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4%?? That is more than I thought, jeeze. When buying online you are looking for a great deal and 4% can certainly make a difference.
I do know something about computers and I DO know is that chobochobo is a class act, gentlemanly seller and buyer, and I'd have no hesitation entering a purchase with him. Half my wardrobe is from him... Edit: Do you have ny more 15.5 slim fitting shirts? Haha.
To me someone buying a Rolex wouldn't be the kind of person to worry about PayPal fees! Haha Good luck with the purchase!
Ooh those pictures really make it look sweet, and the original pics were pretty decent too.
pre-sex masturbation, desensetizing creams are probably good ways to go. I would bet she is either hot, you have never been with a hottie, or, you are inexperienced. Regardless, you win!
I dont have time right now to read the whole thread, but I have used this book with my clients and it has worked very well for them: Very popular in the realm of psychotherapy. The earlier Burns book is also good.
You can dual-boot windows on a Mac but you can't really boot OSX on a PC properly. I would rather have 2 2006 Macbook than the best PC laptop out there. No bashing! Looks like a great deal! Free Bump!
I am a huge fashion noob and that looks like a fake to me.
You are very honest, pics are good, and price is reasonable, so I thought I would give you a heads up: Replying to your own threads (bumping them!) can get you in trouble here. Edit your original post
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