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 A friend just came back from there. The photos.. astonishing. And creepy. All at once. Of course, they let you see what they want you to see.
^ Do I become a hipster if I say I've been to Cuba before the US travel sanctions were lifted?
If I were asking myself whether I should wear brown (like I usually do), or black (because I'm not sure if it's more appropriate), I'd go with black.
 And a wallet, to pay for the pizzas.
 I hate to bring it back to pizza (no, I don't, actually) - I was once told that traditional pizzerias didn't serve other food like pastas (which require cutlery) because - traditionally - pizza is meant to be eaten with your hands (sans cutlery). The influx of tourism has changed the face of this tradition, according to this man who ran his restaurant in Florence.
 Agree. Picked up a pair of white denim from 3x1
 Just do it, mate.  It's not an evening thing, that's for sure. Wore white chinos (+ denim shirt + navy sweater) last Saturday at a mate's birthday lunch at Chiswick - kinda fit the set and setting. Birthday dragged on till I can't remember when, but I know the thought of white chinos at night kept me unusually sober.
I think he means beyond the SF crowd. And he's probably right.
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