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 I'm no expert, but here's how I do it. I think of 'families' of colours. In other words, which colours relate well with others. So perhaps two bright colours - like the yellow and the green - isn't something I'd do. If I'm going for a bit if contrast, then I'd think about which colour contrasts well with another. Also, I always remind myself that in any outfit, I want 1 (or at most, 2) things to stand out and 'speak for' the outfit. The rest of the outfit should be...
And if anyone chimes with comments about the quantum of what I paid, imma letchu finish, but I don't really care about what you think about what I choose to spend my money on.
 I don't know what their prices are since I paid for my commission, they might have changed - but I can tell you what I paid in Q1 this year: $3k++ (I can't recall the exact figure, I'm not being precious by not giving you the figure). I know there was 10% upcharge for a DB.
 Hi, I have. I loved the experience thoroughly. Joe is meticulous, down to millimetres and does not gloss over anything. He's got a great eye for balance and proportion. Their prices have slightly increased because they've removed from their lineup the cheaper fabric books.  He's got plenty of fabric options - not sure if it's "all" but it sure is plenty.
 Ironically, it's what you can't see.
 As much as it pains me to say this, I will: Jimmy is right about client relationship. 
 Mate, there's been, approximately, a 32% drop in the AUD against the SGD in the 2+ years I've been here. I'm buying all my shit on my Singapore-issued credit card.
  Thanks, Cox. I am sure you will be completely satisfied with your commission. Thanks for the love, everyone, and @Pliny too!
      Pardon the right cuff. Didn't lower the right sleeve jacket enough.   Suit - BnTailor Shirt - Vanda Fine Clothing (yes, you read that right) Tie - Vanda  PS - Vanda  Shooz - St Crispins Scarf - The Hillside M65 - Uniqlo
 No. I see where you're coming from, but it's not entirely true that a 'younger' DB has to be cut really slim. Someone who is in good shape will almost always look better in any clothes than his peer who isn't, so that point is moot. It's about balance - and that's not just about how slim a DB is cut.  Buttoning points - height and widths of the buttons - and this applies regardless of whether it's a 4/6 x 1 or a 4/6 x 2 DB.Chest pocket placementLapel widthWhether the...
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