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 It was a guess. I cannot recall you not being discordant.  p.s I don't think writing about academics makes one's writing academic. If I ever penned my thoughts on poetry (god forbid), it wouldn't necessarily make me or my writing poetic.
 You say that, but had he done it, you'd think it was pretentious.
  BC as in Before Christ, or Before Cocaine?
^ 121BC might be your place to go for wine
 I'm a fan of thin, subtle stripes on shirts to wear to work.  I'd keep the rest of the outfit very quiet, and monochromatic. Interestingly, today:      I've been beaten to recommending Ocello on Bourke Street, in Surry Hills
Missed the deadline for the last Friday Challenge but what the hey. Here is last Friday's look, entirely made in Singapore Suit - Iris Tailor Shirt / Tie / PS - Vanda, Vanda, Vanda (... I got broads in Atlanta) Shoes: Ed et al
Ah bollocks. Missed the deadline. I'll leave the entirely-made-in-singapore outfit here just for posterity. I would have included details in spoilers but can't find that feature on mobile.
I'm in. I might just be able to rustle up an entry with everything made in Singapore.
 The Night Of starts on Showcase/HBO this Sunday, 17 July. I think it's fast tracked from the US, if you're looking at release dates on 'alternate sources'.    I'm working on a response, too. The crux is this: you're right about contexts; you're right about tempered responses from the public.  But, it is not just responses that should be tempered. Statements proffered should be, too. It ought to be reasonably expected from anyone who is reasonably educated. It is also...
New Posts  All Forums: