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 I always thought that the athletes who spend the number of hours they do out there, come back to the post-event news conference pretty fatigued. It's different from soccer/rugby/footy players who've been out there for 80/90 minutes: They do appear rather lively, possibly from the adrenalin still pumping.  Even the F1 drivers, who have been out there for about an hour or so, take such a beating to their bodies that they're just... exhausted. I've seen Jimenez's post-WGC...
The Henry Carter scarf saw some action this morning  
Not sure what you mean @Prince of Paisley 
In. This is going to be fun.
Nice to see old mate Adam Scott on some of the uniqlo photos.   A bit of a cracker on the course, but sounds like a well-loved and down to earth kind of guy (in the interviews and comments other golfers make about him)
No worries PS, will be back soon.
 Dukkah, whitest boy alive haha
I need to lose some weight after a weekend in Melbourne...
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