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 Where else to stash the durries, mate? 
 Do you mean you saw it on someone other than The Finery Company? I know TFC does stock Resolute denim, and while I haven't tried them on yet, the hand on the denim is great.
 You're right about Michelin and Australian restaurants. But it was his restaurant Nahm, in London, that was awarded the star.
 David Thompson, Michelin starred, first Thai restaurant to get one.
Yep, keen. In the calendar.
 Yes sir; flying in Sat morning and leaving Sun night. 
 No worries, Dr Google has fixed it.
Serious question.   Australian Open tennis. Middle weekend -- 21 Jan (Sat) and 22 Jan (Sun) -- are the mens games on the Saturday, or the Sunday?
 There's also a Harvey Normal clearance store in Alexandria. Could be worth your time. Comes with their warranty, too.
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