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 IIRC, prices start at: $250 for shirts, MTM. $2350 for suits, bespoke $1850 for sports coats, bespoke @Claghorn and @tchoy will have to confirm.
   Like most tailors in Asia, she's trained in the English style because the Asian Master Tailors of yore were predominantly trained in the English style. The development of Iris' style is very interesting and storied.  [[SPOILER]]
 MIne is from B&T, not SteadyState. And no jacket.. holding off on suits at the moment. I am a fan of the Florentine silhouette and lean towards it more than the Neapolitan one. Maybe some day I'll give B&T a go Joe's examined my Iris commissions and reckons there's no need to change tailors. So, there.
 Starts at $250 for MTM. Can't remember the fabric, but wasn't Thomas Mason.
 No regrets on any of the AC shirts I have. Have a B&T one coming next week. 
 Were you wearing socks?
^ there is a bit of fabric that gathers near the collarbone; right sleeve needs to be lengthened by 1/8"; there is a little gather of fabric near the right shoulderblade, a little at the back collar; right sleevehead needs to be rotated forward by 1/2"; waist suppression needs to be let out 1/2" on either side. show buttons need to be lowered and placed nearer to each other.   minimal stuff, but it grinds my gears. To Iris' credit, this is the first time she;s has done a...
 So this is back in Singapore getting more adjustments made.   [[SPOILER]]
 My alternative view on this is that no matter what the bottom 2 gents wear, women will be attracted to them - because of their looks. The first 2... fare slightly less well in that department. Which is why they compensate with their choice of clothes and/or accessories -- and because they are loud and/or attention grabbing, they're equivocated with being 'stylish'. I don't know.. just my $0.02. I'm just a kid who sometimes forgets to wear pants.
creative food spillage challenge.   bringz on the pain.
New Posts  All Forums: