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Cutler for shirts, and Bijan for suits. Bijan starts at 5.5k.   It is not very common knowledge, but Karl Sussman does the fitting on behalf of Ascot Chang right here in Sydney. 
 That's D&J Anderson range, mate.
 I've done both and the trunk show prices were about $50 more per shirt.  I've used it as a carry on. No problems. It wasn't full, though. Half/three-quarters full.
 More bookmarking.
Happy 2015, fellas.   On an unrelated note, mate of mine just launched wvnt.co (pronounced 'want'). It's a shopping/wishlisht/pinterest/browsing sort of site. Some might find some similarities to svpply.com (which has been retired).   He's keen on some feedback so feel free to PM/post here.   I've been using it to try and stick to a no-purchase phase for the next couple of months.
 +1 for Rimowa. Have a look at Tumi, too. Hell, even Muji. You want reliable and light. Filsons are really sturdy but heavy and take up a chunk of your carry-on weight allowance. You also want something with a harder shell so that stuff inside doesn't get scrunched up when in transit with you.
 The likelihood of getting rejected by the NY Bar is higher than a Kings Cross Bar, though.
 Mang.. simple flyknit racers retail at $220 AUD... that's the Australia Tax for you.
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