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Got a pair in a different shade! You know the usual.. lol
UK 7, sorry I missed that out.
Size: UK 7.   Barely 3 weeks old.   Comes with bag and box. No trees. Smoke free home, gently worn, and always stored with trees in them. One coat of suede waterproofing spray.   Happy to send more pictures if you want them. The picture is of the actual pair before picking them up from the store. Will upload more pictures over the weekend.   Will ship worldwide. US$450 including shipping. 
 Yeah, bro - I'm between a UK 7 and UK 7.5 now. It's weird as.
 they're about 50-60% off RRP. Comes with trees. Your foot, your choice.
If you're a 7UK, PM me. I've got some second hand EGs at ridiculous prices.
 Are you a 7UK by any chance?   Yeah, they're not bad. I think. Who knows? They're not too bad for walking, too.
 Yeah, besides those already mentioned, let me know what your budget is like.
Does anyone know of any place in Australia that stocks Smythson?
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