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 IMHO I don't think PoP was being an asshole here. But that's just me.
shooz finally cleared customs.    would highly recommend a customs broker to sort all this mess out.
 Yeah, I think he might be doing that. I'm not sure. I will ask him for more details when we speak again. The draft lasts look very elegant and refined.  He will also be taking MTO orders too.  I'm happy with the construction of the shoes, they're built solid and very commendable leathers are used. I can't recall what his latest price point is - I guess we'll have to wait for the website to come back online. @hens wanna chime in about your experience with Ed's shoes?
Ed et Al is planning a trunk show in Australia. East Coast. Mid year. He's updating his RTW lasts and leathers in the meantime but have a look at his website
 I think he had no choice but to say that - when she was 15.
  Rimowa does polycarbonate, too.  And here you go: http://www.styleforum.net/t/287060/rimowa-carry-on-polycarbonate-vs-aluminum/0_100
 Value-based pricing + premium pricing strategy at pla
No Champaca Absolut? Am sad.
 I accept your sentiments, but I do not concede your assumptions.
 Very happy with their shirts. I just prefer the buttons on the PJ shirts, the hand finishing and the fabric options.  
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