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 We make up a third of the world's population. 
Speaking of comfortable shoes   Ed et Al has confirmed dates for his Sydney trunk show: 3-5 July 2015.
 http://couchtuner.eu.com/2015/05/mad-men-s7-e14-person-to-person.html enjoy.
Thanks!   Navy
There was some chatter about brown jackets and grey odd trousers        
Been a while.      
 What wurger said. Plus, travelling back and forth to Karl would be much cheaper than a flight to and from Singapore +shipping back and forth
 +11111 on Lumi. Grab a spot before they get their hat(s). 4 months for Quay? Just for the weekends, right? I've managed to book a Thursday and Tuesday within a weeks' notice.
I was just browsing the Country Road outerwear site and it's clear someone from CR has been reading some decent menswear literature. Not the #meanswear shit.
    Saint Crispin baby calf
New Posts  All Forums: