deal with posting lookbooks if it's my brand? yay nay, affiliate thread? also its a shame business is slow at totokaelo ny, space is beautiful, rent is very easily $150k or more, space used to be rented out only for events at around $8-10k per 24 hour.
in the way all CPs run big
combat boots run a bit big.
not really sorry.
thats correct.
yes on the rouges footwear, no on the nepenthes accessories. the rouges footwear is not on sale however. boat shoe is $330, deck boot is $385
brand list for odin is: Robert Geller Surface To Air Paris Common Projects Duckie Brown* YMC* Engineered Garments Nepenthes Rag & Bone* Obedient Sons* Comme Des Garcons Shirt Comme Des Garcons Fragrences Oliver Spencer* Niibo* Shipley & Halmos* Rouges Gallery* Nice Collective Rouges Gallery* *=currently on sale
Quote: Originally Posted by Black Cherry What shoes are these? I really like them. alexander mcqueen x puma tendon mid. thanks
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