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I'm guessing a Sozzi knit is out, as well? No worries if it is, might have something planned for tomorrow and in a colour palette I've never tried before.
Pocketsquareindustry reminds me of Johnny Bravo
 I stand corrected
Dang, missed the poll on this. Cox would have been my vote, and only vote for this FC.
 I'd be keen.  I think espadrilles need to be sized down by a size. They'll be tight as, at first - but then they stretch out nicely and fit snug.
Get a Panama. Then a drink.   [[SPOILER]]
 Yeah, I realised I should have, too. Rob - check out the K last. It's quite exquisite. IMHO, closest to StC's classic last (NB @Pink Socks)
[[SPOILER]]  First 2 photos are on the U Last which is their most aggressive last. I can't tell if the last pair is on the K Last or the F Last.  The K is not as aggressive as the U, and the F Last is even less aggressive than the K. It's really not that sleek to be close to clown shoes.
 Fair play. If it was recycled, it is what it is and sounds like a good kop. Might not have been all that closed on the original owner. Back looks good!
New Posts  All Forums: