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 Don't diss it till you've tried it.  You, or the other guy?  Funnily enough, MDMA was first introduced in marriage counselling in the 70s (or was it 80s?) And I don't think you're right about all drugs encouraging anti-social behaviour. Well, at least some (a few dozen) clinical PhD holders seem to have a differing view.    Yeah, don't try and dress down a tux.    Monkey 47 and Four Pillars are pretty good drops of gin, too.   I haven't been paying much attention to KL,...
  Nah, it's not that fatal.. but close haha
 Very. The workmanship is phenomenal. Even the guys at Cutler were blown away. This is their very last shirt, for the forseeable future. 
 So between this suit being commissioned and this picture now, I've bulked up a fair bit due to Boot Camp. It's mostly in the chest and shoulders (lots of bar work). Notice the shirt pulls near the chest, but not at the stomach? Not Vanda's fault, either. I wasn't aware of these changes and by the time I went back to Singapore to pick up the Vanda shirt, it was too late haha. These changes took place in a window of 6 months. I only realised it when Joe was fitting me for a...
    Loro Piana fresco, (Zealander), by Iris Tailor Vanda shirt Vanda tie Vanda PS StC kicks   I'm still figuring out the right rise and leg for me. 
 Yep. I was in line at Porteno once and they couldn't seat us. The manager said to me: perhaps you'd like to check out our sister restaurant, Bodega. The guy in line behind me was a champion. He might have had a few too many, pre-dinner, and commented: yeah, but that's like asking him to shag your uglier sister.
  This is frighteningly accurate. Even if piccolo. The usual line up is an espresso first, then a piccolo mocha, and finally a filter to take away. #doyouevencoffeebro
In some exciting news (I'm being rather generous with the use of "exciting"): next week, the baristas at my local and I are going to settle once and for all, whether they can make a piccolo mocha faster than I can tie a FIH.   Yes, this is how things have devolved.
  I'm nominating DR for the most appropriate use of the Spoiler function.
    There's a great New Yorker article about the possibly-deliberate chaos in the fits. I don't know if it was intended, but it made for a great postulation, or an afternoon read (YMMV).  http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/11/16/human-bondage  [[SPOILER]]
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