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Cox, will you allow this? If it's a yay, I'll post the full length shots.   Slipped my mind that it was a no-patterns FC.  
I'm guessing a Sozzi knit is out, as well? No worries if it is, might have something planned for tomorrow and in a colour palette I've never tried before.
Pocketsquareindustry reminds me of Johnny Bravo
 I stand corrected
Dang, missed the poll on this. Cox would have been my vote, and only vote for this FC.
 I'd be keen.  I think espadrilles need to be sized down by a size. They'll be tight as, at first - but then they stretch out nicely and fit snug.
Get a Panama. Then a drink.   [[SPOILER]]
 Yeah, I realised I should have, too. Rob - check out the K last. It's quite exquisite. IMHO, closest to StC's classic last (NB @Pink Socks)
[[SPOILER]]  First 2 photos are on the U Last which is their most aggressive last. I can't tell if the last pair is on the K Last or the F Last.  The K is not as aggressive as the U, and the F Last is even less aggressive than the K. It's really not that sleek to be close to clown shoes.
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