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  I think it would look great. Was your concern about (a) the cardigan as outerwear, or (b) cashmere as the material for the cardigan?
 Oh god, I just realised the debate was about Omegas, not Subs. My bad.
 Almost all Subs tend to hold their value because production numbers keep decreasing year on year.  Some factors that particularly influence a vintage Sub's value: movement, dial, crystal, production numbers, famous wearers, rare production traits. Off the top of my head, I can't recall a Sub that was made in the 80's (either ref. or caliber) that attract a special value over, say, a new 2015 model. That's just off the top of my head.
 A final, final note: your chopsticks should not point across from you (i.e. towards your dining companion, or the chefs if you're sitting at the bar). One tells time.   Drove one for a year. Drove the shit out of it. It must have been decades old.
This was from last Friday (my bad).   And I don't have a full length photo (my bad, again).    
 The prices at the Carmina store in Singapore are fucking ridiculous.
  The jacket? Yes, there sometimes is a slight red undertone in the cloth in some light.
 It's something like a 7oz fresco. I love it in summer.  And just in case this is what you were after: Loro Piana's Zelander range
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