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I'm in. I might just be able to rustle up an entry with everything made in Singapore.
 The Night Of starts on Showcase/HBO this Sunday, 17 July. I think it's fast tracked from the US, if you're looking at release dates on 'alternate sources'.    I'm working on a response, too. The crux is this: you're right about contexts; you're right about tempered responses from the public.  But, it is not just responses that should be tempered. Statements proffered should be, too. It ought to be reasonably expected from anyone who is reasonably educated. It is also...
 London SpySpooks (not quite crime, but good)Definitely The Wireand speaking of Sopranos, the new HBO miniseries: The Night Of -- James Gandolfini was supposed to play the lead role. He was cast for it, but alas. The show credits him as an Executive Producer, posthumous. 
Some old stuff  
 I've had to pay duty, and GST for a pair of shoes from the US.
@California Dreamer and @Journeyman are right, the alterations for the jackets will be a fair bit of work which might even make the cost of ordering a new suit compare reasonably. On the other side of the coin, maybe this is time for a new suit, with the new shape and body. It allows you, and the tailor, to start all the proportions from scratch instead of making piecemeal adjustments.
 Berta on Alberta Street is really good, too. Co-sign on Farmhouse. Tristan, who was one of the chefs when Farmhouse first opened, now helms the kitchen at Dead Ringer (paging @sliq) and their menu is delicious too.
 I have a mate who does this. Feel free to have a chat with him. I'll link you guys up. PM me your email? He's sydney based but he did say he had clients in all major cities. I've asked him to make me a signet ring. Purely for shits and giggles.  Yeah, but this makes sense if he were asking for a different gorge angle, or shoulder shape, or the way the darting is done. This is a simple request for the leg opening to be wider. It's not a fundamental change to a house...
 I found some on display at a hotel's sitting room in Bangkok. None for sale, though. There were antique knick knacks which were immaculately exhibited in the library, sitting room, and dining room. Vintage trunks, taxidermy, notebooks, maps, books, mapping tools, optician's equipment.
New Posts  All Forums: