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 Champaca absolute I thought was quite summery. Is there a non-private blend for either of the fragrances?
Pete, I'll PM you about working something out.
 You can head to Singapore to check them out, too.
 IN LIKE FLYNN. Probably my favourite TF fragrance. Close second is Champaca Absolut.
The lightning jokes are getting a bit stale. We need something more current.
Anyone keen on these?   https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/AldenForJCrew/PRDOVR~20853/20853.jsp   I've worn them maybe 5-7 times and don't get enough love.   Holla if you're keen.   Size 8.5(US), Barrie last. Comes with bag and box. No trees.
Cox, will you allow this? If it's a yay, I'll post the full length shots.   Slipped my mind that it was a no-patterns FC.  
I'm guessing a Sozzi knit is out, as well? No worries if it is, might have something planned for tomorrow and in a colour palette I've never tried before.
New Posts  All Forums: