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To lend a little visual about the leg opening of the Tellason Gustave, here's how they.      
@Johknee It wasn't expensive in Singapore - but the same job at Looksmart Alterations (really good alterations) will cost $70ish - for length and tapering.   I have a pair of straight tapered leg jeans from Tellason and that's the sweet spot for me. No need for additional tapering. The Tellasons have a lower rise, though.   I'd cross-check the measurements on the ST from 3Sixteen and the Gustave (Tellason's slim tapered).     Edit - I just checked the 3 Sixteen...
 +1, especially if the look below is what you're after. I did, however, taper them from the knee down. I trimmed off 1.75 inches from the leg opening, IIRC. Something like that.  X-ref for you - these are mine in a size 32.   [[SPOILER]]
 On that note, and only because the OCD in me is driving me up the wall - just wanted to check with @upr_crust if that stripe on the shirt was a blue or a purple (the darkest stripe). I'm also very envious of his laundry service. 
This is great idea for a challenge!
okokok, here goes nothing   [[SPOILER]]  Rules broken, inter alia: Shirt darker than jacketOrphan suit jacketPocket square without tieJacket lighter than trousersFU lining Feel free to add your own.
I've broken too many rules that the eventual fit looks like shit.
Then there's the $1500 price tag hahaha
Mang that navy A1 HHH is lovely.
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