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 Value-based pricing + premium pricing strategy at pla
No Champaca Absolut? Am sad.
 I accept your sentiments, but I do not concede your assumptions.
 Very happy with their shirts. I just prefer the buttons on the PJ shirts, the hand finishing and the fabric options.  
   If I told you, I'd have to kill you.    [[SPOILER]]  
 Brogues were intended as country shoes. The perforations specifically allowed for water to drain out when traipsing through soggy fields.
 Yeah, I think you were one step ahead of me at this point of time. Oh well. I know the worst case scenario is that if nothing happens in 30 or so days, they go back to Leather Soul and we can start this process all over again. I've been in touch with Leather Soul and they've been very helpful and prompt with whatever information I have asked for. Fingers crossed!  (LS used US Postal Service's EMS service. Fully tracked and insured. Which is why it's technically under...
 Yeah, the were US$980 that's why I think it's a tax issue. But Auspost can't tell me which 'border agency' it's with. I suspect it's with customs. But Auspost tells me that customs won't speak to me without a reference number - which was supposed to be sent to me via email or post. That hasn't happened. So no reference number, no headway. It's like a loop of hell. How did you manage your way around the customs aspect?
I've had a pair of shoes stuck at an 'unnamed border agency' for 10 days now. Has anyone dealt with a similar situation before?   I suspect they need me to pay tax on the shoes (according to Auspost), but I have no idea what's going on because they haven't been in touch with me.
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