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 If there is one near you, pop into a Uniqlo store and check out what they have to offer. Factor in some cost for alterations, and I think you might be sorted.
I realise it's not green, but that's the closest I've got to a bi-colour knit like the one referenced in @TweedyProf 's post.   The only other green knit I have is this:  
  This one?   This one was off eBay, it's Polo RL :)
 +1 Except I'm still on plain white squares.
 These days it's rare for me to use anything but a plain white one square and that's from Vanda. They're priced under $50 (excluding shipping), even with today's exchange rate. They only issue you might have is with the size. Vanda's squares are 13"x13" (IIRC, all are 13 except for one white square made from Carlo Riva cotton - they have that in a 17" option too) The 13s are great for a simple tv fold, or even when I just roll and stuff the squares, on the way out the...
 This would be so ironically fitting for Abbot.
 Yeah, sure. Bowery lane works. I don't mind Pablo & Rusty's, either.
 I like your... conviction. When did plain white sneakers become completely, or even partially, pointless? How about this. Let's wait till the shoes are released. If they're outsourced: I'll buy them for you. If they're not: you buy them for me.
The Lobb film reminded me of this video I saw a year ago:   http://gentlemansbrand.co/film/     Well Kept from Gentlemans Brand Co on Vimeo.     I don't know much about cinematography, but I enjoyed the video: the visuals, and the poem spoken in the background. If memory serves me right, it's "If --" by Kipling.
Looks like Lobb might be making sneakers soon:   https://youtu.be/1QZA_eTxupo  
New Posts  All Forums: