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wear what seth green wore in that movie that dropped in 98. Oh and dont forget your pager.
Quote: Originally Posted by utjtl21 To thelion, if you are a measured 44, I would go with the XL. I have not tried the L, but I have Gitman Vintage XL's. I can't imagine that the L would work for me and I am a 44. I do have broader shoulders though. It sounds like you might be a tweener. I am a L in RL. I hope that helps. Good luck. thanks mate, im a L or M in RRL. my shoulders are pretty damn wide though lol.
Hi guys got a sizing question on gitman vintage as i have never dealt with this brand before. Do you guys wear true to size or size up or down on the vintage gitman? I've surfed around to see that the fits of regular gitman are different than the vintage collection. (I got broad "XL like" sholders) Well basically my question is if i should go with an L in a gitman vintage shirt or XL? the shirt in question is a sholder to sholder size 19 (L) or 20 (XL) and pit to pit...
there is just something so sexy about a nice pair of indys
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i suggest you look towards some better jeans. Trust me they will look better on you. Try some regular fit japanese brands. Also buy them as tight around the waist as you can. Trust us, they will streatch out over time. The regular fit would keep your calves from lookin like toothpics. Also if the Japanese denim is too much to aford at the moment go with Ande Whall, Nudies or APC or if thats still too much go with the selvage raw uniqlos or STF (shrink to fit) levis. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 actually, blue in green was the first to offer chain stitching services of the two. believe it or not, big was the first to bring these japanese repos to the states. i think se gets the factor because the owner is all over the place, making announcements of this and that. the owners of big are much more low-key, which i greatly respect. they know they are the best, have the best lines, and do the best work so...
i was thinkin about ordering that brushed lambswool sweater & another button up shirt. You guys say there clothing is still wide & not "slightly fitted". Do u suggest to size down one size or is that still not enough?
here are some basic everyday items you might want to start out with, i give some examples from my closet.. some of this stuff might be expensive but here are some of the best that will last you a long time in your wardrobe. Not all brands are made equal season to season, just cuz one season of a brand might be well cut and/or high quality dont mean that the next season or previous seasons also were or are going to be.... At least one pair of all white sneakers (eg:...
someone up some recent pics of your arrows for all of us thanks!
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