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Don't burn it! My name is Mike and if you are going to burn it might as well send it to me because we have similar names.
Woah those are cool
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil People who regularly attend networking events. Haha
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches its nice that you have feelings like a human should but there is no reason for you to eat it here, you paid for an item you didn't get it, it thats simple whether or not he gets reimbursed is between him and the shipper Yeah Canada post mentioned that the USPS should reimburse the sender, hopefully that will be the case. I will PM the seller. Thank you for the help everyone, I just wanted to make sure I...
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain If you paid with regular payment, Paypal will side with you. I'm guessing the seller will refund you anyway I am guessing he should and he may, just kind of sucks because it is either me or him out on the bill, but at the end of the day he may not have packaged it properly and did not insure etc.
Hello everyone, I am looking for a bit of feedback regarding a recent lost item. I purchased a tie-bar from an American fellow on this forum. I paid regular payment over PayPal. I waited a bit and the envelope arrived and it was wrapped in a plastic bag with apologize from Canada Post. They said they are sorry the package was damaged and that they found it this way along the shipping route. I contacted them and they said they are not responsible for the product, but...
Damn it I want both of those. Too bad I am poor
I can't wait to grow up
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